Cankles, Bat Wings, and Love Handles – An Overview of the Top Fat Trouble Spots

Most people have at least one area of their bodies that they wish was more toned and firmer. Cankles, bat wings, and love handles are just three problem zones that see excess fat accumulation. Unfortunately, fat is difficult to eradicate in some body areas, regardless of how much exercise or dieting you do. Women are prone to excess fat storage in certain areas of the body. These include the legs, hips, and upper arms. Here, we take a closer look at the top fat trouble spots that bother modern women.

Bat Wings – Fat in the Upper Arms

As women get older, they begin to develop bat wings. This is because the skin starts to lose elasticity and because fatty material begins to accumulate. This creates a saggy appearance for the upper arms. Younger women, too, can develop bat wings. This is especially likely if they have gained then lost weight. Dieting and exercise can reduce body fat overall, but it won’t spot reduce specific areas. The arms are especially prone to fat accumulation, so this is one area that stubbornly resists dieting and exercise efforts.

Fat in the Upper and Lower Legs

Like the arms, the legs can prove to be resistant to all efforts to shed fat. The thighs are the main area that women worry about when they try to eradicate fat. Yet, many women struggle with the appearance of their lower legs, too. Cankles, a term used to describe the ankles and calves merging with poor definition, is a common issue. Often, the problem is a genetic one. This means a woman can be slim overall but still have large lower legs. Diet and exercise cannot help with this.

Hips, Stomach, and Lower Back Fat

The term “love handles” describes an area of skin extending outward from the hips. Excess accumulation of fat around the abdomen and hips causes love handles. Made especially prominent when women wear tight clothes, love handles can be an unsightly issue. Fat can accumulate on the lower back, stomach, and hips at any age. However, it becomes a particular problem as women get older. It’s also very difficult to shed this type of fat by working out or eating less.

The Surgical Solution

Dieting and exercising can only have a limited effect when it comes to targeting areas of fat. When these measures fail, women often feel frustrated and depressed. They develop low self-esteem as they struggle to achieve their desired shapes. Fortunately, there is an effective surgical solution.

Liposuction is an excellent way to spot reduce fat in problem zones of the body. By permanently removing the fat cells, lipo creates a sculpted look that you cannot achieve through diet and exercise alone. There are many areas of the body where liposuction is very effective, and it’s particularly effective in problem areas.

Here at Artlipo, we are specialists in carrying out lipo across the entire body. Dr. Su is our resident expert who can produce impressive results. Whether you want to treat your love handles, bat wings, or cankles, he can help.