Will Liposuction for Belly Fat Complement My Tummy Tuck Procedure?

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your stomach, a tummy tuck could be the answer. However, often, you can carry out liposuction for belly fat at the same time. If you’re looking for enhanced results, this could be an option for you. If you want to know more, this article will give you the information you need.

How Does Liposuction for Belly Fat Differ from A Tummy Tuck?

These two procedures are very different. A surgeon performs a tummy tuck under a general anesthetic. A tummy tuck removes the excess abdominal skin and tightens up the stomach muscles. This can help to achieve a smoother and more toned physique. Liposuction for belly fat is a contouring procedure. When done as a standalone surgery, the surgeon performs it under a local anesthetic. It is a much less invasive operation than a tummy tuck. Liposuction is ideal for removing any isolated fat pockets in the stomach area that don’t respond to exercise and diet. Alone, liposuction is effective at getting rid of belly fat, back rolls, and love handles. However, it cannot address muscle laxity that has occurred because of weight loss or pregnancy.

While other cosmetic surgeons often say that liposuction for belly fat causes excess skin, this isn’t always the case. Less skilled surgeons may find this is the case. Art Lipo’s liposuction expert, Dr. Su, has developed an excellent interactive technique that produces impressive results. With Dr. Su’s help, it is possible to achieve significant tightening of excess abdominal skin. In some patients, however, to achieve perfect results, a tummy tuck will be necessary.

Why Have A Tummy Tuck and Liposuction for Belly Fat Together?

If you have a tummy tuck together with liposuction for belly fat, you can achieve comprehensive results. When you opt for both procedures, you can address separate problems effectively.

The tummy tuck will address your excess skin around your lower and upper abdomen. It will also remove any excess skin around your navel. The liposuction, on the other hand, will shape your love handles and upper torso. If you have significant fat amounts on your back and around your upper abdomen, have the liposuction first. This will maximize the body contouring result you can achieve. In some patients, this is impossible if you opt for either procedure as a standalone. In some cases, loose skin and excess fat occur together, and treating at the same time is effective and efficient.

Why Choose Art Lipo?

When you’re looking for a cosmetic surgeon to carry out your procedure, you need to ensure you choose an expert. Make the wrong choice, and you could be very dissatisfied with the results. Here at Art Lipo, we often treat patients who have had bad experiences elsewhere.

Our surgical team members are experts in their fields. Dr. Gruber is our board-certified plastic surgeon. She is incredibly skilled and has countless patients who are very happy. She produces amazing results from her tummy tuck procedures. Dr. Su is our expert in liposuction. He has pioneered his own impressive interactive lipo techniques. Because of this, the results he produces are outstanding. He can achieve significant tightening and more complete sculpting than most of his competitors. Even if you think you aren’t a candidate for liposuction for belly fat, Dr. Su may be able to help.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve the contouring your desire. We can offer you expert advice and help you to choose the right procedure for you. Whether you need a tummy tuck, liposuction or both, we can give you the body you deserve.

What Are the Causes of Flabby Arms? And How Can Arm Sculpting Help?

For many women, their flabby upper arms often appear as if from nowhere. Changes that occur in the body during adulthood are the likely cause of flabby arms. There are several causes of arm fat. However, no matter what the cause is, once you have flabby arms, they are hard to remove. Many women become very distressed about their large upper arms. They dislike the hang and the bulk that prevents them from wearing clothes with straps. Their confidence can take a nosedive every time they look in the mirror. For these women, diet and exercise are rarely enough to combat the problem. However, arm sculpting could be the perfect solution.

Why Do Upper Arms Become Flabby?

Flabbiness of the upper arms could be because of a buildup of fat. This can occur because of the natural aging process. Once women reach 30, their body fat begins to increase. Lean muscle begins to decrease at the same time. These changes happen in part because of hormonal changes. They may also happen because women become less active as they get older.

Hormonal changes result in a decrease in the metabolic rate. This means a woman burns fewer calories. A slow metabolic rate, paired with fewer calories being burned because of reduced exercise, means weight gain is more likely. Not only that, but gravity also takes a toll. It pulls on the arms and causes the hang we all know and hate.

