Have you ever thought you looked good, but, then, caught a glimpse of your back and were horrified? If so, you’re just like countless other women in the United States and around the world today. Often, we think we look great from the front. However, if we see our backs in a mirror, we see bulges of fat where they shouldn’t be. Whether this is around the waist or around the bra line, the result is unappealing lumpiness. There is very little you can do naturally to disguise these lumps and bumps. You may have to resort to baggy sweaters and unattractive underwear to avoid drawing attention to your back fat. This can also lead to poor self-confidence if you wear tight clothing or swimwear. The good news is back liposuction represents the ideal solution.

How Can Back Liposuction Help?

If you have accumulations of fat in your lower or upper back, you may be in despair. No amount of dieting and exercise can remove very stubborn bulges of fat. Luckily, back liposuction is a highly effective solution.

Even if you vigorously exercise and diet conscientiously, once you have stubborn back fat, it’s unlikely to go away. This often confuses and distresses women who have lost a lot of weight. From the front, they look shapely and attractive. However, when they turn around, they still have bulges around their bra lines. This makes them look larger than they really are. Back liposuction can restore proper proportions and make problem areas look good again.

Back liposuction corrects bulges in the bra area and back rolls. It also removes fatty deposits and lumps in your back. This makes patients look better in their clothes with tighter skin and a slimmer physique overall. They also have more confidence.

Why do I Have Back Fat?

If you have a specific gene type, you may be prone to developing fat pockets in your body. One area where this commonly occurs is around the back. Aging often causes back fat to occur, and pregnancy also often changes the shape of the back. If you have put on a lot of weight and then lost it again, the back fat may stubbornly remain. All these are common problems, but no less distressing.

How Does Back Liposuction Work?

Back liposuction eliminates bulging fat around your bra line, removes rolls of back fat, and restores a proportionate appearance from behind.

When you come to Art Lipo for your back liposuction procedure, you can be confident you are in expert hands. Dr. Su, our expert surgeon, is a pioneer in his field. He has developed advanced techniques, such as interactive lipo, which guarantee impressive results.

We carry out all our back liposuction procedures under a local anesthetic. Not only is this safer, but your recovery time will be more rapid. You will also be able to get a more complete result this way. Dr. Su uses an interactive technique where the patient moves during the procedure. This allows for more artistic and complete sculpting. He can remove a greater amount of fat and, thus, achieve a better contour. As a result, you will look slimmer and more attractive in Dr. Su’s expert hands.

Excellent back liposuction techniques dramatically and instantly improve your figure. You can look more toned and fit, and even as if you’d had a butt lift. Dr. Su works hard to create satisfying contours. Not only will he treat the waist area, but he will also address your mid-back bulges and, occasionally, the hips. By treating all these areas, he will create a smooth curve along your side.

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