What Is the Most Effective Solution for Armpit Fat Removal?

Do you put on your bra only to find extra folds of skin between your breast and arms? If so, you aren’t alone. Unfortunately, armpit fat will always be a common problem. Most women have it, so you shouldn’t feel self-conscious or worried about it. However, just because it’s common doesn’t make it any less irritating or even distressing. Lots of women feel that they can’t wear the clothes that they want to because of their armpit fat. They feel self-conscious in sleeveless tops or swimsuits. It’s no wonder, then, that they start to doubt whether there’s an effective solution for armpit fat removal.

The Problem of Armpit Fat

The sad news for all armpit fat sufferers is that there isn’t any easy solution. No simple way exists to eliminate the excess tissue from this area. Reducing the fat in this part of your body is just impossible. Everyone stores weight in particular spots because of genetics. Therefore, when it comes to losing fat from one place, the only option is to reduce body fat overall. Even then, the results might not be quite how you imagined them. The problem is that even slim women often find that they have stubborn fat in their armpits. So, could diet and exercise be any help at all?

A Diet to Shed Armpit Fat

When you’re aiming to lose body fat overall, you’ll need to consume fewer calories than you expend. Around half the calories you eat every day should be healthy carbs, such as potatoes, peas, and whole grain pasta. Around 30 percent should be lean proteins from chicken, fish or beans. Another 20 percent should be healthy fats, such as olive oil or nuts.

Could Working Out Help?

If you want to burn fat, strength training is the best option. By boosting your muscle mass, your metabolism will increase. This, in turn, burns more calories. Quads and glutes are good areas to focus on since they’re the biggest muscle groups. Lunges, rows, chest presses, and squats are all good exercises. When it comes to armpit fat removal, trying moves, such as chin-ups and pull-ups, might help.

What About Liposuction?

Unfortunately, there’s a limited amount that exercising and dieting can do for fat removal. Armpits are one of the areas where stubborn fat tends to accumulate. Once it’s there, it’s very hard to get rid of it naturally. This is why so many women turn to liposuction as a permanent solution.

Liposuction permanently removes the fat cells from the affected area and leaves it slimmer and more contoured. It is possible to have lipo on many areas of the body. The armpit area is no exception. A surgeon carries out the procedure under a local anesthetic and patients can go home the same day. It is the only option for armpit fat removal that is guaranteed to work. It also has long-lasting results that won’t fail to impress. You’ll be wearing a swimsuit before you know it!

Choosing A Surgeon

If you are considering having lipo to remove your armpit fat, you need to choose a reputable cosmetic surgeon. If you choose a surgeon who lacks skills, you could end up with a lumpy and unattractive result. Contact Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery today about liposuction for your underarm area. Dr. Su is an expert in the field. He can offer you all the advice you need and help you to make an informed decision. He is well-known for his artistic skill and very complete fat removal results. You can arrange your consultation today and start your journey to a more contoured body.

Top Questions to Ask to Find the Best Breast Augmentation in Tampa

Do you want better breasts? If so, you’re probably looking for the best breast augmentation in Tampa. Breast enhancement surgery is still a top choice of patients seeking cosmetic surgery. In fact, more than 500,000 women have cosmetic breast surgeries in the United States every year. However, not every plastic surgeon is equally skilled, so knowing which questions to ask will guarantee the best results.

Do I Need Breast Augmentation?

Just because you think breast augmentation is a procedure you need doesn’t necessarily mean it is. If you have significant sagging, you may need a breast lift. Alternatively, if you have dropping paired with volume loss, both procedures may be necessary.

Breast implants boost your breast size, that’s true. However, if you fill out the sagging skin, there will still be no lift. That means that if you don’t remove the excess tissue, the stretched skin only results in bigger, saggy breasts. That is almost certainly not the effect that you wish to achieve. Conversely, if you’re looking for perkier breasts that are also larger, simply having a breast lift won’t help either.

When you opt for the best breast augmentation in Tampa, your surgeon will offer you the best possible advice. Your skilled surgeon will be able to advise which procedure is best for your unique needs. Then, you will be able to make the right choice to give you the breasts that you desire and deserve.

