Poorly defined ankles are the bane of many women’s lives. Searches about how to get rid of cankles are common online these days. It isn’t hard to see why. 

A cankle is the blending of the calves and ankles with a lack of shape. The word is as unattractive as the problem itself. Made popular by the movie “Shallow Hal,” this term has become widely accepted across society. Yet, it’s also a term that causes a lot of women distress. 

For women whose ankles and calves merge, finding ways of getting rid of the problem couldn’t be more important. But are there any natural methods available that work? 

Changing Your Clothing Choices

The first piece of advice that many women receive is to disguise their cankles through clothing choices. Avoiding short skirts and dresses and choosing shoes without ankle straps can hide the problem. But is this a good option? Some women are happy to wear long pants and skirts forever. But, for many more, this is not a satisfactory solution. 

Losing Weight

For any woman who is obese or overweight, losing weight will help her to slim her cankles. This option works for some women. The problem is that there is no way of choosing where weight loss occurs on the body. While some women will lose weight from their calves and ankles, others will not. This can be very frustrating for cankles sufferers.

Changing Diet

Some cankles are a result of diet-related swelling. If you usually eat a high sodium diet, water retention can be a problem. Water retention is especially noticeable in the ankle and calf area. Some natural herbs, such as parsley, can reduce water weight. If you also reduce the amount of processed food you eat, this can help. Reducing the amount of salt you add to your food is also beneficial. Some women find that reducing their starchy carbohydrate intake can also help. 

Exercises Can Help

Some exercises for the legs focus on helping to reduce the appearance of cankles. Walking more may help to define the calf muscles and improve the blood flow through the legs. If the calf muscles become tighter and bigger, the ankles can appear smaller. Therefore, investing in a pedometer and hitting the trails more often may be beneficial.

Calf raises also help to define the calf muscles. These involve lifting the heels from the ground while standing. Repeating this 10 times a day with or without support will strengthen your calves. Standing on the stairs with your heels hanging off the edge before lifting and lowering the heels 10 times is another good exercise.

Plies and other barre workouts are also good for defining the legs. You can do a plie by placing the heels together and rotating the toes outward into a V shape. By bending your knees and returning to your starting position 10 times, this can work out the calf muscles.

For those who want to try more vigorous exercises, jumping rope, jogging, and squatting can also help. Yet, for some women, these options just won’t work.

Liposuction Is an Option

For many women, cankle liposuction is the best option. By removing the fat cells in the calf and ankle area, the procedure can aesthetically improve this area. A surgeon can sculpt the lower leg to produce a beautifully toned look. If you’re wondering how to get rid of cankles, contact the team at Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery. We can arrange a consultation with Dr. Su and start your journey toward beautiful lower legs.