How Many Sizes Could I Drop If I Have A Tummy Tuck in Tampa?

Have you been thinking about arranging a tummy tuck in Tampa? Then, having realistic expectations for the outcome of the surgery is very important. An abdominoplasty is very effective at flattening the stomach and tightening the abdominal muscles. Nevertheless, it won’t turn someone who is currently a size 20 into a size 2. Knowing what kind of result you can expect to achieve is, therefore, important if you’re to be satisfied with your surgery. It’s essential to be aware that if you have a tummy tuck, you may drop a size or even two. However, there’s no guarantee this will happen. 

What Can an Abdominoplasty Help with?

People have tummy tucks to enhance and improve their stomach or abdominal areas. This surgery helps to remove loose and excess skin, extra fat, and stretch marks. This type of surgery is very successful. It can even produce dramatic results. Yet, for those who want definitive answers about what size they’ll be after their procedure, there is no single answer. Some people will experience impressive reductions in their clothing sizes. Others, on the other hand, will see little change.

Why Can We Not Predict Any Definitive Size Change?

For a start, there are no standardized clothing sizes. For example, a size 10 will vary between different manufacturers. Some will always run large, while others will be smaller than average. Clothing made in different countries can vary in size. At one time, clothing was standardized. However, now, companies alter their fits to sell a larger number of garments. Some women buy dresses in size 8, which a few decades ago would have been a size 14. They prefer to buy clothing with a smaller size on the label as it makes them feel more confident. Because of these manufacturing differences, it’s impossible to predict what change you’ll see after your surgery. 

Nevertheless, most women who have had an abdominoplasty will see at least one drop in dress size. Some may drop two or more. Others will see no change in the size they need to buy. One or two will rarely need to buy a bigger size. It’s important to be aware of these possibilities before having your tummy tuck in Tampa.

What Can I Expect After Surgery?

Whether or not women go down in dress size after their abdominoplasty, they are usually happy with the result achieved. On the other hand, some women are disappointed if they don’t change size. It’s vital to be aware that even if your dress size remains unaltered, your stomach will still be more sculpted.

Some women who end up wearing a bigger size may find this is because of the swelling shortly after surgery. If some time has gone by since the procedure, the answer may lie in wearing clothing differently. Many women wear skirts or pants slightly lower or higher after their abdominoplasty. Having a roll of stomach fat often leads to women pulling clothing above their guts. When there is no more roll of fat, they’ll often wear their pants lower down. This can account for a change in size. The stomach will, once again, appear flatter and more attractive even though there is no reduction in dress size.

Arranging Your Abdominoplasty

Are you ready to book a tummy tuck in Tampa? Then, contact Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery’s expert team today. We can help you to understand what kind of result you can expect from your procedure. Thanks to our skill and experience, we can also produce a highly impressive outcome. You’ll benefit from a flatter, more sculpted stomach even if your dress size doesn’t go down.

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