Dreaming of Thinner Ankles? Cankle Surgery Could Be the Solution!

For many women, their legs are a constant source of concern. Having beautiful and shapely legs couldn’t be more important. Short skirts, dresses, skinny jeans, and heels with straps are very fashionable. However, for those with chunky ankles, wearing these items seems impossible. Those suffering from cankles – where the calf and ankle appear to merge without any definition – often lack self-esteem. They feel embarrassed when wearing tight pants, shorts, or swimwear. All too often, their wardrobe consists only of long dresses and skirts and baggy pants. Does this sound familiar? Then you may be wondering whether cankle surgery could help you obtain thinner ankles.

What Treatments Are Available for Cankles?

For anyone with cankles, there are few natural options to address the problem. Exercise and dieting can only do so much. Although losing weight may help if you are very overweight, for many women, it won’t make a difference. Cankles are often genetic. Therefore, losing weight or regularly working out won’t improve the appearance of the lower leg at all. If you’ve tried going to the gym, jogging, swimming, and eating healthily all to no avail, there is another option. Cosmetic surgery could improve the appearance of your legs in the long term. 

What Cosmetic Surgery Options Are There for Cankles?

The best type of cankle surgery is liposuction of the lower leg. This treatment involves making small incisions in the calf and ankle area. A surgeon, then, inserts a thin cannula and sucks out the excess fat. This permanently removes the fat cells. A skilled surgeon can carefully sculpt the lower leg so that the muscle appears more defined. After the procedure, the leg looks shapelier, more toned, and more attractive with thinner ankles. And the result is long term.

Can Any Cosmetic Surgeon Carry Out Leg Liposuction?

Although many cosmetic surgeons offer leg liposuction, not all can produce good results. Sculpting the lower leg takes exceptional skill. Not every surgeon has the experience and talent necessary to produce a flawless outcome. The leg has a 360-degree curve. This means that it’s very difficult to remove the fat cells evenly from around the entire leg. Without the right training and expertise, surgeons will end up producing a lumpy and uneven result.

Even those surgeons with the necessary training may only remove a conservative amount of fat. Their training calls for them to treat this area conservatively to prevent an uneven result. Therefore, the outcome may be less than impressive, with minimal shaping and definition.

Artlipo’s Cankle Treatments

Dr. Su is Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery’s liposuction expert. As a pioneer in the field, he has developed impressive techniques to ensure the most complete and sculpted result. By carrying out active liposuction, he can remove much more fat than other surgeons. Active liposuction involves asking patients to tense their muscles and move during the procedure. This allows for better outcomes, with improved definition of the calf muscle and a slimmer, shapelier ankle. If you check the before and after images on our website, you’ll see the excellent outcomes he can produce.

Are you ready to arrange your cankle surgery today? Then contact our expert team now. We’re ready to answer all your questions and alleviate any concerns you may have. We can also arrange your first consultation with Dr. Su. He will be able to determine whether you’re a good candidate for cankle liposuction. He will also be able to inform you of the kind of result you can expect to achieve. You can depend on Artlipo to help restore your self-confidence and to give you the thinner ankles that you desire.

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