New diets are constantly being devised and touted as the best way to eat. From Paleo to fat-free and from intermittent fasting to Atkins, these diets all promise amazing results. However, these diets are usually very restrictive. They are, therefore, hard to follow in the long term. If you’ve had lipo for arms, however, you need to find an effective way to eat healthily forever. Maintenance is essential to preserve your results. So, how can you find the right way of eating that will keep you satisfied for a lifetime? Intuitive eating could be the solution you need.

What Does Intuitive Eating Mean?

Intuitive eating is a way of eating that neutralizes the experience. It helps you to learn to trust your mind and body to eat well. It removes labels from food, such as “bad” or “good.” Essentially, food is just food.

The principle behind intuitive eating is that you eat whatever feels right for your body. You only eat when you feel hungry and only eat what you feel you should be eating. It’s an anti-diet. You won’t find yourself tied to a strict regimen of eating what you believe you should. You’ll just follow the natural cravings you have.

How does it work in practice? Well, imagine you’re craving some pad Thai at lunchtime. With intuitive eating, you’ll eat it and continue to enjoy it until you feel full. The idea is if you’d ordered a plain salad instead because it’s “healthier,” you wouldn’t have enjoyed it. That could make you more likely to snack or eat unhealthy foods later on to fulfill your craving.

It also means if you’re out for dinner with friends, you shouldn’t feel obliged to eat what they’re having. They may want double cheeseburgers, but if you want the chicken salad, don’t be afraid to go with it. Intuitive eating means being your nutritional compass. You learn how to listen to what your body is telling you. It also means forgetting externally imposed “should nots” and “shoulds.”

Could Intuitive Eating Help Me Maintain Weight After Lipo?

After liposuction, you need to maintain a healthy body weight. So, could intuitive eating make this easier? 

Eating intuitively should improve how you feel and behave around food. It should help you to develop healthier eating habits. For some, this could result in weight loss or effective weight maintenance. You no longer will have to classify foods as “bad” or “good,” so you can feel mentally liberated around eating. 

It’s important, though, to be honest with yourself. You need to be in tune with what your body needs. You also need to be aware of your hunger cues and the signs you’re satisfied and need to stop eating. You’ll need to pay attention to the way certain foods make your mind and body feel. For example, you may be craving oatmeal, which the Keto and Paleo diets ban. By removing the mystique of indulgent foods, you may find you no longer crave them. If it isn’t naughty to snack on a doughnut, do you really want one?

Retraining your brain, so it sees food solely as nourishment, not morality, frees you from stress. You won’t need to try to stick to a diet that should be good but makes you feel terrible. Focus, instead, on the foods that make you feel good and learn how to eat well.

Should I Try Intuitive Eating After My Liposuction?

If you’ve had lipo for arms, your surgeon will advise you of the importance of maintaining a healthy weight. You may find intuitive eating works well for you when it comes to staying the right weight in the long term. After all, you will need to maintain your weight for a long time, so a manageable regimen is vital. If you’re keen to have lipo but aren’t at your goal weight, intuitive eating could help you reach your target. Then you can contact Artlipo to arrange your first consultation.