How Can I Get Rid Of Saggy Arms?

You’d love to wear a tank top on hot days or you’d like to feel confident in a swimsuit. But, you can’t because you have saggy arms. And, that can be a major problem. Do you find that you’re always covering up and hiding your upper arms? If so, you’re probably wondering how you can get rid of the sag.

The Problem With Skin Elasticity

Unfortunately, you can’t always manage skin elasticity yourself. Age has a role to play as does genetics. Over time, your skin will lose its capacity to tighten up again after muscle or fat loss. This is doubly the case if your skin is naturally thin.

There are some things you can do to improve your saggy arms. You can manage your diet and eat healthily to maintain the right body weight. You can also perform certain exercises to target your triceps. This muscle below your upper arms leads to saggy arms if it loses definition and tone. Exercises, such as bench dips and triceps push-ups, will improve the tone to reduce sag.

However, if your arms are saggy because you’ve lost weight, you cannot solve your problem by exercise and diet alone.

Liposuction As An Effective Treatment

Here at ArtLipo, we offer our innovative Celebrity Arms Liposuction treatment for saggy arms. This revolutionary approach is highly effective. It removes unwanted arm fat quickly and easily. Unlike regular liposuction treatments, we perform our Celebrity Arms procedure under a local anesthetic. This allows for a faster recovery and minimal bruising. It also allows for a more toned and sculpted result. If you find exercise and diet isn’t helping to improve your saggy arms, liposuction could be the perfect solution.

Do I Need An Arm Lift?

Our Celebrity Arms Liposuction procedure is extremely effective. However, sometimes, an extra procedure is necessary. If you have a lot of hanging, redundant skin on your arms, liposuction alone may not be sufficient. Our Celebrity Arms procedure can help to tighten the skin considerably. But, you may also require an arm lift.

An arm lift involves the removal of excess skin. The cosmetic surgeon will then carefully close the incision. Your expert cosmetic surgeon will take great care to ensure that any scar will hardly be visible. While bruising and swelling is common, both will usually subside within a few days. After this time, you will notice a greatly improved upper arm appearance.

Why Choose ArtLipo To Treat Your Saggy Arms?

While there are many cosmetic surgeons in Tampa offering treatments for saggy arms, only ArtLipo offers Celebrity Arms Liposuction. Our surgeons have received highly advanced training and have the unique knowledge and skills to perform this procedure expertly. With a shorter recovery time, better results, and long-term effectiveness, our options are the best choice.

What If I Don’t Live In Tampa?

Do you live outside Tamps but are looking for a solution to your saggy arms? If you want to try Celebrity Arms Liposuction, we can offer you treatment no matter where you live.

We can carry out consultations for patients who live outside our area with ease. All we require is a photograph of your saggy arms from both the back and the front. Patients who want the best quality cosmetic surgery regularly fly to Tampa to receive treatment at ArtLipo. People from across the United States, as well as from overseas, count themselves among our satisfied patients. This stands as a testament to the quality and standards of our work.

Contact our expert team today to find out more about how we can help to resolve your saggy arms. We’ll help to restore your confidence so you can look and feel your best.