For some time now, liposuction has been a top cosmetic surgery procedure worldwide. More than 250,000 people in the United States alone went through liposuction in 2018. Lipo represents a great way to eradicate pockets of fat that fail to respond to exercise and diet. It is even a solution for people who are a healthy weight but still have problematic fat in certain areas. Many people think that liposuction is only for the stomach or thighs. However, it is a much more versatile solution than most people imagine. Even liposuction on the face is possible to achieve your aesthetic goals.

The Most Popular Body Areas for Fat Removal

There are certain parts of the body that have long been popular for lipo procedures. These include:

  • Buttocks. If you’re experiencing unsightly dimpling in the buttocks, excess fat removal can help to make your body more in proportion.
  • Love handles. The flanks and waist areas have long been popular areas for lipo. It is difficult to achieve perfect contours through exercise and diet. However, fat removal in these areas achieves great results.
  • Upper arms. Women often worry about their “bat wings” as they get older. Even women of normal body weight often experience jiggling in the upper arms because of poor muscle tone. This procedure can tighten and smooth out the area and allow for a firmer and youthful appearance.
  • Stomach. The abdomen is often divided into the lower and upper region. In the lower region, “muffin tops” can be a problem. Meanwhile, the upper region between the ribs and belly button often also holds onto fat – “the spare tire.” Lipo here helps patients to get a sleeker and slimmer profile.
  • Hips. Having shapely and smooth hips is key to achieving a beautiful feminine silhouette. Liposuction here helps to create a well-defined shape.
  • Back. You can reduce back rolls (or bra roll) to create a smoother and firmer look.
  • Thighs. The outer thighs are sometimes called the “saddlebags.” Fat removal here enhances the overall body shape. It is also possible to contour the inner thighs. This gives the desirable “thigh gap.” There is also a third area of the thighs in which you can remove fat. A surgeon can sculpt the anterior area (or banana roll) for a defined and firm appearance.
  • Lower leg. Reshaping the calf and ankle area helps women to eliminate cankles.

Liposuction for The Face

Although the areas mentioned above are the most common for liposuction, the face is also a suitable area for treatment. A skilled cosmetic surgeon can remove the excess neck and cheek fat using liposuction on the face. You can also use lipo on the chin to remove excess folds and flab. The result is much more contoured, defined, and slimmer features. By removing fat from the face, it’s possible to give the impression of overall weight loss, even without further procedures.

Choosing the Right Surgeon

If you are keen to have fat removed from your face, it is especially important to use a reputable surgeon. Your face is key to your overall appearance. You don’t want to put it at risk by putting your procedure in the hands of a poorly trained surgeon. A highly skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon is the best option. You will have complete confidence that you will receive top-quality treatment throughout your procedure.

Fat removal through lipo is a versatile and flexible treatment to achieve a sleeker and slimmer physique. It is a procedure you can use on most areas of the body. Liposuction on the face is the perfect way to get the facial aesthetics you desire.