Can Exercise Get Rid of My Back Fat or Is Back Liposuction the Answer?

Are you bothered by fatty bulges around your waist or bra line? If the answer is yes, rest assured you are not alone. Many women feel the same way about their bothersome fat. It makes them feel self-conscious about wearing tight-fitting clothes or a swimsuit. In many cases, women wonder how they can solve the problem. Could exercise and dieting be the answer or is back liposuction the only solution?

Where Is the Fat Located?

There are several areas that fat can affect. Most women have fat in either one or all these areas:

  • Muffin tops – Do you have bulges that spill over your waistband and make it hard to wear jeans?
  • Waistline fat – Do you have folds of fat close to the back of the waist?
  • Bra-line fat – Do you have extra fat that spills over your bra strap in the back?


Knowing which area you need to target is the key to treating the problem. Stand up in front of a long mirror and hold another mirror in front of you. Stand up straight. This will make all your body lines apparent and will enable you to identify which areas are troublesome.

Losing the Bulges

Some people believe that exercising and a healthy diet can help you to lose excess fat and unwanted bulges. In theory, consistently working out and eating healthily will reduce your overall body fat. However, it cannot tackle specific areas. This means that while you may lose fat overall, it may not be where you need to lose it. Here are some tips for getting rid of those bulges without cosmetic surgery.

  • Eat a calorie-controlled diet with lots of lean protein. This will boost your muscle growth. If you have stronger muscles, your posture will be better. This will make you look taller and slimmer.
  • High-intensity cardio exercises help in burning calories and fat. You can also try to tone the muscles in the affected areas for a leaner look.
  • Do exercises to strengthen your shoulders. When your shoulders are tight and strong, the area around the bra line will look smaller. You can achieve this with overhead presses and lateral raises using dumbbells.
  • Do lat pulldowns to make the mid-back muscles stronger and tighter.
  • Waist exercises that strengthen your obliques and erector spinae muscles will help in body contouring. Side bends and oblique crunches may help with this.
  • Stand up straight rather than slouch. Better posture will minimize the appearance of troublesome fat pockets.

Back Liposuction – The Ultimate Solution

For many women, even the above measures do not help to resolve their problem. In such cases, cosmetic surgery is the only solution. Liposuction of the affected area is an effective answer to addressing problematic bulges and stubborn fat pockets. No matter whether you have upper, middle or lower back bulges, liposuction can help. This minimally invasive procedure will remove pockets of stubborn fat from the affected area. A cosmetic surgeon can carry it out under a local anesthetic, so your recovery period is relatively short. The results can be extremely impressive if you choose the right, experienced cosmetic surgeon. You will be able to wear tight-fitting clothes and swimsuits once more without any worries about your bulges. However, the key is choosing a cosmetic surgeon with considerable skill and experience.

Contact Artlipo’s skilled cosmetic surgery team today. We are proud to be your first choice for back liposuction in Florida. With our help, you can obtain the body you have always dreamed of. And, you can enjoy wearing all the clothes you want.

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