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By Dr. Thomas Su | March 7, 2022

Are My Arms Too Big or Too Small for Arm Surgery?

Arm surgery is becoming an increasingly popular form of cosmetic treatment these days. Women see images of celebrities on the red carpet with beautifully contoured arms and want the same for themselves. Social media also makes women feel more eager to improve their appearance and achieve toned arms. Yet, the arms are an especially difficult area to improve naturally without surgical assistance. Fat accumulates on the upper arms, and it is very hard to shift through natural means. Dieting and working out often have little impact. Endless hours spent working in the gym and months of calorie restriction often fail to help. It’s no wonder women today are turning to cosmetic surgeons for help. However, some women believe that their arms are the wrong size for surgery. Some think their arms aren’t large enough to treat, while others think theirs are too big. Here, we look at some facts about surgery on the arms.

I Have Small Arms But Excess Skin – Can I Have Surgery?

Many women lose weight and find they have excess skin left behind. This problem is particularly common amongst women who undergo weight loss surgery. When the excess fat is gone, the skin lacks elasticity. It starts to sag and droop, which causes an unsightly appearance that causes poor self-confidence. Women in this position feel they have exchanged one problem for another. Their arms are no longer fat, but they are saggy instead.

An arm lift, or Brachioplasty, is your ideal solution. If you have little excess fat but a lot of excess skin on your upper arms, this surgery is ideal. It cuts away the excess skin to leave the arms looking slim and tight once more. Although this is an invasive surgery, it achieves excellent results. A skilled surgeon will also ensure the scars are as hidden as possible.

I Have A Lot Of Excess Fat On My Arms – Surely I Have Too Much Fat To Have Surgery?

Liposuction surgery is the best solution if you have excess fat on your arms. Surgeons only recommend liposuction as a treatment for patients who are at or near their ideal body weight. Yet often, women have a healthy BMI but disproportionately large arms. This problem occurs due to their genetics. If their family members have large arms, they are likely to have them too. They may be slim elsewhere, but fat accumulates in their arms due to their genes.

Women who are either at or close to their ideal weight can have liposuction on their arms. It’s possible to have this procedure even if their arms are significantly large. Some surgeons believe that liposuction of the arms causes excess skin that looks unsightly. They tell women with very large arms that liposuction is a bad idea as they’ll have drooping skin afterward. In fact, with the right techniques, this isn’t the case at all.

The Celebrity Arms Procedure

Dr. Su at ArtLipo pioneers the Celebrity Arms technique. His 360-degree liposuction treatment addresses the whole curve of the arm. He treats not only the underhang but also the shoulder, the sides, and the top of the arm. He removes the maximum amount of fat for a very toned and contoured shape. The patient cooperates with the surgeon during the procedure. They move into different positions and tense their muscles. As a result, Dr. Su can remove even more fat and sculpt the arms close to the muscle.

This procedure isn’t suitable for women with small arms but excess skin. However, it helps women with large arms, even if they have some excess skin. The Celebrity Arms technique achieves impressive skin tightening. Even patients with a moderate underhang find that the procedure creates slim, toned, and tight arms.

Seeking A Professional Opinion

The only way to learn whether you’re a suitable candidate for surgery on your arms is to seek professional advice. However, it’s essential to choose the right surgeon. Not all cosmetic surgeons offer upper arm liposuction. Those who do tend to only treat the underhang area. You need to find a surgeon who will treat the whole 360-degree curve of the arm. For this reason, you should seek out Dr. Su at ArtLipo in Tampa, Florida.

When you arrange a consultation with Dr. Su, he can advise you as to your suitability for surgery. He can tell you if you are a candidate for his Celebrity Arms procedure. If you look at our gallery, you’ll see photographs to show his impressive outcomes.

If you believe you need a brachioplasty, ArtLipo’s team can help too. Our skilled surgeons also offer arm lift surgery that can restore your arms to a tight and toned appearance.

If you want to benefit from high-quality arm surgery, get in touch with ArtLipo now. We’re looking forward to helping you achieve beautiful red carpet arms.

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