Get your Sexy Body Back – More Tips

It is not your imagination! If you have hit menopause your metabolism slows 5 to 10 %. Your BMI that was 23 or 24 is now 27 or 28.The same calorie intake will cause you to gain weight, and the same exercise regimen is just not enough anymore. I understand because I am right there with you. Even if you get to the weight you want the belly fat still feels HUGE.

You may think sit ups are the answer. The sit-ups will strengthen your muscle wall but they do not get rid of your belly fat. That’s when lipo-sculpting can help. When I had lipo to my mid-section it was a transformation for my mind not just my body. I felt better about myself and was motivated to continue a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Don’t let that stubborn area de-rail you. Let Dr. Su help you get back to when you were happy with your body so that this next stage of our life can be a great one!

Get your Sexy Body Back

Due to changes at different stages in our lives our fat cells get bigger. You can make them smaller with diet and exercise, but you can’t get rid of them completely. Having a baby, health issues that don’t allow you to exercise, hormone issues, or just good old fashioned sedentary lifestyle are all common causes of weight gain. For others it is hereditary.

Don’t give up! I see our patients arrive one size and shape only to see them hours later totally transformed. Dr. Su can help you achieve the curves you never had as well as the curves you lost along the way.

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Post Liposuction Care

There are many opinions about post liposuction care from various sources. At Artistic Liposculpting Center, Dr. Su has performed over 6000 procedures and counting. We have tried and true methods for faster healing, the smoothest liposuction results possible and resuming regular activity in a couple of days.

Here are a few quick tips:

  1. Drink normal amounts of fluids, but be sure you are staying hydrated.
  2. Keep the incision areas clean and dry
  3. Go for walks and keep moving. More movement gets your circulation moving and helps with healing.
  4. Stay away from salty foods. Salt causes your body to retain fluids, which could cause more swelling.
  5. Take antibiotics as directed.
  6. Do not take aspirin or Ibuprofen, bufferin, anacin, advil or nuprin. These can cause bleeding

There are so many more methods we use for the best liposculpting results, please contact us with your questions or call 800-207-9009 to schedule a consultation.

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