Lipedema is a progressive, chronic condition that involves abnormal storage of fat. It can hurt the sufferer’s quality of life. The symptoms caused by this disease include pain and heaviness, not to mention self-esteem issues. A sufferer can partially alleviate these symptoms, however, by conservative lipedema treatments. These include using compression garments, taking medication, and having MLD therapies. Yet, unfortunately, conservative treatments have their limitations. While being practiced, conservative treatments bring temporary relief. But their effect is variable. Some individuals only experience limited and short-lived relief. Also, conservative treatments only remedy some symptoms. They cannot improve mobility issues, or the psychological problems associated with an abnormal body shape. This is where lipedema liposuction can help.

How Does Liposuction Treat Lipedema?

Unfortunately, at present, lipedema has no cure. Yet, liposuction helps to address the problem effectively. It permanently removes the abnormal fat cells. This reduces the pain and mobility problems associated with the condition. It also helps to improve mental health and improves the sufferer’s self-esteem by restoring a more normal appearance.

Ensuring Lipo For Lipedema Is Safe

Not everybody can have lipo for lipedema. But those who can often discover it helps them to find the relief they seek. Of course, any surgical procedure comes with risks. However, lipo is usually a safe procedure with minimal negative side effects. There is a risk of bruising, bleeding, and infection, as well as swelling. Lipedema sufferers must deal with these symptoms for a prolonged period. Eventually, however, they will subside. 

Will I Need More Than One Procedure?

When it comes to timing your lipedema procedure, you will need to know whether one procedure will be sufficient. Some people with lipedema in a single area may only require one procedure. Others will need more than one surgery. If a person requires multiple procedures, the surgeon needs to separate them to guarantee safety. There are several factors to consider when timing the procedures:

  • The patient’s clinical lipedema stage
  • How much fat the surgeon needs to remove
  • The mobility of the individual
  • The patient’s overall health

There are some other non-health-related factors to bear in mind, too. For example, the individual may need to travel to get her lipedema liposuction. She will also need to take time away from work for each procedure. The person will need to arrange someone to help with driving, household chores, and childcare each time. Patients must also factor in the cost of travel and accommodation if they are traveling to another city.

You and your surgeon must discuss these factors at your consultation. It’s important to arrange surgery around a time to suit you and to maximize your recovery. You may be able to get all your lipo done in a single procedure. But you may need more than one surgery. 

You will also need to be aware that, in the future, you may need more liposuction to address your problem. Lipedema is a chronic condition. Liposuction will relieve the symptoms but not cure it. It’s, therefore, possible that, at some stage, further surgery will be necessary to remove more abnormal fat. 

Seeking Professional Advice

Here at Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery, we are experts in the field of liposuction. If you have received a lipedema diagnosis, you should contact our team today. We can answer your questions and give you knowledgeable advice. We can also arrange for you to come in for a consultation to discuss your requirements. Dr. Su has treated many patients with lipedema liposuction and has achieved great success. You can rest assured that you’ll be in very safe hands with us.