Am I A Good Candidate for Liposuction of The Chin?

You have probably heard about liposuction of the chin. But, how do you know if you could benefit from it? Both men and women who worry about their facial fat deposits often ask about this procedure.

Do you have areas of stubborn fat that won’t disappear from your face even when you eat healthily and exercise? If so, you are among countless other people of all ages, builds, and weights who also suffer from it. Aging and genetics result in an accumulation of submental fat. This is commonly known as having a double chin. Unfortunately, even though it is common, it still makes sufferers feel unattractive. A double chin ages the face and detracts from facial features that are otherwise attractive. It can also give the impression of obesity, even when the patient has a healthy weight.

If you have frustrating fat pockets around your jawline, our liposuction of the chin procedure can help. We can help you to rejuvenate and refine your face to restore your confidence.

What Can Chin Liposuction Do?

Our liposuction of the chin procedure can accomplish the following:

  • Eliminate submental fat (double chin)
  • Remove pockets of fat in the face that are resistant to exercise and healthy dieting
  • Sculpt the tissues along the jawline
  • Define the jawline to balance your facial features
  • Provide facial rejuvenation

Who Is an Ideal Chin Liposuction Patient?

To be an ideal candidate for liposuction of the chin, you must be in good overall health. If you have bulky and puffy fat on your neck and jawline or a double chin, you’ll achieve great results. This is particularly the case if your skin still has good elasticity. Chin liposuction successfully improves submental fat together with fullness in the neck. If you have it performed as a standalone procedure, it can enhance your appearance. For most patients, they look instantly years younger. Their faces are also immediately more attractive. Many patients look as if they have lost a lot of weight, even if they haven’t. This is because their faces are so much slimmer. In patients who already have a slim physique, this brings their faces in line with their bodies.

Do I Need Another Procedure, Too?

If you have had a consultation with another cosmetic surgeon, you may have been told a facelift is necessary. Some cosmetic surgeons are not as skilled in chin liposuction as Dr. Su, Art Lipo’s expert. His techniques are so advanced that, often, you will not require a neck or facelift.

You may have heard from other surgeons that fat removal causes the skin to loosen. This is true when a less skilled surgeon carries out liposuction. However, Dr. Su can remove fat so smoothly and completely that your skin will tighten. He can achieve more effective skin tightening while removing more fat than when other surgeons perform the procedure. This may sound impossible. However, if you look at the results on our website, you’ll see the proof.

In some cases, there are patients who will not see perfect results from liposuction of the chin alone. For those individuals, a facelift or neck lift would be a better solution. Our cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Gruber, can help in these cases. Her extreme skill will ensure an outstanding result and a much more youthful look.

Contact us today to find out more about how Art Lipo can help with your facial fat problems. Whether you could benefit from liposuction of the chin or a facelift, we are here to help. In the hands of our experts, you’ll look years younger.

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