A Guide to Buying Your First Bra after Breast Augmentation in Tampa, FL

After you have breast augmentation in Tampa, FL, you probably won’t be able to wait to go bra shopping! However, before you rush off to the mall, there are a few things you need to bear in mind. Read this guide to purchasing your first bra after your procedure.

Allow Some Healing Time

It’s crucial to take enough recovery time following any type of surgery. Breast augmentation procedures are no different. Your cosmetic surgeon will recommend a period of healing that could between three and six weeks. During this time, you’ll need to wear support bandages and support bras. At this time, you’ll see some swelling since the sensitive tissues will still be healing. Therefore, it will be hard to determine the right bra size until all the swelling has gone.

Even once your recovery period is over, there may still be some discomfort and pain in your breasts. Before you start wearing pushup or underwire bras, you’ll need to wear supportive sports bras. You need to properly support your new, larger breasts. A good sports bra helps the breasts to settle properly. This will help with the healing process. If you’re experiencing discomfort putting your bra on, talk to the surgeon. You’ll need to give yourself a little more time before you switch to a regular bra full time.

Get Professionally Fitted

Many women don’t realize they’re wearing the wrong size bra or underwear that is poorly fitting. Every woman could benefit from going to a professional bra fitter. This is especially true if you’ve had breast augmentation. Sometimes, augmented breasts have a slightly different shape and feel. This means you will often require specialized expertise to choose the right bra to support the breasts. Professionals are also able to recommend the best bra styles to work with your new shape.

Experiment with New Styles

The most exciting thing about your new breasts is you can try new styles. When you’re purchasing new bras, you can try out different styles and colors. You may find a style you’ve never thought of before will fit better than any of your old bras. If you’re open-minded, you’ll have even more fun shopping.

Don’t Buy Expensive Lingerie Immediately

Even once your healing period has ended and your breasts have mostly settled, don’t rush to buy expensive lingerie. You may experience slight changes and movement for around six months after surgery. Therefore, any bras you purchase a couple of months after your procedure may not fit correctly later. Knowing this will help you to avoid the costly mistake of buying expensive lingerie that doesn’t fit in the long term. Rather, buy a couple of nice bras that are comfortable and flattering. If they continue to fit well six months down the line, buy more in the same size. If they don’t fit well, get another professional fitting.

Don’t Buy Bras Online

For all the reasons above, you shouldn’t buy bras online for a few months. Although they may be cheaper, they may not fit well. You need to try bras physically for a few months before being comfortable with your new size. 

Do you need more advice about buying bras after your breast augmentation in Tampa, FL? Then don’t hesitate to contact the ArtLipo team.