Liposuction as A Lipedema Treatment – Is It Right for Me?

If you have lipedema, you are probably searching for a solution to your pain and suffering. It can be difficult to get a lipedema diagnosis. Many doctors remain quite unfamiliar with the condition. Even though as many as 11 percent of women suffer from lipedema, it is still often misdiagnosed as obesity. However, if your lower body is out of proportion with your upper body, you may have lipedema. You will not reduce lipedema fat by exercise or dieting. It also feels tender, can be painful and may bruise easily. It is also a progressive condition, so it worsens over time. It is often only at a later stage that women finally receive a diagnosis. Yet, the earlier you receive a diagnosis, the better the outcome of the lipedema treatment.

What Are the Treatments for Lipedema?

There are several conservative treatments for lipedema that doctors recommend. These are nonsurgical options. They may suggest lifestyle changes to relieve pain and swelling. Patients receive advice to eat less inflammatory foods. Sometimes, doctors may recommend the keto or paleo diet. Patients could also do some exercising. Doctors recommend aquatic exercises and walking, as well as yoga, cycling, and Pilates. This gets the lymphatic system moving and helps to build strength.

There is also a treatment called complete decongestive therapy. This eases the painful symptoms but doesn’t address the cause of the problem. This therapy involves having a type of massage called manual lymphatic drainage. This uses rhythmic and gentle movements that stimulate lymph flow. It also involves using compression through stretch bandages and custom-fitted clothing to increase the pressure in the tissue. This reduces the chances of fluid accumulating. 

Although conservative treatments can help to reduce swelling and pain, they don’t make lipedema go away.

What About Liposuction?

There is one treatment that can address the cause of lipedema – liposuction. Liposuction removes the fat cells that cause the problem. Although it is a surgical procedure, it is very effective. Many patients choose this option because it permanently removes fat and reduces pain and swelling.

A plastic surgeon carries out liposuction for lipedema under a local anesthetic. The patient remains alert and awake during the procedure. The surgeon makes small incisions, and he or she inserts small cannulas under the skin. The cannulas suck up the fat cells and remove them from the affected area. Patients can immediately see a reduction in the size of their lower bodies. Once all the swelling from the surgery has gone down, the patient will see the full result. This could take several weeks or months. There will also be less pain. Studies have proven lipo for lipedema has significantly reduced or even completely eradicated the symptoms of the condition. It is also a long-lasting solution. 

If you are looking for a lipedema treatment and are considering trying liposuction, contact Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery today. We are experts in treating lipedema with lipo and can help you find the relief you seek.