If you’ve received a lipedema diagnosis, one question you may be asking is which stage you are at. Lipedema progresses through four stages, and depending on which stage you’ve reached, lipedema liposuction has varying degrees of success. If you’re at Stage 1 or 2, lipo is well-known to be an effective treatment. However, what happens if you’re at Stage 3 or 4? 

What Does Stage 4 Mean?

If your doctor tells you that you’re already at Stage 4 of this condition, you’re probably already experiencing discomfort. The excess fat buildup is extremely extensive by the time your disease has progressed this far. This results in pain and a lack of mobility. 

Stage 4 is the final stage of chronic lipedema. It involves many fatty deposits building up, usually in the lower body, causing a disproportionate appearance. These fatty deposits may also by now have affected the upper limbs – specifically the upper arms.

Sufferers not only experience pain and mobility issues, but they usually experience low self-esteem. Lipedema is a disfiguring condition, and the lumpiness and size of the lower body can cause mental distress. Sufferers are often embarrassed to go out and have restricted clothing choices. They often feel unattractive because of their problem. 

Does Liposuction Work for Lipedema?

Unfortunately, as yet, there is no permanent way to eradicate lipedema. However, liposuction has proven to be the most effective long-lasting treatment available today.

Often, doctors prefer to recommend conservative treatment options to patients with lipedema. These include manual lymphatic drainage and massage techniques and the wearing of compression garments. Yet, while those treatments can help to reduce pain and suffering, they are not long-lasting. Patients must keep them up in the long term, and they can interfere with their quality of life.

On the other hand, liposuction is a long-lasting solution. Although eventually, the fat cells will increase again, it buys the sufferer some time. Since your surgeon has permanently removed the problematic fat cells, lipo also reduces pain and improves mobility. Sufferers can also enjoy a return to a more normal body shape, which boosts their self-confidence.

Can Liposuction Relieve Stage 4 Lipedema?

Liposuction can relieve lipedema at every stage. However, the results will be less impressive at Stage 4. Lipo at Stages 1 or 2 can restore an almost normal lower body appearance. But this becomes more difficult at Stages 3 or 4. Nevertheless, the treatment will remove excess fat deposits, reduce pain, and improve life quality even at Stage 4.

When a patient with Stage 4 lipedema has liposuction, the treatment’s aim is medical and not cosmetic. While it may restore a more normal look to the lower body, it will not be cosmetically flawless. If patients have realistic expectations of the procedure’s outcome, they are likely to be happy with the result.

Choosing the Right Surgeon

If you have Stage 4 lipedema and are wondering whether liposuction could help, contact Artlipo today. Dr. Su is an expert at carrying out lipedema liposuction and can help improve your quality of life.