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By Dr. Thomas Su | March 3, 2022

Are There Different Ways to Sculpt Arms Surgically?

Finding ways to sculpt arms is more popular than ever these days, thanks to social media. Images of celebrities with slim, toned, and beautiful arms are everywhere. It isn’t surprising that so many people are keen to replicate the look. However, achieving flawless arms naturally is virtually impossible. Spending hours lifting weights can help to build up muscle. Yet, it still doesn’t guarantee gorgeous arms. A stubborn layer of fat all-too-often covers those fantastic muscles. Surgery is, therefore, the obvious solution. Are there different ways to improve your arms surgically? Keep reading for more information.

Bicep Or Tricep Implants

One option is to have bicep or tricep implants, which can help to give the impression of serious fitness. They add bulk to the arm and make the patient appear well toned. It isn’t only bodybuilders who want to achieve this look. However, the result is not necessarily ideal. Implants make the muscle appear larger; that’s true. However, if a layer of fat remains over the implant, the result is still unimpressive. It’s also possible for bicep and tricep implants to rotate or flip. That makes the arm look strange and requires further surgery to correct. For this reason, ArtLipo doesn’t offer this option.

The Arm Lift

Brachioplasty is a popular procedure amongst women with excess skin on their arms. It is a surgery that cuts away sagging loose skin from the upper arms. Highly effective, it can also address excess fat, but usually only in combination with loose skin. It is an invasive surgery and can leave scarring. Fortunately, skilled surgeons can minimize the scars and create impressive results.

Arm Liposuction

Arm liposuction is an excellent alternative to a Brachioplasty for many women. At one time, surgeons refused to treat the arms with this procedure. Now, more surgeons offer liposuction of the upper arms. Yet most still use conservative methods. They typically only treat the underhang of the arm. The results are, therefore, quite limited. Fat accumulates around the whole circumference of the arm. Treating only the underhang leaves much of the fat untouched. As a result, patients frequently see little improvement in the shape or size of their arms afterward.

Dr. Su at ArtLipo takes a different approach to arm liposuction. His pioneering Celebrity Arms technique uses Interactive Lipo to achieve a very complete result. He treats the whole circumference of the arm as well as the shoulder. He can, therefore, remove as much as 90% of the excess arm and shoulder fat. He sculpts the arm into a beautiful, contoured shape.

Patients achieve a look for their arms that replicates that outcome seen on celebrities on the red carpet.

Thanks to Dr. Su’s innovative surgical techniques, the Celebrity Arms procedure works well for many women. Even those with some excess skin see impressive skin tightening as well as fat removal. You can see some of his outcomes on our gallery pages.

Whether you think you can benefit from arm liposuction or an arm lift, contact the ArtLipo team today. We can arrange a consultation for you and help you choose a way to sculpt arms that’s right for you.

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