Once a woman has excess fat on her upper arms, she often finds it hard to eradicate. Even when she changes her diet to a healthier one and exercises more, the fat remains. This is very discouraging and distressing for the woman.

What About Strength Training and Cardio for Flabby Arms?

There are many women who try to incorporate strength training exercise into their daily routines. They hope that this will develop tone in the muscles. In fact, this is very effective. The upper arm muscles become stronger and more defined. However, the problem is that no matter how much strength training you do, the excess fat remains.

Using weights and doing exercises, such as push-ups and bench presses, can target the triceps and biceps. These exercises cause the muscle under the fat to become leaner and more toned. Unfortunately, the hard work will all go unnoticed. All that people will see is the thick layer of fat on the arms that you cannot remove through exercise.

Many women believe they can lose the excess fat through cardio exercise. They, therefore, spend hours burning calories through using elliptical machines or swimming. While it’s always good to get more exercise, this usually won’t have any impact on the upper arms. This part of the body is notoriously difficult when trying to remove fat by using natural methods. No matter how much high-intensity cardio you include in your daily workout, your arms will usually remain stubbornly bulky.

It’s no wonder then that so many women are discouraged and distressed. When women come to us with this problem, they are surprised to discover that arm sculpting can resolve their issues.

How Can Arm Sculpting Help?

Arm sculpting permanently removes the fat and hang from the upper arm. Thanks to Dr. Su’s interactive lipo technique, it’s possible to sculpt the upper arm beautifully. This allows all that hard work in the gym to shine through. People will see your toned arm muscles in all their glory and you will achieve the arms you’ve longed for. Contact us today to find out how Art Lipo can help you to get Celebrity Arms of your own.

What Are the Benefits of Back Liposuction?

Have you ever thought you looked good, but, then, caught a glimpse of your back and were horrified? If so, you’re just like countless other women in the United States and around the world today. Often, we think we look great from the front. However, if we see our backs in a mirror, we see bulges of fat where they shouldn’t be. Whether this is around the waist or around the bra line, the result is unappealing lumpiness. There is very little you can do naturally to disguise these lumps and bumps. You may have to resort to baggy sweaters and unattractive underwear to avoid drawing attention to your back fat. This can also lead to poor self-confidence if you wear tight clothing or swimwear. The good news is back liposuction represents the ideal solution.

How Can Back Liposuction Help?

If you have accumulations of fat in your lower or upper back, you may be in despair. No amount of dieting and exercise can remove very stubborn bulges of fat. Luckily, back liposuction is a highly effective solution.

Even if you vigorously exercise and diet conscientiously, once you have stubborn back fat, it’s unlikely to go away. This often confuses and distresses women who have lost a lot of weight. From the front, they look shapely and attractive. However, when they turn around, they still have bulges around their bra lines. This makes them look larger than they really are. Back liposuction can restore proper proportions and make problem areas look good again.

Back liposuction corrects bulges in the bra area and back rolls. It also removes fatty deposits and lumps in your back. This makes patients look better in their clothes with tighter skin and a slimmer physique overall. They also have more confidence.

Why do I Have Back Fat?

If you have a specific gene type, you may be prone to developing fat pockets in your body. One area where this commonly occurs is around the back. Aging often causes back fat to occur, and pregnancy also often changes the shape of the back. If you have put on a lot of weight and then lost it again, the back fat may stubbornly remain. All these are common problems, but no less distressing.

How Does Back Liposuction Work?

Back liposuction eliminates bulging fat around your bra line, removes rolls of back fat, and restores a proportionate appearance from behind.

When you come to Art Lipo for your back liposuction procedure, you can be confident you are in expert hands. Dr. Su, our expert surgeon, is a pioneer in his field. He has developed advanced techniques, such as interactive lipo, which guarantee impressive results.

We carry out all our back liposuction procedures under a local anesthetic. Not only is this safer, but your recovery time will be more rapid. You will also be able to get a more complete result this way. Dr. Su uses an interactive technique where the patient moves during the procedure. This allows for more artistic and complete sculpting. He can remove a greater amount of fat and, thus, achieve a better contour. As a result, you will look slimmer and more attractive in Dr. Su’s expert hands.