What About Uneven Breasts?

If you have breast asymmetry, you may be seeking surgery to rectify the problem. One solution offered by the best surgeons is to use two implants of different sizes. Another option is to reduce the bigger breast, so both are well-proportioned. If your breasts are even in terms of size but have an uneven shape, a breast lift may help. This will reshape your natural tissue so you can achieve an attractive contour. The size of your breasts won’t be significantly affected but the shape will be improved. A skilled cosmetic surgeon can advise you about this.

How Long Will My Implants Last?

The best breast augmentation surgeons in Tampa will give you all the information you need about breast implants. The latest implants are very durable, and ruptures are very rare. But they still won’t last forever. There is a low rate of failure in the first decade after surgery. However, as the implants age, the chance of failure is higher. Therefore, you must be ready to have surgery again in the future. Some women with implants often combine their implant replacement with a breast lift. This allows for adjustments in shape and size so your breasts will look rejuvenated – ideal for women later in life.

Do I Need to Lose Some Weight Before I Have Surgery?

Not every patient needs to lose some weight before having breast surgery. However, it’s advised patients should be as close as possible to their ideal body weight to achieve the best results. If you are extremely overweight, you may be at more risk during the surgery. Your recovery time would also be longer. Therefore, you will benefit from shedding a few pounds before your procedure.

Getting Professional Advice

Are you keen to find the best breast augmentation in Tampa? Contact Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery today. Our skilled team is here to answer your questions and offer you the knowledgeable advice you need. Our cosmetic surgeons are extremely talented and respected in the industry. You can, therefore, be sure you will be in very safe hands. We can help you achieve the beautiful breasts you’ve been hoping for.

Can I Add Stomach Liposuction to My Tummy Tuck?

If you’re dissatisfied with your physique, you probably already have defined goals for body contouring. When you make an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon, you will discuss these with him or her. If the area that you are unhappy with is your abdomen, a tummy tuck or stomach liposuction could be appropriate. However, for many people, both male and female, combining an abdominoplasty with lipo produces excellent results. It is an effective way to create the enhanced results that they desire. It also offers a number of other benefits that are hard to beat.

If you’re wondering whether a combined procedure could be right for you, it is vital to consult a professional. He or she will be able to give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Lipo or Tummy Tuck – What is The Difference?

While both treatments are similar in that they slim the midsection, they are very different procedures. Lipo is a procedure that contours the body by using suction to eradicate fat pockets. If you have tried dieting and exercising to no avail, liposuction is an effective alternative. However, while lipo is a great way to get rid of excess fat, it will not remove excess skin. It also will not resolve muscle laxity caused by huge weight loss or pregnancy.

Tummy tucks, conversely, do remove the excess skin. They also tighten up separated or loose abdominal muscles. The result is a smoother and more toned physique. However, when you also have stubborn fat in your abdominal area, an abdominoplasty won’t correct the problem fully.

Why Have Stomach Liposuction and A Tummy Tuck Together?

The top benefit of having lipo together with an abdominoplasty is you can remove stubborn fat and eliminate loose skin. Muscle tissues can be effectively repaired at the same time. As an added advantage, you only need a single surgery and just one period of recovery.

A further benefit of having combined lipoabdominoplasty is your surgeon can use layered sutures. This means no post-surgical drains will be necessary. This is a huge advantage since there’ll be no messy drains to deal with during recovery. Also, the period of recovery is generally shorter when compared with that of a standard tummy tuck.

Also, if you combine an abdominoplasty with lipo, you can maximize the body contouring result. This isn’t possible if you have either a tummy tuck or liposuction alone. Usually, loose skin and excess fat occur together. Therefore, if you treat both simultaneously, the approach is more effective and efficient.

Choosing the Right Surgeon for Body Contouring

When you’re considering stomach liposuction, abdominoplasty or both procedures at once, you need to choose the right surgeon. You should make sure that you’ve selected a surgeon with the necessary skills and experience to guarantee an excellent result. The best plastic surgeons have extensive experience in the field and will be able to show before and after photos. These will demonstrate their ability and give you complete peace of mind in your choice. The best plastic surgeons will also be able to offer you professional advice tailored to your individual circumstances. They will assess your needs and determine the best possible procedure to suit your body contouring goals.

