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By Dr. Thomas Su | March 16, 2022

Arm Lift vs Arm Liposuction – Which Suits Me Best?

For women with large arms, there is often one question to consider – arm lift vs. arm liposuction, which is best? For someone who has only a little understanding of cosmetic surgery, it can seem impossible to choose. Yet, a skilled surgeon can give expert advice, pointing you in the direction of the correct procedure for your needs. Here, we’ll take a look at both types of surgery and see what makes a good candidate for each.

Is There A Difference Between Arm Lifts And Arm Liposuction?

The answer to this question is a very definite yes.

An arm lift, or Brachioplasty, is a more invasive surgery. It involves cutting away fat and skin from the upper arms. The scars are, therefore, longer. The recovery period is also more significant.

Arm liposuction, on the other hand, is a less invasive procedure. It involves making tiny incisions in the upper arms. The surgeon suctions the excess fat and sculpts the arms to achieve a slim and toned look. Any scarring is minimal, and recovery times are shorter.

Differences Between Candidates For An Arm Lift And Those For Arm Lipo

For either procedure, a patient must be healthy and have realistic expectations of the outcome. However, an arm lift is most suitable for patients with a lot of excess skin as well as fat. Liposuction only removes excess fat cells. Therefore, if a patient only has excess skin and minimal fat on their upper arms, lipo won’t help. The excess skin must be cut away to create toned, slim arms.

If your arms are mostly excess fat, arm liposuction is almost certainly best for you. The procedure removes the fat cells permanently. The surgeon then sculpts the remaining fat so the muscle is visible and a lovely silhouette appears.

Which Procedure Is Best If I Have Excess Fat And Excess Skin?

Most cosmetic surgeons advise an arm lift if a patient has any excess skin. The reason for this is that traditional arm lipo leaves loose skin. That only serves to worsen the problem of sagging upper arms. There is an alternative, though. Here at ArtLipo, Dr. Su offers a cutting-edge liposuction treatment for the upper arms. His Celebrity Arms technique is exceptionally complete and achieves fantastic results even for women with some excess skin.

Using Interactive Lipo techniques, Dr. Su asks the patient to move and tense their muscles during the procedure. As a result, he can remove the maximum amount of fat from the arm. At the same time, he achieves impressive skin tightening. Therefore, patients who may otherwise receive advice to have an arm lift can benefit from liposuction instead. They can have a shorter recovery time, smaller scars, and a less invasive procedure.

How Do I Learn Which Procedure To Have?

To find out which procedure is right for you, contact the ArtLipo team now. We can give you the information you need when it comes to arm lift vs. arm liposuction. We can also arrange your consultation so you can get expert advice.

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