Excellent back liposuction techniques dramatically and instantly improve your figure. You can look more toned and fit, and even as if you’d had a butt lift. Dr. Su works hard to create satisfying contours. Not only will he treat the waist area, but he will also address your mid-back bulges and, occasionally, the hips. By treating all these areas, he will create a smooth curve along your side.

Contact us today to find out more about our back liposuction techniques.

Should I Have Belly Liposuction or A Tummy Tuck?

If you aren’t sure whether you would benefit most from a tummy tuck or belly liposuction, you aren’t alone. Lots of people are unsure which of these two procedures would best suit their needs. Today, there are lots of options that you can choose to contour your body. It is no surprise, then, that lots of people face this dilemma when choosing the right procedure.

Both belly liposuction and tummy tucks can contour the body and give you a better silhouette and flatter stomach. However, there are some major differences between them. Here, we will look at how the two procedures are different. With the information we provide, you’ll find it easier to decide which one is right for you.

What Is A Tummy Tuck?

The official name of a tummy tuck is an abdominoplasty. It is a surgical procedure that removes excess fat while trimming away loose abdominal skin. Surgeons can use the tummy tuck procedure to repair abdominal muscles that have separated. This may have occurred because of weight gain, surgery, weight loss, age or pregnancy.

While you cannot use an abdominoplasty to lose weight, it is useful in complementing fitness goals. This is because it flattens and tightens the stomach. It is a permanent way to remove unwanted fat and excess stomach skin. Nevertheless, you’ll have to achieve the right body weight before having this procedure. This will ensure you’ll be able to maintain the result afterward.

An abdominoplasty involves a general anesthetic and stitches. There is also a longer recovery time.

What Is Belly Liposuction?

Belly liposuction, like a tummy tuck, isn’t a form of weight loss procedure. Instead, it involves removing unwanted fat pockets that have proven to be resistant to exercise and diet. It complements the patient’s exercise and fitness goals by sculpting the body to achieve a flatter stomach.

Belly liposuction is a much less invasive procedure when compared with a tummy tuck. While some surgeons carry out liposuction under a general anesthetic, here at Art Lipo, we do not. We perform awake liposuction under a local anesthetic. This is safer and has a much shorter recovery time. Belly liposuction involves no stitches and there is no need to stay in the hospital afterward.

Will A Tummy Tuck Produce Better Results Than Belly Liposuction?

While some patients benefit most from a tummy tuck, many only require belly liposuction to achieve the results they want. When you choose Art Lipo, you may discover even if you thought you’d require an abdominoplasty, this isn’t the case. Other surgeons often rush to recommend a tummy tuck. This is especially the case if a patient has a lower abdominal hang called a panniculus or pannus. The larger the hang, the more skin the surgeon needs to tighten if a full retraction is to occur. For this reason, most cosmetic surgeons prefer to carry out an abdominoplasty on larger patients.

However, Dr. Su is an expert in liposuction and has developed a very complete technique for fat removal. His skill is such that he can achieve outstanding belly liposuction results even in patients with a larger hang.

Dr. Su can sculpt the stomach so that the pannus can pull up by around 70 percent. Instead of the skin hanging down further after the procedure, in fact, the skin becomes tighter. This is a result that very few other surgeons can achieve.

Contact us today to find out whether belly liposuction or a tummy tuck is the best choice for you. We can offer you expert advice, so you can achieve the body you want and deserve.

Liposuction of The Back – A Complete Overview

All too often, various areas of the body have extra fat deposits. These can disturb the contour and shape of your physique. Not only that, they can make you feel self-conscious and frustrated when trying to find suitable clothing. One common area that women especially struggle with is back fat. Fat often accumulates along their bra lines. Fat along the mid-back settles in pockets to create bulges. These may be on the side, under the chest or on their upper back area.

Unfortunately, these areas of the back are hard to address using exercise and dieting alone. Many patients, therefore, seek help from a cosmetic surgeon to resolve the issue. If you are struggling with back fat, liposuction of the back could be your solution.

Why Is Back Fat Such A Problem?

The love handles around the waist are particularly frustrating for many people. Even when patients diet excessively and exercise regularly, this area is resistant to change. For many women, their breasts, buttocks, and cheeks start to look gaunt and skinny, but their back fat remains. This creates a situation where they look thin from the front, but disproportionate from the rear.