When you choose Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery, you can rest assured you are choosing outstanding cosmetic surgeons. Our skilled team is leading the way in the field. Whether you need a tummy tuck or liposuction, you can be confident you’re in safe hands. Contact us today and arrange your consultation. We can help you to achieve the smooth and toned abdomen that you’ve longed for.

Is Social Media Driving Women to Have Liposuction for Belly Fat?

In the modern world, social media have become a prevalent force. It seems that almost everyone has at least one social media profile. While social media platforms are a great way to catch up with friends and share news, they can be problematic. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are powerful media. Nowhere is this more evident than in the cosmetic surgery industry. More people than ever before are requesting procedures because of social media. Using filters that enhance images only makes people feel more insecure about the way they look. Body shaming and fear of being judged on their appearance are causing more people to seek help from plastic surgeons. From rhinoplasties to liposuction for belly fat, cosmetic surgery is the latest way to boost self-confidence.

Why Is Social Media Causing This Problem?

At the end of the day, social media center around comparisons. Most Facebook and Instagram users believe they’re using these platforms to connect with others. They think social media are all about communicating easily and fostering new relationships. All these things are true. Social media can be extremely useful. However, they cause their fair share of problems. Essentially, social media platforms are about showing others how good our lives are. It has a very competitive side. It is this competitive element that reveals a darker side to social media platforms. Everybody is comparing his or her life to that of others. Everybody is trying to curate his or her own image.

As a result, social media platforms are causing everybody to feel unsatisfied and self-conscious. When people see images of beautiful people who appear to live perfect lives, it’s easy to see why. Looking at others who are slim and stunning can make those with less beautiful bodies feel ugly. It’s no wonder that cosmetic surgeons have seen such an upturn in business. Treatments, such as breast enlargements or liposuction for belly fat, seem like the ideal answer to achieving the same perfect physique.

Social Media – An Unrealistic Viewpoint

Of course, it’s important to recognize that social media feeds aren’t really representative of people’s lives. Everybody is using filters and editing his or her image to create the perfect illusion. Most people don’t mention their daily struggles. Instead, they create a social media world where everyone is happy, fit, and beautiful. Most people are aware of this. However, it seems impossible to avoid feelings of inadequacy when facing endless posts from seemingly perfect people.

Getting Plastic Surgery

Of course, there is no shame in seeking plastic surgery. In fact, one of the best things about cosmetic surgery is that it helps people to improve their self-esteem. Most patients experience greater self-confidence after having a treatment to resolve an aspect of their physique that bothers them. However, it’s important to choose cosmetic surgery for the correct reasons. Having plastic surgery because social media has influenced you isn’t a healthy or sensible choice.

Do you want to celebrate your body, enhance the way you look so you feel confident, and improve your self-image? If so, it’s worth seeking advice from a cosmetic surgeon. Are you only looking for liposuction for belly fat or a breast enhancement because you want to look like others? Then, perhaps, you should think again about your motivations.

If you are considering having cosmetic surgery, contact Artlipo to discuss your case. Our skilled and knowledgeable team is here to help you make the decision that is right for you. We can advise you about the best procedures to suit your needs and help you make an informed choice.

Could Inner Thigh Liposuction Help You Get Beach Body Ready?

It may seem like summer is a lifetime away. Realistically, it’s just a few months before you’ll be taking out that swimsuit and heading to the beach. There is a problem, however. Is your body ready for the sunbathing season? Waiting until the first sunny day isn’t the best approach if you want to prepare for summer. After all, that doesn’t leave enough time for you to get beach body ready. The right time to begin your preparations is now, before the warm weather kicks in. Take a good look at yourself now and decide on your beach body goals. Do you need to lose a few pounds? What about toning up your stomach or arms? Or, would inner thigh liposuction help to get your legs in shape and ready to wear that bikini? There’s no better time to start getting ready for those all-important summer months than now.

Nutrition and Exercise

The first place to start in preparing your body for the summer is by changing your exercise and diet regime. Of course, we should be eating well all year round and maintaining a healthy level of activity. However, if you’ve been a couch potato during the winter months, it’s time to get yourself in gear.

