Is Calf Liposuction Becoming More Popular?

More people are having cosmetic surgery than ever before. It is not hard to see why. Social media platforms are a hotbed of people comparing selfies and the pressure is on to look good. If you lack confidence in any aspect of your own appearance, the latest plastic surgery techniques can help. There are so many different options these days to address problems in all areas of the body. One treatment that is becoming especially popular at the moment is calf liposuction. Women everywhere are increasingly opting for this relatively new procedure. So, what does it involve, and who could benefit from it?

Eliminating Your Boot Bulge

The shape and size of your calves are primarily down to your genes. If one or both of your parents have thick calves, there’s a good chance you will, too. There is not much that you can do to change that in terms of exercise or diet. In fact, thick calves are usually attributable to exercise. Ballet, horse riding, cycling, and athletics are all activities that can bulk up the calf area. However, knowing there isn’t much you can do about it doesn’t help if you’re keen to wear knee-high boots. This is where calf liposuction can really help.

Who Has Calf Liposuction?

The increased demand for calf liposuction usually comes from women who are active and healthy. Despite their healthy lifestyles, they still can’t wear the footwear and clothing they love because of their large calves. Exercise has limited results when it comes to sculpting this area and could even make the problem worse. The upshot of this is that they can start to feel self-conscious and embarrassed by their bodies. Calf liposuction is the best way to get the desired result quickly and efficiently.

Does Calf Liposuction Work?

The big question by all women undergoing calf liposuction is whether it works. After years of trying dieting and exercise to no avail, it isn’t surprising they doubt whether it could be effective. Yet, the fact is that, in the hands of a skilled surgeon, calf liposuction is extremely effective. Not only does it produce the desired result, but it is also very safe. It is possible to improve your appearance with just a short recovery time.

What Happens During Calf Liposuction?

Calf liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure. It targets the area of the calf directly to remove excess bulges. This allows you to wear the boots and jeans that you have always dreamed of wearing. Experienced and skilled surgeons, such as the Art Lipo team, use cutting-edge liposuction techniques to produce the best results. Awake tumescent liposuction is the safest option since it involves a local anesthetic rather than a general anesthetic. This means that there is a much shorter recovery time. Also, the results are much better since the surgeon can take longer to sculpt the perfect calf. The results are instant and permanent.

Could Surgery Help Me?

If you are someone who struggles with thick calves, calf liposuction could be the answer. This surgery will improve your self-esteem and allow you to wear the clothes you have always wanted.

The result you will achieve can only be as good as the surgeon you choose, however. Art Lipo is proud to offer outstanding treatments for all our patients. Our surgical team is highly experienced and is leading the way in the field. Contact us today to find out how we can help you to eradicate your boot bulge. Our calf liposuction procedure could be the ideal way to restore your self-confidence.

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