Is Arm Sculpting Possible Without Liposuction?

Modern life is very busy and hectic. You have a career to manage, as well as a family, a social life, and other commitments. It’s no wonder that you struggle to keep your arms looking as good as you’d like. If you hate looking at your arms in the mirror, you’re probably wondering how to achieve arm sculpting.

Women are frequently told to head to the gym to resolve their excess arm fat issues. However, most experience little success no matter how often they work out. Diet and exercise have minimal effect on upper arm fat. If you’re wondering how to get rid of your arm fat, here are some possible treatments for you.

Lifting Weights and Dieting

Some women try lifting weights as a way to tone up their upper arms. The biceps and triceps muscles are the focus of such exercises. Fitness instructors often recommend bench presses or arm curls with dumbbells. When paired with a healthy diet and active lifestyle, this should, in theory, get rid of the fat. Unfortunately, it does not always work this way. There is no way to spot reduce fat pockets. This means that no matter how much you diet and exercise, you’ll probably find the fat on your arms remains. While the muscles are toned, it isn’t possible to see them because of the layer of fat that covers them.

Specific Arm Toning Exercises

There are a number of arm exercises that professional fitness trainers suggest trying to help tone the upper arms. These include:

  • Arm circles
  • Triceps dips
  • Inverted rows
  • Push-ups
  • Pull-ups
  • The Plank
  • Downward dog
  • Headstands
  • Handstands

While these exercises may tone your arm muscles, it will take a long time. Also, again, even if the muscles do tone up, you may not see them under the fat layer. How can you resolve this problem?

Arm Sculpting Through Liposuction

The best solution for arm sculpting is to have upper arm liposuction. This fat removing treatment is the fastest and most effective way to achieve beautiful arms. By eradicating excess fat, it becomes possible to see the toned muscles you’ve created through your workouts. This allows for a slim, natural-looking arm.

Many cosmetic surgeons are unable to produce good results when carrying out arm liposuction. However, when you choose Art Lipo as your chosen plastic surgeon, you can be confident you’re in very safe hands. Our skilled team is leading the way in the field. By offering the latest pioneering liposuction techniques paired with unique artistic talents, it is possible to achieve perfect arm sculpting.

Our Arm Sculpting Techniques

Here at Art Lipo, we use only awake tumescent arm liposuction to treat our patients. This means that we only use a local anesthetic during the procedure. Not only does this ensure a faster recovery, but it also allows for a more complete and perfect result. During the procedure, since our patients are awake, we ask them to move into different positions. By flexing the muscles and moving into different positions, it’s possible to achieve 360-degree contouring of the arm. This means we can achieve a smoother, tauter, and more attractive result than those achieved by our competitors. You can see from our before and after photographs the impressive results we obtain for our patients. You can depend on us to give you the beautiful red carpet arms that you’ve been dreaming of.

Contact Art Lipo today to find out more about our cutting-edge arm sculpting techniques and how they can help you. We’re looking forward to boosting your confidence and helping you to get the body you’ve always wanted.

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