Switching to better eating habits will help you to shed any excess weight you’ve gained in the colder months. It’ll also make your skin look healthier and ready to be exposed to the sun. Exercising regularly will also help you to shape up. There’s no better way to launch your beach body program than by adopting a healthier lifestyle. It’ll increase your self-confidence, improve your well-being, and prepare you for any procedures you plan to undergo.

Having Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

When you’re dissatisfied with your body, it’s time to consider having cosmetic surgery. There is only so much that exercise and diet can do. While adopting a healthy lifestyle will help you shed pounds and tone up, what about stubborn fat or sagging skin? You can only resolve these issues by having cosmetic surgery. There are a number of cosmetic surgery procedures that can improve your appearance in a swimsuit. You’ll feel confident on the beach and have higher self-esteem no matter what you’re wearing. If you opt for one of these procedures now, you’ll recover in time for summer.

Body Enhancements for You

One surgical option that is popular with those trying to get beach body ready is the BBL. The BBL (or Brazilian Butt Lift) is a procedure that takes fat from one part of the body. Then, it moves it to the buttocks. The result is a better bottom and the ideal proportions to show off your swimsuit. The greatest benefit of a BBL is it uses lipo to improve stubborn fat pockets. Meanwhile, it creates a gorgeous bottom. It will take a few weeks to recover fully, so now is the right time to seek out this procedure.

Some women seek out breast augmentation at this time of year, too. If they’re worried about filling out their bikini top, implants could be the answer. Again, recovery will take a few weeks. Therefore, seeking a consultation now is the right time to benefit from this option.

What About Liposuction?

Not everyone wants to have an augmentation procedure. Many women simply want to have a smoother, more contoured body for the summer. Liposuction is the ideal answer to this. This treatment removes fat from areas of the body where it stubbornly accumulates. For women with areas of fat resistant to diet and exercise, lipo is the perfect solution. Whether you’re unhappy with your stomach fat, back rolls or need inner thigh liposuction, it’s a highly effective treatment.

Seek your professional consultation with Artlipo today and start your journey to beach body readiness!

Should I Choose Upper Arm Liposuction or Will A Noninvasive Fat Removal Method Work?

Do you have areas of fat that are resistant to exercise and diet? Many patients come to cosmetic surgeons with this problem. One particularly common problem is upper arm fat. This is an area that is particularly difficult to reduce. Once the fat has accumulated in the upper arm area, natural methods can rarely remove it. It is no wonder that so many people turn to upper arm liposuction as their preferred treatment option.

Lipo has been a top cosmetic procedure for a long time now. It is easy to see why. It is an effective and safe way to reduce fat permanently and to refine the contours of the body. However, in the last few years, there have been a number of noninvasive fat removal methods introduced. These treatments require no anesthesia or incisions. They also promise a shorter downtime. So, should you opt for an arm lipo procedure? Or would a noninvasive option work just as well?

What Exactly Is Arm Lipo?

Arm lipo is a surgical procedure to remove fat in the arm area. During the treatment, a cosmetic surgeon will make a small incision and remove the excess fat using a cannula. The surgeon moves the cannula through the fat deposits to remove the cells and sculpt a slim contour. Lipo was once associated with fat removal in the stomach, bottom, and thighs. However, these days, advanced techniques have meant that people can treat other body areas effectively as well. Upper arm liposuction has become popular because of its impressive results.

Which Noninvasive Methods Exist?

There are a number of nonsurgical treatments available for reducing fat. These use a number of methods to target fat cells via topical instead of surgical procedures. One common option is CoolSculpting. While some people think this could be a good option, it has its limitations. It is really only useful for people with a body weight that is close to ideal. Also, you can only use it in small and localized spots. In addition, you won’t see the results for around three months. This is because the body needs to flush out the fat cells.

Why Choose A Nonsurgical Option?

Some people like the idea of a nonsurgical option because it is less aggressive and invasive. Treatments, such as CoolSculpting, are fairly gentle and produce minimal discomfort. There is no extended period for recovery or healing. This means that patients can go back to their everyday activities immediately.

