Finished Breastfeeding? You Could Benefit from A Breast Lift

If you’ve recently finished breastfeeding, you may be disappointed with how your breasts look. Many women experience drooping after pregnancy and feeding a baby. Deflated breast tissue is common, as is a dropped nipple position. It’s no wonder, then, that so many new mothers are keen to have a breast lift in Tampa. 

The Effect of Pregnancy and Breastfeeding on The Breasts

Pregnancy has a variable effect on the breasts’ appearance. Temporarily, pregnancy increases the size of the breasts. This causes the skin to stretch. When breastfeeding, the breasts will also vary in size. Again, the skin will stretch to accommodate. After pregnancy and lactation, the size of the breasts will decrease. However, the skin will rarely shrink by the same amount. This leads to excess breast skin when compared with the size of the breasts. A breast lift can be helpful in restoring the breasts’ appearance. Sometimes, you can combine the procedure with a breast augmentation for an even better result.

Timing Your Breast Lift

If you need a breast lift after your pregnancy, you’ll need to wait until you’ve finished breastfeeding. It will greatly reduce the risk of cysts and infections. If you’re considering another pregnancy, it’s wise to wait until your family is complete. Otherwise, you may need to have another procedure later. Subsequent pregnancies will almost certainly continue to change your breasts’ shape. This holds even after you’ve had a breast lift. If you wait until you’ve had all your children, you can achieve a longer-lasting result. 

A breast lift cannot protect you from the natural changes that affect the breasts during and after pregnancy. Gaining weight will still probably make your breasts larger. Losing weight could then cause the breasts to droop further. Also, if you have breast surgery, you may find you are unable to breastfeed with future pregnancies. Therefore, it’s always best to postpone this surgery until you’re sure you’ll have no more pregnancies.

Can I Get Implants, Too?

For some women, combining a breast lift with an augmentation is the best option. Some women find their breasts are significantly smaller after pregnancy and breastfeeding. This can negatively affect their self-confidence. Combining the two procedures can restore the breasts’ youthful appearance. It can improve drooping while also adding more fullness and volume. This is something you can discuss with your surgeon.

Will A Breast Lift Leave Large Scars?

Depending on the amount of lift required, the scars will vary. There are several types of breast lifts, and your surgeon will be able to discuss the options with you. He or she will also be able to recommend which is the best choice for you. While all types of breast surgery will leave scars, a skilled surgeon can minimize their appearance. Whichever form of the procedure they use, your surgeon will strive to hide the scars in the natural folds of the skin. This means you’ll be able to confidently wear a swimsuit or your favorite lingerie without worrying about scarring being visible.

Choosing Your Surgeon

If you’re planning a breast lift in Tampa, you’ll need to find a surgeon you can trust. Here at Artlipo, we’re confident that we’re the right choice in Florida for you. We have produced impressive results for women who have finished breastfeeding and want to improve the appearance of their breasts. Visit our website and view our photo gallery. You will see before and after photographs showing the results you can achieve. We’re confident we can help you to restore your self-esteem and confidence after breastfeeding. 

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