Expectations and the Reality of Lipedema Liposuction

If you’ve recently received a lipedema diagnosis, your doctor may have advised you to have lipedema liposuction. Although there are other treatment options, lipo is the most long-lasting. There is no cure for this condition as yet. But liposuction permanently removes the problematic fat cells that cause pain and mobility issues. This means that you will have a greatly improved quality of life for some time to come. 

However, it’s important to have realistic expectations of what liposuction can achieve for lipedema patients. Traditionally, people have only associated lipo with cosmetic procedures. For this reason, many patients are expecting a flawless, cosmetically perfect result. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case when carrying out lipo for medical purposes. Knowing what to expect when you opt for liposuction for lipedema is imperative before you undergo treatment.

The Difference Between Lipo for Medical and Cosmetic Purposes

At one time, surgeons carried out liposuction purely for cosmetic purposes. Patients who wished to look slimmer would opt for this procedure, which permanently removes the fat cells. This would allow them to achieve flatter stomachs or shapelier thighs without needing to work out. In the hands of a talented cosmetic surgeon, the result would be flawless. The treated area would be slimmer and shapelier, and the skin will be tauter. 

However, lipo is also useful for medical purposes. Since it removes the fat cells, it’s an effective way to reduce the pain and immobility of lipedema patients. Despite this, though, the outcome usually won’t be as flawless as that achieved from cosmetic lipo. This is because the surgeon’s primary aim is to improve the quality of life and reduce pain, not produce flawless results. After lipo for lipedema, your legs will probably still not be perfect. There may be some loose skin remaining. They may still not have a perfect shape. In short, if you’re a lipedema patient, you can’t expect liposuction to give you a supermodel body.

What Expectations Should I Have? 

Although lipo won’t give you a perfect body, it will improve your life considerably. You can expect the following:

  • Your legs will be slimmer and smaller. Your knees and ankles will be more defined and visible. 
  • You may be able to wear knee-length boots again. You will also find it easier to find pants that fit your waist and lower body.
  • You will experience diminished swelling and pain, and that pain may even disappear. 
  • Your unexplained bruising will probably reduce, too. 
  • If you have your arms treated, they will become smaller and easier to fit into shirts and blouses.
  • You may still have some loose or hanging skin after surgery. 
  • Your legs will be less heavy. 
  • The progression of the condition will stall or stop for several years. 
  • You will feel more confident and have more self-esteem. 

Arranging Your Surgery

Having realistic expectations from your lipo will ensure the best possible outcome for you. If you’re ready to experience the benefits of lipedema liposuction, contact the ArtLipo team today. We look forward to helping you improve your life.