How to Get Rid of Fat Ankles

For many women, fat ankles are a fact of life. Often caused by genetics, “cankles” as they are generally known, can be unattractive and distressing. Women with this problem frequently suffer from low self-esteem and poor self-confidence. They are constantly restricted when it comes to choosing what clothes to wear. They often have no short dresses or skirts in their wardrobes. Swimsuits are out of the question and many types of shoes often just make the situation worse. It is no wonder that affected women spend so long researching how to get rid of fat ankles.

Much of the advice women find about eliminating their problem focuses on making their ankles less noticeable. They try fashion tricks to minimize their cankles. Unfortunately, the list of clothing items that women should avoid when they have cankles is very long. Ankles look larger when women wear wedges, platforms, flat shoes, ankle boots, and shoes with straps around the ankle. This restricts women to mid-height stilettos if they want to give the impression of slimmer ankles. Clearly, this is not a practical solution.

What Are the Traditional Solutions?

Women are often given advice about how to get rid of cankles. Cankles may be genetic, but the problem is excess fat in that area. It is particularly difficult to remove stubborn fat from the calf and ankle area. Yet, magazines and doctors simply advise a change of lifestyle.

When women ask how to get rid of fat ankles, they are frequently told to eat healthily and exercise more. They are often told that the problem is water retention. Since sedentary lifestyles can cause this problem, women try to increase their activity levels.

The exercises suggested for cankles include those that tone and lengthen the calf muscles. Some of these daily exercises include squats, calf raises, and lunges.

Doctors tell women to also take care of their diets. They are told to limit how much salt they eat since excess salt can cause water retention. They are also told to drink lots of water and to avoid caffeine and alcohol. Many women are even told to stop eating carbohydrates to reduce the buildup of fluid.

All too often, making these drastic lifestyle changes have limited benefits. Women with large ankles find that no matter how much they exercise or diet, their ankles stay large. It can be especially distressing if the rest of their body is slim. The lower leg can then start to look out of proportion. It comes as no surprise that, eventually, women will seek out cosmetic surgery.

Cankle Liposuction for Slimmer Lower Legs

When women come to Art Lipo asking how to get rid of fat ankles, they’re delighted to find a solution. Our interactive cankle lipo procedure can resolve the problem and make her legs more attractive.

Cankle liposuction involves removing fat from the calves and ankles on a permanent basis. The procedure spot reduces fat and gets rid of stubborn fat pockets in this area for good. Patients can see the results immediately after the procedure.

Here at Art Lipo, we carry out all cankle liposuction while the patient is awake and under a local anesthetic. This allows the patient to interact with the surgeon during the procedure. By tensing the muscles, the sculpting procedure is much more effective and complete. For this reason, our surgeon can achieve a much better result.

Contact us today to find out more about how to get rid of fat ankles. We can restore your confidence and give you back the freedom to choose your wardrobe.

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