Is Liposuction of The Abdomen the Right Choice for My Contouring Goals?

Do you have muscle laxity after a pregnancy or have you gained extra weight around your stomach? If so, you are not alone. In fact, men and women all over the world are choosing to seek out cosmetic surgery to improve this area. With the development of cutting-edge liposuction of the abdomen techniques, it’s easy to see why more people are seeking help.

Most of us believe that if we eat healthily and exercise regularly, we can achieve the perfect body. Unfortunately, this is just a myth. Often, one of two things happen. Sometimes, patients lose a massive amount of weight and have excess skin, which is unsightly. This can be very distressing, especially since patients have worked hard to achieve the perfect physique. Other patients spend months or years dieting and exercising hard. Despite their efforts, however, they find that stubborn pockets of fat remain. Often, these fat pockets will be in the abdominal area.

For these individuals, seeking cosmetic surgery is frequently the answer. When patients are seeking a smoother, sleeker stomach, their first question is usually whether liposuction of the abdomen could help.

What Do You Need to Consider When Choosing A Stomach Sculpting Procedure?

Do you need to determine whether liposuction of the abdomen or another procedure could benefit you best? Only a professional can give you that kind of advice. However, there are three factors to discuss with a cosmetic surgeon during your consultation.

  • How good is your skin quality?
  • How tight or unified are your muscles?
  • Do you have any protruding excess fat?

The answer to these three questions will vary widely between patients. Diet, exercise, age, genetics, and whether pregnancy has occurred all have an impact.

Will Stomach Liposuction Resolve My Problems?

If you have fat above your stomach muscle wall, liposuction of the abdomen could be ideal for you. If you’re able to grab your stomach fat, you’re a good candidate for this procedure. Some cosmetic surgeons refuse to perform liposuction of the abdomen on patients with a large stomach hang. They often recommend a tummy tuck instead.

Here at Art Lipo, we recommend a tummy tuck to some patients. However, for many others, stomach liposuction produces impressive results. Even patients who have large stomachs with a large hang of fat can benefit. Our expert in liposuction, Dr. Su, specializes in performing liposuction even on difficult abdomens. While other surgeons claim liposuction of the abdomen produces excess skin, Dr. Su can achieve significant skin tightening. This means that patients who received a tummy tuck recommendation from another doctor will not require one with us.

When Is A Tummy Tuck Necessary?

While Dr. Su can help many patients through his interactive lipo technique, not every patient can benefit. If you have stretched abdominal muscles, for example, a tummy tuck may be the best option. In women who have gone through a pregnancy, the central abdominal muscles may weaken and loosen. Sometimes, they will even separate. Even intense workouts are unable to repair them. Our cosmetic surgeon specialist, Dr. Gruber, can help you to resolve this problem. By tightening the muscles that strengthen the stomach wall and removing excess skin, Dr. Gruber can improve abdominal appearance.

Some patients can benefit from both procedures. By having a tummy tuck together with liposuction of the abdomen, they can achieve the sculpted look they desire. Contact our team today to find out more about arranging a consultation about your abdominal fat. We can help you select the right procedure for you. With our expert help, you can achieve the stomach you deserve.

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