Could Plastic Surgery in Tampa Complete Your Weight Loss Transformation?

If you’ve recently lost a lot of weight – congratulations! Shedding the pounds is never easy, especially if you had a lot of weight to lose. Making such an enormous change to your life is something you should be proud of. However, for many people who have had significant weight loss, the remaining excess skin can be a problem. For people who thought they would love their new, slimmer physiques, it can be very disappointing to see loose skin. However, if you’re still unhappy with what you see when you look in the mirror, there’s an effective solution. Plastic surgery in Tampa can complete your weight loss transformation!

A Choice of Transformative Procedures

Having excess, hanging skin is a frustrating but common result of shedding a lot of weight. However, a skilled plastic surgeon can help your body to complete its transformation to a slim and contoured shape. 

There are lots of different procedures that you can choose from to remove excess skin. Unlike fat, it’s impossible to reduce extra skin by exercise or dieting. However, a thigh lift, tummy tuck or arm lift could be the answer to getting a fitter, toned physique. 

What Do You Need to Consider if You Want A Body Contouring Procedure?

If you’re keen to have a body contouring procedure post-weight loss, there are some things you need to consider. You should: 

  • Have reached a stable body weight for a minimum of six months.
  • Not intend to lose any more weight.
  • Have established a healthy diet and a consistent workout routine.
  • Not have any medical conditions, such as lung disease, diabetes or heart disease.
  • Not be a smoker or prepare to quit for six weeks before and after your procedure.
  • Be patient and wait until your body has healed.

What Can I Expect from Body Contouring Procedures?

It’s important to understand you won’t see the final result from your body contouring procedure right away. There will be a lot of swelling that takes time to subside. You must be patient and wait for several weeks or even months before seeing your final slim physique.

The process of recovery is different for each patient. There are many procedures that you can combine to transform your body after weight loss. Each procedure will usually treat one part of your body. Then, there will be a gap before the surgeon will work on the next area. The order in which the surgeon performs these procedures will depend on your preference and your surgeon’s advice. 

You may choose to combine an arm lift with a tummy tuck for a flatter stomach. The surgeon will usually carry out these procedures separately. Taking time to heal between procedures is important. Therefore, you will need to be patient. It’s also important to choose a skilled plastic surgeon who can guarantee you the result you desire.

Getting Plastic Surgery in Tampa After Weight Loss

Contact Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery about having plastic surgery in Tampa to complete your weight loss transformation. Our experienced and highly skilled team is here to help restore your confidence and give you the body you deserve.

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