Are you unhappy with the size of your legs? Many people who are dissatisfied with their calves or thighs want surgery to make their legs thinner. Yet, doctors encourage most to try nonmedical solutions first. The argument for this is that surgical options may be effective, but they come with some risks and possible side effects. They can also be expensive.

So, do you need to have a surgical procedure to reduce the size of your legs? Or is it possible to naturally reduce the size of your lower limbs? Here, we look at a few options.

What Are The Surgical Options?

There are a few surgical options available to reduce the size of larger legs. These include:

Liposuction – Surgically removing fat via liposuction is one of the most effective ways to reduce leg fat. A surgeon can carry it out on the inner and outer thighs and the calf and ankle area. As a result, it can reduce the size of the whole leg. This makes lipo a great way to get the shapely legs you desire. 

Thigh Lifts – Thighplasties or thigh lifts cut and lift the skin in the thigh area. Meanwhile, a surgeon performs liposuction to take out the excess fat. This is the best treatment for anyone who has loose skin in his or her thigh area. It is very effective for improving the appearance of the upper leg. However, it cannot help in the lower leg.

What Are The Natural Alternatives?

Exercises may help to shape up your legs. However, it won’t make them thinner. If you begin a workout program, you will notice changes all over the body. It’s impossible to reduce fat in a single body area. You may see some improvement in your legs, but then again, you may not. 

Some exercises help to shape the legs. These include lunges, squats, and stair climbs. Barre exercises are also helpful. Yet, they may not produce the impressive results you seek. 

Making dietary changes may also help you reduce your legs’ size, but, again, there is no guarantee. Stop eating sugary foods, reduce the amount of alcohol you drink, and drink more water. This can reduce bloating, which may make the legs look fatter. Nevertheless, these methods may not work. 

For some people, disguising their leg fat is the best option. They choose wide-legged pants with thick belts to minimize the appearance of their legs. They may wear shaping garments or use fake tans to make their legs look slimmer when wearing shorts. Some women even go so far as to use lifting tape. This can help sagging skin that lies above the knees to look smoother.

Choosing The Right Option For You

As you can see, there are some natural alternatives to surgery. Yet, there is no guarantee they will improve the appearance of your legs. If you are very unhappy with the way your legs look, surgery is the best solution. Surgery will remove the excess fat and make your legs look slimmer and more toned. Yes, it will cost you more money. But the improvement to your appearance and the boost to your self-esteem may be worth it. An experienced cosmetic surgeon can help determine whether you are a good candidate for body contouring surgery on your legs. He or she can also help you to decide on the best surgery type for your needs. 

If you’re looking for surgery to make your legs thinner, contact the Artlipo team today. We can offer you advice and guidance to help you choose the right option for you.