How Could Liposuction of The Back Help Me?

Well-done back lipo dramatically and instantly changes a person’s physique. In women, achieving an hourglass figure is possible. Many women also look as if they’ve had their butts lifted. This gives the procedure even greater value.

In male patients, when they have the love handles removed, a tapering V shape is possible. This creates an appearance of being more toned and fit.

What Is Liposuction of The Back?

Today’s cutting-edge liposuction of the back techniques make it easy to treat this common area of fat deposit. There is no need for an invasive procedure that requires a long recovery time and a lot of pain. Instead, surgeons can carry out back liposuction very quickly and with no need for a general anaesthetic. The patient stays awake and alert throughout the procedure and can return home immediately afterwards. While there may be some discomfort, a patient can easily manage it with regular pain medication.

When you come to Art Lipo for liposuction of the back, you will be in expert hands. Our surgeon, Dr. Su, will use his interactive lipo technique to produce the best possible results. His very complete fat removal techniques ensure a smooth line along the body.

Dr. Su will remove fat from the waist, upper back, and even the hips as necessary. This will allow him to create perfect contours. There will be no more bulging around the bra line and no more need to wear baggy clothes.

Who Can Have Liposuction of The Back?

Both men and women can be good candidates for liposuction of the back. An ideal patient will struggle to eradicate fatty tissue on the side of his or her mid- or upper back. He or she will be able to pinch at least a quarter-inch of fat on this area. Patients will also be in good physical health.

Choosing A Cosmetic Surgeon

When considering having liposuction of the back, it is vital to find an expert cosmetic surgeon. Here at Art Lipo, we are proud to have one of the very best in the field. Dr. Su is a highly skilled specialist in liposuction with a background in fine art. He has combined his passions to help men and women achieve the physiques they long for. By utilizing his artistic abilities and his liposuction knowledge, he can create results other surgeons only dream about. Contact us today to find out more.

Liposuction of Belly Fat – Am I A Good Candidate?

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your stomach, you’re probably wondering what you can do. It’s uncomfortable and impractical to wear body shaping underwear every day. Also, every time you take it off, you look in the mirror and your heart sinks. If you’ve lost your self-confidence because of your stomach fat, it’s time to find a solution.

Here at Art Lipo, we could have the answer for you. When it comes to liposuction, belly fat is a common area that our surgeons treat. The results we achieve are impressive, and we can restore your self-esteem with this minimally invasive procedure.

What Kind of Fat Can Liposuction of Belly Fat Remove?

If you have fat above your muscle wall on your stomach, liposuction of belly fat could help. You’ll be able to establish easily if you can remove your stomach fat. Simply grab it with your hand. Does your belly feel hard under your hand? If you’re unable to grasp the fat, it will probably be below the stomach muscles. However, if your stomach is soft and you can grasp a handful of fat, you are a good candidate.

I Have A Large Stomach – Can Liposuction Help Me?

Even if you have a very large stomach and a large hang of fat, liposuction could help you. Our expert in liposuction, Dr. Su, has perfected an impressive and very complete liposuction of belly fat technique. While many other surgeons would simply recommend an abdominoplasty, Dr. Su can often produce excellent results with liposuction alone. Even in difficult cases when other surgeons have refused to carry out liposuction, Dr. Su may be able to assist. He can achieve tremendous skin retraction and tightening, even in patients with large amounts of belly fat.

Could I Get Six-Pack Abs?

Do you already have strong abdominal muscles with definition and muscle ridges below the layer of fat? If so, there is an excellent chance that six-pack abs could be possible. When Dr. Su carries out liposuction of the belly fat in both women and men, six packs can often appear. This is thanks to his extremely complete sculpting technique. The same result is not usually possible with other cosmetic surgeons. This is because they leave more fat behind. Therefore, you cannot see the muscle definition.

Will I Need A Tummy Tuck?

Most patients who have a consultation with Dr. Su for stomach fat are suitable candidates for cosmetic surgery. While many patients can benefit from liposuction of belly fat, others require a tummy tuck.

