All too often, various areas of the body have extra fat deposits. These can disturb the contour and shape of your physique. Not only that, they can make you feel self-conscious and frustrated when trying to find suitable clothing. One common area that women especially struggle with is back fat. Fat often accumulates along their bra lines. Fat along the mid-back settles in pockets to create bulges. These may be on the side, under the chest or on their upper back area.

Unfortunately, these areas of the back are hard to address using exercise and dieting alone. Many patients, therefore, seek help from a cosmetic surgeon to resolve the issue. If you are struggling with back fat, liposuction of the back could be your solution.

Why Is Back Fat Such A Problem?

The love handles around the waist are particularly frustrating for many people. Even when patients diet excessively and exercise regularly, this area is resistant to change. For many women, their breasts, buttocks, and cheeks start to look gaunt and skinny, but their back fat remains. This creates a situation where they look thin from the front, but disproportionate from the rear.

How Could Liposuction of The Back Help Me?

Well-done back lipo dramatically and instantly changes a person’s physique. In women, achieving an hourglass figure is possible. Many women also look as if they’ve had their butts lifted. This gives the procedure even greater value.

In male patients, when they have the love handles removed, a tapering V shape is possible. This creates an appearance of being more toned and fit.

What Is Liposuction of The Back?

Today’s cutting-edge liposuction of the back techniques make it easy to treat this common area of fat deposit. There is no need for an invasive procedure that requires a long recovery time and a lot of pain. Instead, surgeons can carry out back liposuction very quickly and with no need for a general anaesthetic. The patient stays awake and alert throughout the procedure and can return home immediately afterwards. While there may be some discomfort, a patient can easily manage it with regular pain medication.

When you come to Art Lipo for liposuction of the back, you will be in expert hands. Our surgeon, Dr. Su, will use his interactive lipo technique to produce the best possible results. His very complete fat removal techniques ensure a smooth line along the body.

Dr. Su will remove fat from the waist, upper back, and even the hips as necessary. This will allow him to create perfect contours. There will be no more bulging around the bra line and no more need to wear baggy clothes.

Who Can Have Liposuction of The Back?

Both men and women can be good candidates for liposuction of the back. An ideal patient will struggle to eradicate fatty tissue on the side of his or her mid- or upper back. He or she will be able to pinch at least a quarter-inch of fat on this area. Patients will also be in good physical health.

Choosing A Cosmetic Surgeon

When considering having liposuction of the back, it is vital to find an expert cosmetic surgeon. Here at Art Lipo, we are proud to have one of the very best in the field. Dr. Su is a highly skilled specialist in liposuction with a background in fine art. He has combined his passions to help men and women achieve the physiques they long for. By utilizing his artistic abilities and his liposuction knowledge, he can create results other surgeons only dream about. Contact us today to find out more.