In the United States, liposuction is one of the top-performed cosmetic surgery procedures, and arm lipo is becoming increasingly popular. Yet, there are still some common misconceptions about this procedure. If you’re considering having treatment, you should make sure that you’re properly informed. Therefore, we’re listing five unexpected arm liposuction myths and telling you the facts so you can clearly understand.

1. Cosmetic Surgeons Don’t Do Liposuction on The Arms

This is a persistent misconception about liposuction. It’s true many cosmetic surgeons either don’t treat the upper arm or only treat it conservatively. This is because the arm is notoriously difficult to treat. The curve of the shoulder and arm makes it difficult to achieve a smooth and even result. However, if you choose the right surgeon with sufficient skill and experience, arm liposuction is possible. A talented surgeon can achieve excellent results by removing as much of the excess fat as possible from this problem area.

2. Older People Can’t Have Arm Liposuction

Some people think that liposuction of any part of the body is only for younger people. This isn’t necessarily the case. Older patients who are in good overall health can have liposuction safely. There are a few additional issues that older patients may encounter, though. With age, the skin becomes less elastic and less firm. This means it may not be able to redrape over the body’s new reshaped, slim contours. If your skin quality is poor, liposuction of the arms may not be the right option. Yet, many older people still have good skin elasticity. With a talented surgeon, a good amount of skin tightening is possible. Therefore, it’s worth having a consultation to determine whether you’re a suitable candidate.

3. Arm Liposuction Is Dangerous

All types of surgery carry some element of risk. Yet, these days, the techniques used for arm lipo are very sophisticated. If a talented and experienced cosmetic surgeon carries them out, the risks are minimal. If you follow the instructions you receive before and after surgery, lipo can be successful and safe.

4. Liposuction Can Improve Lax Skin on My Arms

Cosmetic surgeons recommend arm liposuction to improve the appearance of “bat wings” on the upper arms. However, if your bat wings are more sagging skin than fat, lipo may not work to address your problem. Liposuction can only remove fat cells. It cannot remove any skin. While a talented surgeon can achieve some tightening with liposuction, there are limits to what he or she can achieve. Also, if your skin has reduced elasticity and excess fat, liposuction alone could cause a deflated look. Therefore, if there is too much lax skin, an arm lift would be a better solution.

5. The Removed Fat Returns After Arm Liposuction

Lipo on any part of the body is permanent. This means that the fat cells, once removed, won’t grow back. There will, however, be remaining fat cells in the arms that may grow and expand. This can happen if you don’t stick to a healthy diet and exercise regime in the future. If you eat properly and work out regularly, your arms should stay slim and toned.

Arranging Your Arm Liposuction

If you’re ready to arrange arm liposuction, contact the Artlipo team today. Dr. Su is an expert in the field of lipo and can give you the toned arms you desire. Call us now to ask any questions and to get expert advice. We can then arrange your consultation to determine whether you’re a suitable candidate for arm lipo. We’re looking forward to helping you achieve the beautiful Celebrity Arms you’ve dreamed of.