Do you have a moderate or small amount of hang on the lower stomach or looseness? If so, Dr. Su can create excellent results. However, there could be a few wrinkles above the belly button or at the abdomen’s lower edge. Lots of patients are happy with these wrinkles and opt for liposuction. Others choose to have a tummy tuck instead to eliminate the possibility of wrinkling. Often, however, the liposuction option is a better one. A tummy tuck results in a scar horizontally across the lower stomach. It also requires a general anesthetic, with the associated extended downtime and longer recovery. These factors often deter patients from opting for the tummy tuck. Meanwhile, belly fat liposuction involves only a local anesthetic and has a much shorter recovery time without scarring.

There are some patients, however, who would achieve a better result with a tummy tuck. These include those with extremely wrinkly skin before liposuction or who have very excessive skin hanging on their lower abdomen. Also, if patients want to wear a bikini without any visible wrinkling, they may want to consider a tummy tuck.

Is Liposuction of The Abdomen the Right Choice for My Contouring Goals?

Do you have muscle laxity after a pregnancy or have you gained extra weight around your stomach? If so, you are not alone. In fact, men and women all over the world are choosing to seek out cosmetic surgery to improve this area. With the development of cutting-edge liposuction of the abdomen techniques, it’s easy to see why more people are seeking help.

Most of us believe that if we eat healthily and exercise regularly, we can achieve the perfect body. Unfortunately, this is just a myth. Often, one of two things happen. Sometimes, patients lose a massive amount of weight and have excess skin, which is unsightly. This can be very distressing, especially since patients have worked hard to achieve the perfect physique. Other patients spend months or years dieting and exercising hard. Despite their efforts, however, they find that stubborn pockets of fat remain. Often, these fat pockets will be in the abdominal area.

For these individuals, seeking cosmetic surgery is frequently the answer. When patients are seeking a smoother, sleeker stomach, their first question is usually whether liposuction of the abdomen could help.

What Do You Need to Consider When Choosing A Stomach Sculpting Procedure?

Do you need to determine whether liposuction of the abdomen or another procedure could benefit you best? Only a professional can give you that kind of advice. However, there are three factors to discuss with a cosmetic surgeon during your consultation.

  • How good is your skin quality?
  • How tight or unified are your muscles?
  • Do you have any protruding excess fat?

The answer to these three questions will vary widely between patients. Diet, exercise, age, genetics, and whether pregnancy has occurred all have an impact.

Will Stomach Liposuction Resolve My Problems?

If you have fat above your stomach muscle wall, liposuction of the abdomen could be ideal for you. If you’re able to grab your stomach fat, you’re a good candidate for this procedure. Some cosmetic surgeons refuse to perform liposuction of the abdomen on patients with a large stomach hang. They often recommend a tummy tuck instead.

Here at Art Lipo, we recommend a tummy tuck to some patients. However, for many others, stomach liposuction produces impressive results. Even patients who have large stomachs with a large hang of fat can benefit. Our expert in liposuction, Dr. Su, specializes in performing liposuction even on difficult abdomens. While other surgeons claim liposuction of the abdomen produces excess skin, Dr. Su can achieve significant skin tightening. This means that patients who received a tummy tuck recommendation from another doctor will not require one with us.

When Is A Tummy Tuck Necessary?

While Dr. Su can help many patients through his interactive lipo technique, not every patient can benefit. If you have stretched abdominal muscles, for example, a tummy tuck may be the best option. In women who have gone through a pregnancy, the central abdominal muscles may weaken and loosen. Sometimes, they will even separate. Even intense workouts are unable to repair them. Our cosmetic surgeon specialist, Dr. Gruber, can help you to resolve this problem. By tightening the muscles that strengthen the stomach wall and removing excess skin, Dr. Gruber can improve abdominal appearance.

Some patients can benefit from both procedures. By having a tummy tuck together with liposuction of the abdomen, they can achieve the sculpted look they desire. Contact our team today to find out more about arranging a consultation about your abdominal fat. We can help you select the right procedure for you. With our expert help, you can achieve the stomach you deserve.

How Could Jowl Removal Help Me?

Do you look in the mirror and feel unhappy with the way your lower face looks? If so, you may be wondering how to resolve the problem. Jowls are signs of premature aging and can spoil the appearance of your jawline. When you have jowls, not only do you look older, but you can often look bigger than you really are. Many slim women with a jowl problem come to us looking for a way to make their faces slimmer. The answer lies in jowl removal.

