Anyone recently diagnosed with lipedema needs to know what to consider for lipedema surgery before and after her procedure. Knowing what to expect is as important as having realistic expectations.

What Is Lipedema Surgery?

Doctors prescribe conservative therapies to many women diagnosed with lipedema. Yet, for many women, these are ineffective and intrusive. Having to wear compression garments routinely and having regular massage therapies can be hard work. This the reason many sufferers look for an alternative solution, and lipedema surgery is often it. 

Yet, it surprises many women to discover that lipedema surgery is liposuction. While seen mainly as a cosmetic procedure, liposuction serves medical purposes, too. In the case of lipedema, lipo permanently removes the fat cells. This reduces the swelling, restores a more proportional appearance to the limbs, and reduces pain. 

It is important, though, for anyone considering lipedema surgery to know what to expect. 

Before Lipedema Surgery

Before having surgery to treat your lipedema, you need a consultation with an expert. Here at Artlipo, Dr. Su is leading the way in the field of lipo for this condition. He can advise you as to your suitability for the procedure. He can also advise you as to how best to prepare for the surgery. Before you have your treatment, he will fully explain the outcomes that you can expect. This will ensure that you have realistic expectations of the result of the procedure.

After Lipedema Surgery

When you have had your surgery, you may be wondering whether you will be able to achieve slim, toned legs. It’s important to realize that the goal of lipo for lipedema is not to produce an aesthetically pleasing result. Rather, it is to reduce pain and improve mobility. With this in mind, the result achieved by lipedema surgery will probably not be flawless. You may still not be able to achieve the perfect legs you desire. Nevertheless, rest assured that you will have restored your lower body to a more proportional appearance. Most importantly, you will experience less pain and be able to enjoy better mobility after the procedure.

Ongoing Care After Treatment

Liposuction for lipedema isn’t the end of the process. You cannot expect to have the surgery and require no additional maintenance. You must follow your surgeon’s advice both before and after surgery to guarantee the best possible outcome. 

You may have thought liposuction would mean never wearing a compression garment again. But it is important to know you must wear one for a few weeks after surgery. This will help to guarantee the best result and a speedier recovery. 

As part of conservative treatments for lipedema, you will have had to take care of your diet and exercise. This won’t come to an end after lipo. It’s important to maintain a healthy body weight to maintain a good result. This means avoiding gaining excess weight in the future, and diet and exercise play a key role in this. 

Having Surgery for Lipedema

Having liposuction for this condition isn’t the end of the story. Ongoing maintenance is key and adhering to your surgeon’s instructions is vital. However, it is well worth putting in the effort to follow this advice. Liposuction is a long-lasting and effective way to treat lipedema. Not only can it help the physical symptoms of the condition, but it can also improve your mental well-being. 

To find out more about the considerations of lipedema before and after your surgery, contact Artlipo today. Our knowledgeable and friendly team is looking forward to helping you improve your quality of life.