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By Dr. Thomas Su | March 12, 2022

Can I Wear a Bra During Underarm Liposuction Recovery?

The underarm liposuction recovery process shouldn’t be too challenging as the surgeons perform the procedure under local anesthetic. Nevertheless, you can expect to take several weeks to return to normal activities. Your surgeon will give you expert advice about how to make your recovery as swift and comfortable as possible. One aspect that they will advise on is what to wear post-surgery. It’s important to follow your surgeon’s advice closely to ensure your results are everything you desire them to be. So here, we look at whether you can wear a bra during your recovery period.

Immediately After Your Surgery

During the initial days following surgery, you need to rest and recuperate. You will feel most comfortable in loose-fitting clothing. Your surgeon will give you compression garments for you to wear post-surgery. It’s extremely important to wear this garment at all times immediately after the procedure. When you have underarm liposuction, the compression garment will probably look similar to a bra. However, it will have sleeves that will compress the treated underarm area. This garment will be tight fitting and supportive. You will wear it instead of a bra. Your surgeon will advise you to wear this garment 24 hours a day at first. You should only remove it to shower. It’s likely you’ll need to wear your compression garment for at least a couple of weeks full-time.

Three-Four Weeks Post-Surgery

After a couple of weeks, your surgeon may advise you to remove your compression garment some of the time. It’s still essential to follow your surgeon’s instructions carefully to ensure the best results. When you aren’t wearing your compression garment, you can wear a bra. You should choose a breathable and loose-fitting bra for optimal comfort. By now, your pain and bruising should have subsided, and the incisions healed. A lightweight, non-wired bra should give you sufficient support to return to some normal activities. You should do gentle exercise but nothing too strenuous. Therefore, you shouldn’t need to wear control underwear or shapewear.

Six Weeks Post-Surgery

By this stage, your surgeon will probably advise you to stop wearing your compression garment altogether. You should now feel a lot more like your former self, but slimmer and more toned. Your surgeon will probably give you the go-ahead to return to your usual sporting activities at this point. They should also advise you to return to wearing your regular bras, although this depends on how well you’re healing. It is still essential to follow the advice of your surgeon at this stage of your recovery. You may not see the total results of your liposuction procedure for several more weeks. Therefore, you should continue to do everything your surgeon advises to maximize your recovery.

Getting Professional Advice

It’s imperative to choose a skilled, experienced surgeon for your liposuction treatment. Dr. Su is our specialist here at ArtLipo. His cutting-edge techniques ensure outstanding outcomes for his patients. To find out more about arranging your liposuction surgery, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We can book your consultation with our specialist. We can also give you full information and all the advice you need about your underarm liposuction recovery.

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