What Exactly Are Jowls?

The term “jowl” is frequently used to refer to sagging skin under the jawline or chin. Everybody develops jowls as he or she gets older. It occurs because, with the natural aging process, the skin will lose elasticity and become thinner.

In those with more fat, more collagen below their chin and cheeks, and thicker skin, jowls are sometimes less obvious. A few people may be lucky enough to never develop jowls. This may be because of their lifestyle choices, environmental factors, or even genes. However, for most people, jowls are a part of getting older. Nevertheless, just because they occur naturally doesn’t mean you have to put up with them.

What Is the Cause of Jowls?

There is no single reason why people develop jowls. The main reason is a loss of collagen and elastin in the skin. As we age, the skin below the jaw and in the cheeks loses elastin. This is a connective tissue protein that allows the skin to return to its shape even if you stretch it. It also loses collagen – another protein making up the body’s connective tissues. Because of a loss of these proteins, the skin around the mouth loses tightness and firmness. Then, gravity takes over and causes sags.

Genetics is another cause. If either parent has jowls, a person has a greater chance of developing them. People with naturally thin skin or very little elastin and collagen could develop jowls at a young age. Sometimes, people who are in their 20s begin to get jowls.

Jowls may appear because of making specific facial expressions that stretch the neck or facial skin. Weight loss may also cause previously stretched skin to sag. Anyone who has been exposed to a lot of sunlight can have damaged collagen. This results in early skin sagging. The same is true for smokers. The chemicals found in cigarettes damage elastin and collagen while narrowing the blood vessels. This limits the circulation of the blood, so the skin lacks the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

People who use smartphones or computers frequently could also find their neck skin loses elasticity. There is even a condition known as “tech neck.” Long periods of looking down are the cause of this condition.

Can I Reduce My Chance of Developing Jowls?

Jowl development may be genetic. However, there are three things you can try to stop jowls from occurring.

  • Stop smoking
  • Limit exposure to the sun
  • Limit screen time

If you have jowls already, however, the only real option is to have a jowl removal procedure.

What Is Jowl Removal?

There are several options available to treat saggy jowls. While there are nonsurgical options, such as peels, lasers, and Thermage, these are minimally effective. They may change the collagen composition inside the skin, but the results aren’t permanent.

If you don’t want to use makeup and clothing to disguise your jowls forever, a jowl removal is the answer. Here at Art Lipo, we can carry out chin and neck liposuction to remove your unsightly jowls. With our cutting-edge interactive lipo technique, the results are impressive. Since we perform the procedure under a local anesthetic, you will have a very short recovery time. Thanks to the amazing skill of our expert surgeon, Dr. Su, you will look instantly slimmer and younger.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you with jowl removal to restore your confidence.

Am I A Good Candidate for Liposuction of The Chin?

You have probably heard about liposuction of the chin. But, how do you know if you could benefit from it? Both men and women who worry about their facial fat deposits often ask about this procedure.

Do you have areas of stubborn fat that won’t disappear from your face even when you eat healthily and exercise? If so, you are among countless other people of all ages, builds, and weights who also suffer from it. Aging and genetics result in an accumulation of submental fat. This is commonly known as having a double chin. Unfortunately, even though it is common, it still makes sufferers feel unattractive. A double chin ages the face and detracts from facial features that are otherwise attractive. It can also give the impression of obesity, even when the patient has a healthy weight.

If you have frustrating fat pockets around your jawline, our liposuction of the chin procedure can help. We can help you to rejuvenate and refine your face to restore your confidence.

What Can Chin Liposuction Do?

Our liposuction of the chin procedure can accomplish the following:

  • Eliminate submental fat (double chin)
  • Remove pockets of fat in the face that are resistant to exercise and healthy dieting
  • Sculpt the tissues along the jawline
  • Define the jawline to balance your facial features
  • Provide facial rejuvenation

Who Is an Ideal Chin Liposuction Patient?

To be an ideal candidate for liposuction of the chin, you must be in good overall health. If you have bulky and puffy fat on your neck and jawline or a double chin, you’ll achieve great results. This is particularly the case if your skin still has good elasticity. Chin liposuction successfully improves submental fat together with fullness in the neck. If you have it performed as a standalone procedure, it can enhance your appearance. For most patients, they look instantly years younger. Their faces are also immediately more attractive. Many patients look as if they have lost a lot of weight, even if they haven’t. This is because their faces are so much slimmer. In patients who already have a slim physique, this brings their faces in line with their bodies.

