If you have less than perfect lower legs, you might be wondering what you can do to camouflage the problem. Cankles – where the ankle and calf lack definition – are a common problem for many women. If you’re a sufferer, you may be looking for advice about how to hide your fat legs. Cankles can seriously damage your self-confidence and make you feel self-conscious. So, what can you do? Can you hide your fat legs with the right clothing? Or, should you consider cankle removal instead? 

Wearing the Right Pants

Fashion advisers recommend that women with cankles choose pants over skirts whenever they can. Wide leg, flared or straight cuts are the best options. These women should avoid skinny jeans and leggings since they emphasize the lower leg. Pants that fall from the hips in a straight line are the most flattering. For women with wide hips, bootcut jeans are a good choice since they balance the proportions. Cropped pants are an absolute no-no. Since they come to an end at the ankles, they emphasize the problem zone. Bermuda shorts and capris work best when they end at the knee. 

Choose the Right Skirt Length

It’s important to choose the right length of skirt or dress to flatter your legs. First, find the leg’s narrowest part. The hemline should end at this spot. For many women, this will be either just below or just above the knee. You should avoid ruffles and embellished hems since they draw the eyes down. Tapered skirts, such as fitted pencil skirts, accent curves. This could draw the eyes up and away from the lower leg. However, the hem still needs to rest on the leg’s slimmest part.

Wear Tall Boots

Women who have cankles should invest in a pair of well-made tall boots. They give women a lean and long look. Tunics paired with leggings and long boots look great. Many stores sell wide calf boots that are ideal for women with cankles. Avoid booties, however. They only emphasize heavy lower legs. When choosing shoes or sandals, avoid ankle straps or shoes that emphasize the ankle. The higher the heel, the better as this elongates the leg. Avoid stilettos. Wedges and chunky heels give better balance. 

Choose Monochrome Colors

Dresses and skirts always look better if you choose pantyhose in a color that matches your shoes. For an even sleeker look, choose a dress or skirt in a matching color, too. Black is the most flattering color of all and makes legs look leaner and longer. Distraction is also an easy fashion trick. Wear striking prints, bright colors, and bold patterns on your upper half. 

Opt for A More Permanent Solution

Although it’s possible to hide your cankles with fashion choices, it isn’t a permanent solution. If you’re ready for something more effective and long-term, cankle removal is the right choice. Here at Artlipo, we carry out cankle liposuction to improve the appearance of fat legs. By removing the excess fat and sculpting the lower leg, you can achieve a perfect definition. Never again will you need to think about choosing the right pants or hemline. You’ll be free to wear anything you like and feel good wearing it. Contact Artlipo today to find out more about how we can help you achieve the legs of your dreams.