For any woman who suspects she’s a lipedema sufferer, her first question is often, “What type of doctor treats lipedema?” Unfortunately, many women struggle to find a doctor to give them a diagnosis, let alone effective treatment. The condition affects up to 11 percent of women around the world. However, the medical profession still often fails to understand or recognize the condition. In many cases, medical professionals tell women they are simply obese and that they must lose weight. Of course, this will not help lipedema sufferers since losing weight won’t remove the problematic fat. 

Even when they eventually receive a diagnosis, it may be years down the line. Since lipedema is a progressive condition, this can lead to years of unnecessary suffering for the individual. With this in mind, finding a doctor to treat you when you suspect you have lipedema is vital. Yet, which kind of doctor should you look for? 

Can A Cosmetic Surgeon Help?

The most effective and long-lasting treatment for lipedema is liposuction. It permanently removes the fat cells that cause pain and immobility. This improves the quality of life for the sufferer for an extended period. Therefore, some sufferers think visiting a cosmetic surgeon is the best course of action if they believe they have lipedema. Although a cosmetic surgeon can help, it’s important to find the right one. Not all cosmetic surgeons are familiar with lipedema or the risks involved in treating patients with this condition. It is, therefore, vital to seek out a cosmetic surgeon who is also a lipedema specialist. This will ensure that the sufferer receives treatment that reduces her symptoms and keeps her mobile.

The Complexities of Treating Lipedema

A cosmetic surgeon who lacks in-depth knowledge of lipedema will fail to grasp the complexities of this disease. Lipedema patients require liposuction to remove excess fat. However, the surgeon treating them must be aware of how to achieve this without causing more suffering. The complex nature of subcutaneous fat in lipedema patients requires input from a specialist. Finding a lipedema specialist who is also a cosmetic surgeon is the best course of action. 

Why Choose Artlipo?

When it comes to finding a skilled lipedema specialist, Artlipo should be your first port of call. Dr. Su is our resident expert in liposuction treatments, including those for lipedema patients. He has pioneered several impressive and highly effective lipedema treatments that produce excellent results. Check out our website, and you’ll see before and after photographs of lipedema patients who Dr. Su has treated. This will give you a clear idea of the results that he can achieve thanks to his skill.

If you suspect you may have lipedema, seeing a specialist as quickly as possible is vital. The earlier you get a diagnosis, the earlier you can receive treatment. This will help you to enjoy a better quality of life. 

Now you know what type of doctor treats lipedema. Contact Dr. Su at Artlipo and get the help you need.