Can Any Plastic Surgeon Carry Out Cankle Surgery?

If you need cankle surgery to improve the appearance of your legs, you’ll need to choose the right plastic surgeon. This may not be as simple as you hoped. A quick search online will show countless plastic surgeons offering cankle treatments. However, how do you know which ones you can rely on to achieve the best results? 

Who Performs Liposuction?

Cankle surgery involves liposuction of the ankle and calf area. While this isn’t as invasive a procedure as some other forms of cosmetic surgery, it still requires considerable skill. This is particularly true when it comes to the leg area. The lower leg is especially difficult to sculpt effectively with liposuction. This is because of the 360-degree curve around the leg. Achieving a smooth and even result can be very challenging. In the hands of an unskilled surgeon, you could end up with disappointing or even poor results.

One of the greatest problems is that any kind of plastic surgeon can carry out liposuction. Even more disturbingly, doctors within several disciplines are currently performing liposuction. General surgeons and dermatologists, among others, are performing this procedure. Yet, while they may be legally allowed to carry out liposuction, that does not mean that they should. When choosing a surgeon to carry out your cankle surgery, you should choose someone who has experience and training. 

Why Choose A Specialist Plastic Surgeon?

If someone has trained as a plastic surgeon, he or she must have skill when performing liposuction, right? Wrong! In fact, surgeons within the cosmetic surgery discipline have their specialties. Some specialize in working on specific areas of the body. Others specialize in particular procedures. Some are experts in liposuction. You must choose a surgeon who is highly skilled and experienced in the liposuction field to perform your procedure. This is the only way to be certain that the result you hope for is that one that you achieve.

Not only should you choose a specialist in liposuction, but you should also choose one with expertise in working on legs. Some cosmetic surgeons choose not to offer liposuction on the cankle area because of the complexity of the procedure. Others do offer it, but the amount of fat removed is conservative and, therefore, the results are less than impressive. A liposuction specialist with experience in working on the lower leg will be the best choice of surgeon for you.

Choosing Artlipo for Your Surgery

Dr. Su is the resident liposuction expert here at Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery. With years of experience and exceptional skill, Dr. Su can achieve outstanding results. Contact us today to find out more about the cankle surgery options that we can provide. Our team is here to answer your questions and to give you all the information you need. When you choose Artlipo for your procedure, you can be confident that you will be in safe hands. Your legs will appear sculpted, toned, and slim – just how you always imagined them.

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