Why Choose Upper Arm Liposuction?

Although lipo is more invasive and aggressive, it produces impressive results. Once the swelling has subsided and the area you have treated has healed, you will see the results. The results from lipo are also longer-lasting and more dramatic. Liposuction also offers the advantage of skin shrinkage.

Although liposuction has a slightly longer recovery period, the surgeon carries out the treatment under a local anesthetic. This means patients return home on the same day. They can also resume activities within just a couple of days.

Liposuction is the right choice if you have large excess fat deposits to remove. It is also a long-lasting solution for improving your appearance.

Seeking Professional Advice

Do you need some professional advice from a cosmetic surgeon about upper arm liposuction? Contact Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery today. Our skilled and knowledgeable team can answer your questions and offer you all the information you need. Arrange a consultation with Dr. Su to discuss your fat removal goals. He can help you make an informed decision about the right procedure to meet your needs.

Is Stomach Lipo The Right Procedure to Achieve My Body Contouring Goals?

Whether you are suffering from post-pregnancy laxity or extra weight on your abdomen, stomach lipo could be the answer. More people in the United States are choosing to have cosmetic surgery to achieve their body contouring goals. So, could cosmetic surgery be the solution for you?

Lots of patients who want a smoother, sleeker abdomen opt for liposuction. Yet, this form of treatment isn’t the right option for everyone. Some patients cannot benefit from lipo and would require a different procedure to achieve their goals. However, the only way to know for sure whether it is right for you is to seek professional advice. A cosmetic surgeon can advise you about whether lipo could help you achieve the results you seek.

There are three factors that your surgeon will consider when deciding whether stomach liposuction could work for you:

  • Muscle unity or tightness
  • Skin quality
  • Any protruding, excess fat on the abdomen

Depending on the genetics, diet, exercise level, and lifestyle of the patient, these can vary widely. Also, previous pregnancies may have had a negative physical effect on the abdominal area. A cosmetic surgeon will weigh these elements before advising on a procedure.

Will Lipo Work for Me?

Lipo is very effective for many people who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their stomachs. It reduces stubborn fat pockets for a slimmer contour. However, when there is too much lax, excess skin or the abdominal muscles are too stretched, lipo probably won’t help. An abdominoplasty or tummy tuck could be a better solution.

If someone has lost a lot of weight or has been through a pregnancy, the abdominal muscles may weaken. They may even become separated from each other. No workout can help to put them back in position. If the abdominal wall muscles have separated, thin connective tissues are the only things holding the organs in place. The result is a bulging abdomen, as well as other problems, such as back pain, incontinence or constipation. Liposuction cannot help with this problem. However, a tummy tuck tightens the muscles and strengthens the abdominal wall. It also removes the excess skin while tightening the rest. On the other hand, if you have localized pockets of fat on your abdomen, stomach lipo is appropriate.

Can A Tummy Tuck Work in Conjunction with Lipo?

If you have muscle separation, skin laxity, and excess stomach fat, you may need both lipo and a tummy tuck. Your cosmetic surgeon will evaluate your case. Depending on your needs, he or she may recommend performing the procedures together or in separate stages.

For younger and healthily patients, it is often best to carry out both procedures simultaneously. This minimizes healing time. However, for other patients, taking a staged approach could be a better choice. It will reduce bleeding and surgical trauma. The order that the surgeon carries out the procedures will depend on the aesthetic goals and physical traits of the patient.

Improving the Midsection

If you are keen to improve the way your midsection looks, then you should arrange a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon. Contact Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery today to find out which procedure could be the right one for you. When you attend your appointment, your case will be thoroughly evaluated, and your goals considered. Your cosmetic surgeon will then advise you whether you require a tummy tuck, stomach lipo or both. You can depend on our highly skilled team to produce the very best results. You will soon be enjoying the beautifully contoured physique you have been dreaming of.

Which Foods Are Best to Eat Post-Lipedema Surgery?

Liposuction is the only effective form of lipedema surgery since it removes the fat cells permanently. Liposuction improves the contour and appearance of a lipedema sufferer’s body. It boosts her self-esteem and helps her to feel more self-confident. However, it is important to be aware that a person must maintain a healthy lifestyle after the lipo procedure. Otherwise, the results of the treatment won’t be permanent.