Do I Need Another Procedure, Too?

If you have had a consultation with another cosmetic surgeon, you may have been told a facelift is necessary. Some cosmetic surgeons are not as skilled in chin liposuction as Dr. Su, Art Lipo’s expert. His techniques are so advanced that, often, you will not require a neck or facelift.

You may have heard from other surgeons that fat removal causes the skin to loosen. This is true when a less skilled surgeon carries out liposuction. However, Dr. Su can remove fat so smoothly and completely that your skin will tighten. He can achieve more effective skin tightening while removing more fat than when other surgeons perform the procedure. This may sound impossible. However, if you look at the results on our website, you’ll see the proof.

In some cases, there are patients who will not see perfect results from liposuction of the chin alone. For those individuals, a facelift or neck lift would be a better solution. Our cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Gruber, can help in these cases. Her extreme skill will ensure an outstanding result and a much more youthful look.

Contact us today to find out more about how Art Lipo can help with your facial fat problems. Whether you could benefit from liposuction of the chin or a facelift, we are here to help. In the hands of our experts, you’ll look years younger.

How to Get Rid of Fat Ankles

For many women, fat ankles are a fact of life. Often caused by genetics, “cankles” as they are generally known, can be unattractive and distressing. Women with this problem frequently suffer from low self-esteem and poor self-confidence. They are constantly restricted when it comes to choosing what clothes to wear. They often have no short dresses or skirts in their wardrobes. Swimsuits are out of the question and many types of shoes often just make the situation worse. It is no wonder that affected women spend so long researching how to get rid of fat ankles.

Much of the advice women find about eliminating their problem focuses on making their ankles less noticeable. They try fashion tricks to minimize their cankles. Unfortunately, the list of clothing items that women should avoid when they have cankles is very long. Ankles look larger when women wear wedges, platforms, flat shoes, ankle boots, and shoes with straps around the ankle. This restricts women to mid-height stilettos if they want to give the impression of slimmer ankles. Clearly, this is not a practical solution.

What Are the Traditional Solutions?

Women are often given advice about how to get rid of cankles. Cankles may be genetic, but the problem is excess fat in that area. It is particularly difficult to remove stubborn fat from the calf and ankle area. Yet, magazines and doctors simply advise a change of lifestyle.

When women ask how to get rid of fat ankles, they are frequently told to eat healthily and exercise more. They are often told that the problem is water retention. Since sedentary lifestyles can cause this problem, women try to increase their activity levels.

The exercises suggested for cankles include those that tone and lengthen the calf muscles. Some of these daily exercises include squats, calf raises, and lunges.

Doctors tell women to also take care of their diets. They are told to limit how much salt they eat since excess salt can cause water retention. They are also told to drink lots of water and to avoid caffeine and alcohol. Many women are even told to stop eating carbohydrates to reduce the buildup of fluid.

All too often, making these drastic lifestyle changes have limited benefits. Women with large ankles find that no matter how much they exercise or diet, their ankles stay large. It can be especially distressing if the rest of their body is slim. The lower leg can then start to look out of proportion. It comes as no surprise that, eventually, women will seek out cosmetic surgery.

Cankle Liposuction for Slimmer Lower Legs

When women come to Art Lipo asking how to get rid of fat ankles, they’re delighted to find a solution. Our interactive cankle lipo procedure can resolve the problem and make her legs more attractive.

Cankle liposuction involves removing fat from the calves and ankles on a permanent basis. The procedure spot reduces fat and gets rid of stubborn fat pockets in this area for good. Patients can see the results immediately after the procedure.

Here at Art Lipo, we carry out all cankle liposuction while the patient is awake and under a local anesthetic. This allows the patient to interact with the surgeon during the procedure. By tensing the muscles, the sculpting procedure is much more effective and complete. For this reason, our surgeon can achieve a much better result.

Contact us today to find out more about how to get rid of fat ankles. We can restore your confidence and give you back the freedom to choose your wardrobe.

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