Many women undergoing liposuction for the arms know that they shouldn’t smoke before their procedure. However, these days, increasing numbers of smokers are switching to e-cigarettes. Many believe vaping is a healthier option than smoking tobacco. Yet, does that mean it is safe to vape before having lipo? 

No Smoking Before Surgery

Any cosmetic surgeon will tell you that he or she does not recommend smoking before surgery. This is because it increases the risk of complications during and after the procedure. Here at Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery, we advise our patients to quit at least a month before undergoing surgery. 

Smokers are more likely to experience complications during lipo because nicotine can restrict blood flow. This leads to slower healing and a greater chance of scarring. Smoking also decreases aerobic metabolism and tissue oxygenations while diminishing inflammatory responses. Also, tobacco smokers have reduced collagen deposition and synthesis.

Isn’t Vaping Safer Than Smoking? 

Although there is some evidence to say that vaping is safer than smoking, it can still cause complications during liposuction. This is why we recommend that you treat e-cigarettes in the same way as regular cigarettes. We suggest that you avoid using them for at least one month before your procedure. This is because vaping may have a similar effect as tobacco when it comes to vasoconstriction. E-cigarettes usually contain nicotine, with some having a nicotine content as high as 10 percent. Since nicotine restricts blood flow and causes the problems outlined above, vaping is no safer before surgery. Even worse, e-cigarettes might also contain some other potentially harmful substances. These, too, could cause some complications following cosmetic surgery procedures.

Patients’ Health Comes First

Although research says e-cigarettes appear safer than regular cigarettes, the evidence is lacking regarding vaping and liposuction. Since no studies exist to date on the effect of using e-cigarettes on liposuction patients, it’s best to refrain for now. Future research may change this advice. But, at present, we believe the patient’s health comes first. This means that we prefer to be cautious and recommend that patients stop vaping before lipo.

Arranging Your Arm Liposuction

If you want to know more about arm liposuction and vaping, contact Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery today. Dr. Su is an expert in the field and can give you all the advice and information you need. When you come to Artlipo for your consultation before surgery, we will ask you whether you smoke or vape. We will advise you to quit at least a month before your procedure. This is because Dr. Su always puts your well-being first. He will take great care to ensure that the outcome of your procedure is as flawless as possible. Yet, it is also vital for patients to play their part, too. This is why avoiding alcohol, certain medications, and nicotine before having liposuction for the arms is necessary. This sensible approach will give you the best chance of the beautiful result you desire.