Adopting lifestyle changes is often essential after lipo for lipedema. People commonly have to make a change in their diets. Many patients wonder if they need to eat a special diet after their procedure. Usually, a balanced diet is sufficient to prevent weight gain that could reverse the benefits of the procedure. Eating more whole grains, vegetables, lean protein, and fruits is important. Also, reducing the number of simple carbohydrates, saturated fats, and sugars is key to long-term success. Many patients find that if they eat several small meals regularly throughout the day, they feel more satisfied. It also helps to stave off any feelings of deprivation while keeping energy levels up. Staying hydrated is also important to controlling hunger and maintaining a healthy metabolism, as well as aiding in digestion.

So, which foods should you avoid after lipedema surgery?

Saturated Fats

You should not eat foods that have a high level of saturated fat after lipo for lipedema. Fried food, full-fat dairy produce, fast food, fatty meat, and baked goods are all high in saturated fat. Avoiding processed foods is advisable since they contain trans fats, which are also unhealthy. Eating some fats is important. However, they should be the right kinds. Olive oil and nuts are healthier options for your fat intake. Avoiding fatty protein sources and switching to lean meat, legumes, and fish will also help promote healing.

Highly Salted Foods

When recovering from your liposuction, you should avoid salty food. Consuming a large amount of sodium will increase inflammation inside the body. This slows down the process of healing. Limiting or restricting salt is important for two to four months after your lipedema surgery. Rather than adding salt to food, use spices or herbs instead. Garlic, onions, basil, parsley, oregano or cinnamon could be useful alternatives for flavor.

Avoiding Sugary Food

Sugary foods can cause weight gain after your lipo procedure. This is why restricting or limiting the amount of sugar you consume at this time is important. If you gain too much weight, you will negate the benefits of your liposuction. The fat will begin to return, and your lipedema will become problematic once more. Sugary food contains a small number of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients that are vital during the recovery process. Those calories are, therefore, best derived from healthier options.

Avoid Alcohol

You should avoid alcoholic beverages, such as wine, liquor or beer, immediately after lipo for lipedema. You should consume no alcohol for at least a full 24 hours after the procedure. Some surgeons recommend a longer period of restriction because of prescription medications that could interact with the alcohol. It is, however, essential to maintain a good fluid intake while healing. Therefore, drinking herbal teas, natural fruit juices, and water is important.

Consulting A Professional

While liposuction is an effective form of lipedema surgery, it is not a magical cure. It’s possible to gain weight after the procedure and for the lipedema to return without a healthy lifestyle. However, by choosing a healthy diet, you can enjoy your slimmer body for many years to come. Contact Artlipo today to find out more about our procedures and to learn whether lipo is right for you.

What Will Life Be Like After Back Liposuction?

Lipo can be a confusing treatment with deferred effects. Immediately after a back liposuction procedure, it can be hard to see any improvement. This makes patients worry that the treatment has not worked. However, this isn’t the case at all. For some time after the procedure, postoperative edema will be present. This can lead patients to think that their backs still look the same. However, after a few weeks, the edema will subside. After a couple of months, the full effect of the lipo will be clearly visible.

However, after any type of lipo, self-care is vital. Here, we look at what life is like after a back lipo procedure.

After A Couple of Hours

Within a couple of hours after your procedure, you will be able to get up and walk around. Your surgeon will have carried out the procedure under a local anesthetic. Therefore, he or she will allow you to go home on the same day. You may feel tired and physically weak, however. You may also feel sick for a couple of days or have a higher than normal temperature.

The First Few Days and Weeks

You cannot take a shower for at least 24 hours after your lipo. Depending on your surgeon’s advice, you may need to wait even longer. You should only take short showers at first and the water shouldn’t be hot. You should also avoid swimming, saunas, and solariums for at least two weeks after your treatment.

