Do You Have Leg Envy? Cankle Surgery May Be the Solution

If you’ve ever looked at another woman and wished you had her legs, you have a case of leg envy. It is fair to say that not every woman has beautiful legs. In fact, many women are very dissatisfied with what nature gave them. Cankles are an especially common problem. This is a term used to describe a condition where a woman’s ankles and calves seem to blend together. The lack of definition leads to a leg that is less than aesthetically appealing. And, you’ve never seen a supermodel with cankles. It’s no wonder then that so many women are considering cankle surgery.

This type of surgery is now in high demand. In fact, it’s so much in demand, that one plastic surgeon has spent months determining what makes the perfect leg. So, what does the perfect pair of legs look like?

The “Line” Appearance

After spending 12 years examining images of beautiful people through the ages, one surgeon has come to a conclusion. He determined that the key element that makes up a perfect leg is straight bones. This results in the appearance of a “line” from the thigh to the ankle. Legs that are most attractive feature curves at only the calf and knee. This makes the leg appear both strong and delicate.

If the line of the leg deviates from its straight axis, it’s no longer considered beautiful. In a woman, it is especially attractive to have a concave curve over the ankle. Also, the curve on the outside and inside of the leg shouldn’t be symmetrical.

Why Is It So Important to Have Beautiful Legs?

A hundred years ago, women wore long dresses and skirts. Therefore, the appearance of the legs was less relevant. However, today, women’s fashion dictates that the legs are very important. They must be sexy and beautiful for a woman to feel confident. If you’re self-conscious about the appearance of your legs, cankle surgery could be the answer. This is especially the case if your problem area is your lower calf and ankle area.

Should I Have Cankle Surgery?

If you’re anxious or dissatisfied with the way your lower leg looks, cankle surgery can help. You are a good candidate to receive cankle liposuction if you meet the following criteria:

  • The area above your ankle has a clear bulge.
  • Your lower leg has a curve that rounds outward rather than inward between the ankle and calf.
  • You have a straight lower leg between the ankle and knee without any tapering.
  • You cannot see the Achilles tendon.
  • You’re able to grab the fat around your ankle.
  • You have bouncy, soft tissue surrounding your ankle.

If your ankle dents inward and stays in when you press it, you may suffer from fluid retention. Nevertheless, ankle liposuction could still possibly help.

How Can ArtLipo Help?

Here at ArtLipo, we can offer cankle surgery to help you achieve the lower leg you’ve been hoping for. Our skilled cosmetic surgeons are highly experienced at carrying out cankle liposuction. With their artistic skill, your lower leg will be beautifully sculpted. Since ArtLipo only carries out lower leg liposuction under a local anesthetic, it is a safer procedure. Also, it allows for a much more complete and attractive result. Since the patient can move during the procedure, it is possible to sculpt through a full 360 degrees. It’s no wonder that so many patients have been happy with the results. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you achieve the beautiful legs of your dreams.

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