When you lose weight, you may be surprised to discover your body doesn’t always look quite as you hoped. Even when you’ve shed a lot of pounds, stubborn pockets of fat can remain. These remain resistant to your dieting and exercising efforts. In such cases, cosmetic surgery is often an excellent option. One of the most popular options for those who have reached their target weight is arm sculpting surgery. The underarms are an area where stubborn fat tends to accumulate and is hard to move. Even when you are very slim, your arms can remain stubbornly fat. However, you need to know how long you should wait before arranging your procedure.

Why Have Surgery on My Arms After Losing Weight?

Many women find that after losing weight, their arms remain stubbornly large. This creates a disproportionate appearance. The torso and lower body look slim, but the arms still look chubby. This can cause further self-esteem issues. Nothing is worse than having worked hard to lose weight only to be dissatisfied with how you look. Arm sculpting procedures can address this problem. It can remove the excess fat in this small area to create a streamlined, toned physique. 

Will An Arm Sculpting Procedure Help Tighten Up Loose Skin?

Some women find that, after losing weight, they end up with sagging skin on their upper arms. This is left behind after the surgeon removes the fat. Liposuction cannot remove excess skin. Sagging skin occurs because the skin has lost its elasticity. No form of lipo targets elasticity. A skilled surgeon, such as Dr. Su here at Artlipo, can achieve some degree of tightening. Yet, in severe cases, you might require an arm lift. By cutting away this extra skin, you can restore your arms to a smooth and taut appearance. Sometimes, surgeons can carry out both procedures together. During your initial consultation, your surgeon will advise as to the best options to suit your needs. 

I’ve Lost Some Weight, But I Still Have Some Pounds to Go – Is Surgery the Answer?

It’s important to note that arm sculpting surgery won’t help you to lose any weight. If you have lipo of the arms, it will only reduce fat in that specific area. This means if you haven’t reached your target weight, you should wait until you are very close to it. This will ensure the best possible result. If you continue to lose weight after having arm sculpting surgery, you could end up with excess skin. This is unattractive and will require further surgery to correct. 

I’ve Had Weight Loss Surgery – How Long Must I Wait Before Having Surgery?

Before having an arm sculpting procedure, your weight must be stable. If you’ve had bariatric surgery, you may be in your weight-loss phase for around one or two years. Once this period has passed, you will enter the maintenance phase. At this stage, you can observe any changes occurring in your body. Once you’ve noticed your weight and body shape aren’t changing significantly, it’s time to consider having cosmetic surgery. At this stage, you will have the best idea of which procedures will benefit you the most.

Arranging My Arm Sculpting Procedure

For anyone who has lost weight, an arm sculpting procedure can be an excellent option. Whether you need arm liposuction, an arm lift, or both types of surgery, Artlipo should be your top choice. Our Celebrity Arms technique is renowned for its impressive outcomes. Thanks to our cosmetic surgery team’s expertise, you can be confident that we can restore your self-esteem. Contact us today to learn more about how arm sculpting surgery can help you.