During back liposuction, the surgeon removes fat from your body. This allows free space to form under your skin. Therefore, your skin will need some time and help to return to its former position. You will need a compression garment to put pressure on the skin and free space and allow them to contract. You will need to wear this garment 24 hours a day for the first two to three weeks after surgery. The only exception to this is when you take a shower. After that, you should wear your compression garment for 12 hours per day for the next two weeks. Your physician will ensure that your compression garment is the right size to maximize the results.

Bruising and discomfort are normal after lipo. However, they shouldn’t be too extreme. Over-the-counter painkillers will help to reduce any pain. You may experience discomfort for as long as two weeks and your bruises will peak after around three days. There will be bruising on the area around the incisions and on other parts of your back. There will be some small scars where the surgeon made the incisions.

After around three days, you’ll be ready to return to most of your normal daily activities. You shouldn’t lift heavy items for two weeks, however.

The First Few Months

After around a month, you can resume moderate physical activities. Then, under the advice of your doctor, you can return to your normal physical level after a couple of months. After around six months, you’ll notice the small incision scars will have faded and will be almost invisible.

After a couple of months, you will be able to see the full effect of your back liposuction. You will notice a much slimmer and more contoured physique. It’s important, however, to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You shouldn’t gain more than a few pounds after your procedure or the fat could return. Once your doctor says you are ready, you should return to working out. Otherwise, your procedure may be in vain. For the best and most long-lasting results, you must maintain a long-term healthy diet and exercise regime.

Could I Have Augmentation Along with My Breast Lift?

Most women have a clear idea of their perfect breasts. However, in reality, many women feel that the actual shape or size of their breasts fail to match up. Genetics have a key role to play in the appearance of a woman’s breasts. However, there are other factors at play as well. Pregnancy, weight gain or loss, and breastfeeding can cause breasts to look saggy or deflated. Although breast augmentation might seem like the ideal solution, it isn’t right for every woman. You cannot resolve the drooping and sagging by having a breast augmentation. However, there is a comprehensive option that will suit many women – a breast lift combined with an augmentation. Women wanting a breast lift in Tampa can combine their treatment with breast augmentation for a perky and perfect result.

Why Would I Need to Have A Breast Lift?

Breast lifts raise up the breasts into a natural position higher on the chest. This surgery resolves any issues with excess tissue and skin and stops the sagging. Depending on your needs, there are several types of breast lifts that your surgeon may offer.

The Benelli Lift

For women with moderate or mild ptosis, the Benelli Lift is a good choice. Ptosis refers to tissue that droops under the inframammary fold. The Benelli Lift is also a good choice for nipples that face slightly downward. The technique involves making incisions around the areolae. Then, the surgeon would remove a small amount of tissue in the shape of a donut.

The Lollipop Lift

For women with severe or moderate ptosis, the Lollipop Lift could be the answer. This technique involves making incisions around the areolae before continuing the incision down the breast. This allows the surgeon to lift the breasts and create a natural and firmer contour.

The Mastopexy Lift

For women with very severe ptosis, the Mastopexy Lift is the answer. In cases where a large amount of breast skin is sagging and the nipples point downward, this lift is beneficial. It involves making incisions around the areolae, down the breast, and, then, across the patient’s inframammary fold. The surgeon makes sutures across the fold to give the support necessary to address the additional sagging this lift resolves.

Adding in A Breast Augmentation

Once your surgeon has performed a breast lift, then, he or she can perform a breast augmentation. After your surgeon has repositioned the breasts and corrected the sagging, he or she can enhance the change. The surgeon can insert implants to increase the size of the breasts while also lifting them into a better position. The result is a very complete approach to improving the appearance of the bust area.

The Benefits of a Two in One Procedure

When you combine a breast augmentation with your breast lift in Tampa, you’ll have many benefits. Not only will you achieve the appearance you’ve been hoping for, but you’ll also reduce your recovery time. Women who have a breast lift and, then, a separate augmentation have to recover twice. It’s also more affordable to have both procedures together since the surgeon will only charge once for the surgery.

While breast lifts are the only possible way to correct drooping and sagging breasts, having implants can enhance the result. Once your breasts are in a higher placement on the chest, the implants will improve your appearance even more.

Contact Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery today to find out more about breast augmentation and breast lift in Tampa. Our skilled and knowledgeable team can answer your questions and arrange your consultation.

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