Everyone has fat. But how much and where it is on the body varies enormously between individuals. There are some parts of the body, though, where fat tends to accumulate. One of those areas is the upper arms. It can seem impossible to move stubborn fat from this area. No matter how much you work out or diet, the fat is still there. The sad truth is that you simply can’t remove fat naturally. Even when you try exercises designed to target that problem zone, they may show little effect. While the muscles may be becoming more toned and defined, a layer of fat still hides them. Upper arm liposuction could be the answer you’ve been seeking. 

How do you know if you’re a suitable candidate for this procedure? Here are four signs to be aware of.

You’re Close to Your Ideal Weight

Lipo is a great way to sculpt your arms, but it won’t help you to lose weight. If you go on to lose more weight after your liposuction procedure, your results could change. The skin could begin to sag or become loose. This would spoil the appearance of your newly sculpted upper arms. If you’re at or near your ideal weight, you’re a good candidate for arm lipo.

You Simply Can’t Get Rid of The Fat

Not everybody needs liposuction. For some people, changing their diets or exercising more may help. However, if you’ve been at your ideal weight for years and your arms haven’t caught up, you’re a good candidate. Liposuction is ideal for anyone who works out and eats well but still can’t get rid of the extra fat.

You Have Good Skin Elasticity

Upper arm liposuction can help remove your batwings. However, if you have poor skin elasticity, it may not achieve the effect you desire. Arm lipo works best on arms that have mild to moderate sagging and excess fat but reasonable elasticity. The sole purpose of liposuction is to remove fat. It will not be able to tighten up very loose skin. Thanks to Dr. Su’s cutting-edge Celebrity Arms sculpting technique, you can achieve effective tightening. If your arm skin is very loose, though, you may benefit from a different cosmetic procedure. A Brachioplasty could be a better choice for you as this removes fat and tightens skin simultaneously.

You’re Ready to Follow Instructions

Arm lipo is an effective procedure that will remove all the stubborn fat cells permanently. But you still need to follow all the advice that your surgeon gives you. You can’t just have lipo, then, forget all about it. You will need to wear a compression garment for as long as your surgeon advises. You will need to follow specific instructions regarding rest and activity. You will need to attend follow-up appointments. Most importantly, you’ll need to be ready to commit to a lifetime of diet and exercise to maintain the results. If you’re happy to comply, you’re a great candidate for arm lipo.

Seeking A Skilled Cosmetic Surgeon

If you recognize the four signs we’ve detailed above in yourself, you’ll be a great candidate for arm lipo. The next step is to choose a skilled cosmetic surgeon to carry out the procedure. Here at Artlipo, we are experts in the field of liposuction. Dr. Su is leading the way with his revolutionary upper arm liposuction techniques. To find out more about whether this is the right procedure for you, contact our team today. We can answer your questions and arrange a consultation. You could soon be on your way to the beautiful arms you desire.