The Best Tummy Tuck Surgeon in Florida Dispels the Myths About Abdominoplasty

If you’re dissatisfied with the appearance of your stomach, you may be considering an abdominoplasty. While this procedure is popular, it’s still widely misunderstood by the public. Here, the best tummy tuck surgeon in Florida dispels some of the most common myths about this surgery.

What Is A Tummy Tuck?

The tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a form of surgery that corrects the abdomen’s contours. Popular with both women and men, it’s often carried out after excess weight loss. This is because when the stomach loses a lot of fat, the skin can become loose and saggy. Some women also choose to have an abdominoplasty after having a baby. It’s also part of a popular combination of procedures called the mommy makeover that rejuvenates the figure after pregnancy.

What Does A Tummy Tuck Involve?

Typically, a surgeon carries out an abdominoplasty on an outpatient basis. It will take a couple of hours on average, although each procedure is unique. If you combine other surgeries with a tummy tuck, it will take longer.

The procedure involves making an incision across the lower area of the stomach. Usually, it will be in line with or below the waist. But what if a woman has a pre-existing scar from a C-section? Then, the surgeon may place the incision in line with or below it.

Skin is, then, released from the bottom of the stomach to the navel. The surgeon will make an incision around it, then, release the skin up to the top of the stomach. As a result, he or she can tighten the central muscles. In addition, the surgeon can restore the abdomen’s flat contour. Gently, the surgeon will redrape and trim the skin. Then, he or she will deliver the navel through the skin. Finally, the surgeon will close the incision. This completes the procedure.

What Is The Recovery From A Tummy Tuck Like?

In most cases, a surgeon will insert drains before closing the skin. These will remain in place until all the fluid has gone. For the first few days, the fluid will be blood. Afterward, the fluid will be straw-colored. It’s quick and easy to remove the drains. In some cases, it may be possible to carry out a drainless abdominoplasty.

Patients must wear a compression garment after surgery. It fastens at the side and is simple to put on and remove. Once a few weeks have passed, a surgeon will give you a different compression garment. You must wear this for around eight weeks. 

What Does A Tummy Tuck Feel Like?

Some patients report that having an abdominoplasty feels like doing a lot of sit-ups. The muscles ache, but it’s not terribly painful. After a couple of weeks, you can usually return to work and drive again. After a couple of months, you will return to your regular routine. However, your waist will be smaller, and your core will be tighter. 

Am I A Candidate For A Tummy Tuck?

Are you interested in the benefits an abdominoplasty could bring you? Then, it’s time to consult the best tummy tuck surgeon in Florida. Here at Artlipo, our experienced team is waiting to answer your questions and arrange your consultation.

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