Can You Get Liposuction on Your Arms if You’re A Size Zero?

Have you been asking, “Can you get liposuction on your arms if you’re a size zero?” Although this may sound bizarre to some people, it’s a question that more women are asking. While most people still tend to think of liposuction as being for people who are overweight, this isn’t the case. In fact, individuals who are more than 30 pounds overweight aren’t good candidates for this procedure. Contrary to popular belief, lipo isn’t a form of weight-loss surgery. Rather, it’s a body contouring procedure. This means that even slim candidates could benefit.

Size and Liposuction – the Correlation

Even though there is an association between liposuction and people who want to be slimmer, size doesn’t necessarily matter. Somebody who is a size zero may be just as good a candidate as somebody who is a size 12. The most important factor is how much fat has accumulated in that body area and how the fat has collected. Lipo eradicates specific problematic areas of body fat. Those fat pockets are typically resistant to exercise and dieting. That means that liposuction is the only real way of removing them.

Because of the nature of fat, somebody who wears a small dress size may still have problematic fat deposits. Even when someone wears a size zero, she can still have areas that may make her feel uncomfortable. The arms are one such area. Fat tends to accumulate in the upper arms. That means even a woman with a very slim body can have arms that have excess fat. In fact, on a slim body, those fat deposits can look even worse than on someone larger. Somebody with a size zero physique can look out of proportion if she has larger arms. This is why liposuction can be so beneficial, even for someone who is generally very small.

Weight Stability Is Most Important

A factor that’s more important than size when it comes to liposuction is weight stability. Of course, most people find that their weight fluctuates a little over time. Yet, if you gain or lose a lot of weight, your skin can stretch. This can negatively affect the final result of your lipo procedure. It is, therefore, most important when having this surgery to be at a stable weight and maintain it.

How Can Someone Who Is A Size Zero Need Arm Lipo?

Although it can be hard to believe, someone who is a size zero will still have some fat deposits. While these may not make the individual large enough to wear a bigger size, they may still cause embarrassment. It’s possible to eat very healthily and work out regularly and still fail to eradicate stubborn fat deposits. The arms are an area that is especially difficult to address through diet and exercise. Reduction of fat is, unfortunately, impossible. Therefore, someone who’s a size zero can find her arms remain stubbornly undefined. While working out can strengthen the muscles, it won’t remove the fat layer. This can be up to three-fourths inches in thickness and hide the muscle contours below the skin. This reveals the beautiful contours of the muscle and allows the woman to display the sexy appeal of the arms.

What Makes A Good Candidate for Arm Liposuction?

If a size zero patient can be eligible for liposuction, it’s only natural to ask what makes a good candidate. In fact, there are several types of patients who can all be excellent candidates for arm lipo.

For example, a woman with a medium-sized arm, no muscle contours, and moderate fat can benefit greatly. The perfect patient for arm lipo has strong arm muscles but around a half-inch of fat on the sides and underhang. Liposuction can produce impressive improvement in the contour and shape of the muscle and significant slimming.

As another example, a woman with bigger arms, thick fat, and a moderate underhang could also benefit. Although some surgeons will recommend a brachioplasty (or arm lift) to such women, this isn’t the only option. Dr. Su’s Celebrity Arms technique is the perfect alternative for such women. By removing the fat all around the 360-degree curve of the arm, this procedure produces excellent results. This technique is highly effective in achieving some muscle contouring along with skin tightening and slimming.

So, what about women who have small arms? The good news is the Celebrity Arms technique can also produce impressive results for such candidates. By contouring the arm to reveal more of the muscle, the surgeon can achieve greater definition. This enables even slim candidates to enjoy the benefits of liposuction to produce beautifully slim and toned-looking arms.

If you’re asking, “Can you get liposuction on your arms,” don’t hesitate to contact the Artlipo team today. We’re looking forward to answering your questions and offering you expert advice.