Do Nonsurgical Arm Lifts Work or Is Arm Sculpting Surgery Necessary?

If you’re unhappy with your upper arms, you may be wondering whether arm sculpting surgery is really necessary. These days, you will see many advertisements for nonsurgical arm lifts. So, are these a better option if you’d rather avoid going under the knife? Can these nonsurgical treatments improve the appearance of your arms? 

Loose skin or excess fat on the upper arms can be distressing. Workouts designed to tone up the triceps and biceps often fail to show any major effects. Dieting can leave the arms still stubbornly fat. It’s no wonder, then, that so many women are looking for a solution to the problem. While arm sculpting is one option, it does involve surgery. This can be a deterrent for many women who fear what surgery involves. When they see ads for nonsurgical arm lifts, it isn’t too surprising that they feel the temptation. 

What Is A Nonsurgical Arm Lift?

There are several techniques used in nonsurgical arm lifts. Some involve the use of lasers that allegedly tighten up the skin. Some use Polydioxanone threads to reposition loose skin to reduce the size of the upper arms. Others use Thermage — a treatment involving radio frequencies that accelerates collagen’s growth to improve the skin. Some use a combination of these. However, there is little to no evidence to suggest any of these can produce an impressive result. Women who opt for these treatments often find that the outcome is less spectacular than they hoped. Some see very little difference at all in the appearance of their upper arms. 

What Does Arm Sculpting Surgery Involve?

Arm sculpting surgery may involve either liposuction, a brachioplasty, or a combination of both. Upper arm liposuction removes the fat cells that are causing the batwing effect. This makes the upper arm appear slimmer and more attractive. It is an excellent choice for any woman who has excess underarm fat and a moderate amount of loose skin. Any woman with a lot of loose skin and minimal fat should consider a brachioplasty. This arm lift surgery removes the excess skin permanently. This restores an attractive, toned appearance to the arm. 

Artlipo’s Arm Sculpting Treatments

Here at Artlipo, we offer our exclusive Celebrity Arms treatment. This is a complete approach to upper arm liposuction. Unlike most other cosmetic surgeons who only remove a small amount of fat, we remove up to 90 percent of fat. Thanks to Dr. Su’s impressive skill, he can also achieve an impressive amount of skin tightening. This means that even women with some excess fat can see excellent, toned results. 

At Artlipo, we don’t offer nonsurgical arm lift treatments. We believe the effects that they achieve are simply not sufficient for our patients’ needs. Our Celebrity Arms technique is sufficient for most patients to see amazing outcomes. We can offer a brachioplasty either as a standalone procedure or alongside liposuction for those who need more skin removal. Contact us today to find out more about the arm sculpting surgery options we offer.