How Much Fat Can I Have Removed During Upper Arm Liposuction?

Do you often find yourself looking in the mirror, staring at your arms? Do you feel like no matter how much exercise you do, it is never enough? The truth is, some fat around your arms just won’t budge, regardless of how much work you do to get rid of it. 

Many women often struggle with fat deposits around their arms. This is why many women choose to receive upper arm liposuction.

Upper arm lipo can drastically alter your arms’ appearance, making them appear and feel much slimmer. In no time at all, you will stare at your arms in the mirror for all the right reasons. You deserve to feel at home in your body, and liposuction could hold the answer for you.

What Is the Typical Procedure Like?

Many cosmetic surgeons offer lipo of the upper arms. But the results can vary widely if a surgeon doesn’t perform the procedure effectively. Most surgeons tend to be conservative in their approaches to arm lipo. This is because it is hard to treat the upper arm area effectively. Because of the curve of the shoulder, it is difficult to remove fat evenly and smoothly. As a result, surgeons tend to only remove a minimal amount of fat. As you might imagine, this can lead to unsatisfactory and disappointing results. Women who go to an inexperienced or nonspecialized surgeon may see little change in their arms’ appearance afterward. This is because they may have removed as little as 20 percent of the fat. This small percentage of fat is almost impossible to detect. This leads to patients feeling as if they’ve wasted their money.

How Does the Artlipo Procedure Compare?

The procedure at Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery offers a highly effective alternative to typical surgeries. The team at Artlipo calls the upper arm procedure the “Celebrity Arms” technique. This method treats the entire arm and shoulder area rather than just the upper arm. This procedure consistently eliminates around 80 to 90 percent of fat deposits in the arm area. This is possible because of the 360-degree treatment method utilized. This method carefully sculpts the arm to produce a beautifully smooth result.

Another method used by the staff at Artlipo that sets it apart from other cosmetic surgeons is the Interactive Lipo method. Dr. Su’s famous Interactive Lipo technique produces consistently excellent results for upper arm procedures. This method involves getting the client to move her arm and tense her muscles while he carries out the procedure. This ensures that he reaches virtually all the fat deposits in the arm.

Get the Artlipo Arm Procedure Today

If the Artlipo upper arm procedure sounds like something you want, get in touch with us today. We will answer all your questions and put you in immediate contact with one of the team. Upper arm liposuction may be just what you need to feel like yourself again. We can help to give you the smooth, slim, and toned arms you’ve been dreaming of.