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By Dr. Thomas Su | March 9, 2022

Axillary Breast Tissue Vs Armpit Fat – Which Am I Suffering From?

Axillary breast tissue vs. armpit fat – it’s a question that many women ask when they look in the mirror. A lot of people experience extra folds of tissue and skin in their armpit area. In fact, it’s a problem that affects people of all sizes, ages, and weights. In most cases, the problem is armpit fat. It is quite normal, although not aesthetically appealing.

In some cases, though, the problem is axillary breast tissue. That is more problematic. It’s essential to know the differences to determine which you suffer from.

Armpit Fat – An Overview

People of all genders experience armpit fat. However, women suffer from excessive armpit fat more than men. Bras and tops that are excessively tight result in the skin spilling out between the armpit and breast. However, overly-tight clothing isn’t the only cause of armpit fat.

Genetic factors also come into play. Your genes determine to a large extent where you store the fat in your body. If your relatives experience armpit fat, you’ll probably have it too. Also, if you are overweight or obese already, fatty deposits may form under your arms. If you gain more weight, you may find subcutaneous fat depositing under your armpits.

What Is Axillary Breast Tissue?

Axillary breast tissue looks like armpit fat, but it isn’t the same thing. Rather than being composed of fat, the axillary breast tissue is breast tissue that is out of the regular breast area. The most common location of this tissue is in the armpit (or axilla). This tissue is fibrous like normal breast tissue. It isn’t dangerous for your health, but it is unsightly.

Axillary breast tissue is responsive to changes in hormone levels. As progesterone and estrogen levels rise and fall in the body, axillary breast tissue changes too. It can look lumpier or thicker at times when hormonal levels change. Hormones fluctuate with a woman’s cycle as well as during pregnancy, puberty, and menopause. Therefore, women often find that they experience axillary breast tissue masquerading as fat in their armpit.

Do Armpit Fat And Axillary Breast Tissue Respond To Exercise?

If you’re overweight or obese, dieting and exercising can help reduce the appearance of fat in your armpit area. It can also help reduce the size of axillary breast tissue. If you shed pounds overall, your breasts often lose volume and go down in size. Therefore, axillary breast tissue also decreases somewhat in size if you drop some dress sizes. It won’t disappear entirely, though. There’s also always the risk that losing weight will cause the loss of fat from other areas, not the armpit. After all, it’s impossible to spot reduce areas of fat. That applies whether your problem is axillary breast tissue or armpit fat. You then run the risk of having a very slim upper body but with bulges in your armpits.

Can I Get Rid Of Armpit Fat Or Axillary Breast Tissue Naturally?

Sufferers often wonder if they can do something themselves to get rid of their armpit bulges. Some doctors suggest building up the muscles in your upper arms and chest wall. It tightens up the area, making extra tissue in the armpits less noticeable. Wearing well-fitting undergarments can also help to make extra armpit tissue less obvious. Neither of these things resolves the problem, though.

Is Surgery A Solution?

Whether you have armpit fat or axillary breast tissue, surgery is the best solution. Liposuction is an effective treatment that removes excess fat or unwanted axillary breast tissue. By removing the excess tissue from the armpit area permanently, a more attractive, slim look is possible.

Liposuction of the armpits involves making tiny incisions in the underarm area. The surgeon passes a narrow cannula through and suctions out the excess fatty tissue. They carry out the procedure under local anesthetic, so the recovery period is relatively short and easy. Patients return home the same day. If they follow their surgeon’s instructions, the patients can achieve excellent results. The surgeon can reduce the bulge in their armpit area significantly. Patients can wear tight-fitting clothing without worrying about their appearance in the future.

If you’re unhappy with your armpit bulges, it’s best to seek professional advice from an experienced cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Su at ArtLipo in Tampa, Florida, should be your number one choice. He is an expert in the liposuction field and pioneers state-of-the-art techniques. As a result, he achieves fantastic outcomes for his patients. You can view our before and after shots of his armpit liposuction patients in our photo gallery.

If you’re considering having liposuction surgery to remove your armpit bulges, get in touch with our team now. We can arrange your consultation with Dr. Su. He can advise you about the possibility of axillary breast tissue vs. armpit fat. He can also offer you the surgical treatment you need to restore your self-confidence.

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