Arm Lift Liposuction Recovery – Tampa Healing Period

If you’re looking for quality arm contouring, there’s no better choice than our arm lift liposuction. Unlike traditional arm lifts, the arm lift liposuction procedure we offer requires no stitches afterwards. This makes arm lift liposuction recovery much easier.

Because there are no stitches, there is no risk of breaking them during the arm lift liposuction recovery process. Thus, it’s often possible to return to one’s daily activities the same day as the procedure. For more physically strenuous activities, it’s best to wait for a few weeks in order to let the tissues heal.

For a consultation to find out more about arm lift liposuction recovery from a qualified medical professional, contact us today. Tampa surgeon Dr. Thomas Su is a skilled liposuction expert with years of experience in sculpting the body.

Male Waist – Love Handles Tampa Liposuction

One standard of male attractiveness is having a general V shape to the torso, where it is broader at the armpit level than at the waist. When a man has love handles, there is a lot of broadness to the male waist, and the proportions are no longer as attractive.

Keeping everything in shape at the top of the V doesn’t count for much when there are bulging love handles. Instead, this creates an overall impression of being out of shape. To correct this, we offer liposuction for the male waist.

If you’re interested in getting the perfect V torso and a more attractive waist, contact experienced Tampa surgeon Dr. Thomas Su. Dr. Su’s male waist liposuction is gentle, precise, and effective. Contact our office and arrange a consultation.

Male Breast Reduction Recovery – Tampa Gynecomastia

Swelling is a normal part of recovery from any surgical procedure. During the first two weeks of your male breast reduction recovery, to keep your chest swelling at a minimum, you will be wearing a post-surgical compression garment.

This elastic garment will support your tissues in their new configuration as your male breast reduction recovery progresses. It will keep the skin flat and smooth in the treated regions to fit the new contours. It can be worn beneath your clothes without being visible.

Contact our office to arrange an appointment for a male breast reduction consultation. Dr. Thomas Su, an experienced surgeon, will instruct you regarding the proper ways to treat your healing body during the male breast reduction recovery process. Dr. Su will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Knee Liposuction – Knee Fat Reduction Tampa

Do you feel embarrassed about the appearance of your legs – specifically, your knees? Knee liposuction is a targeted reduction in fatty tissue that can result in fit, contoured legs.

Legs typically taper down the farther you get from the pelvis. When a patient has inner or outer knees that bulge with excess flab, they are a disruption of this tapering. This causes the legs to appear shorter than they actually are.

With knee liposuction, the inner knees can be reduced in volume to create more natural proportions and smoothly tapering legs. The outer knees may also be causing an issue and can be reduced in volume.

Skilled Tampa surgeon Dr. Thomas Su will discuss knee liposuction and his state-of-the-art lipo methods during a consultation. To schedule an appointment, contact us today.

Celebrity Arm Sculpting – Tampa Arm Contouring

Celebrity arm sculpting is a state-of-the-art technique for recontouring the arms to help them look fit and trim!

During our Celebrity arm sculpting, the patient will be awake and numbed in order to be able to turn their arm to different angles. This interactive liposuction technique offers the best possible results.

This technique involves the patient lying on their side and adjusting their arm to new positions, holding it tight in each position. They will also tense their arm muscles as needed.

If you would like to find out more about our Celebrity arm sculpting procedure, arrange an appointment for a consultation by contacting us today. Fit, trim, and beautifully sculpted arms can be yours with a visit to experienced surgeon Dr. Thomas Su!

Face Lift Lipo Recovery – Facelift Healing Tampa

If you are deciding between a traditional face lift and our face lift lipo technique, it will be helpful to consider their respective recovery processes. Face lift lipo recovery is generally much easier on patients.

Because a traditional face lift requires larger incisions and excision of skin tissue, recovery involves a great deal of swelling and soreness. Swelling can last for a couple weeks. Pain medication will likely be required.

Face lift lipo recovery is much faster than traditional facelift recovery, because the incisions are smaller and skin tissue is not removed. Patients typically experience very little pain during healing.

To find out more about face lift lipo recovery and why the face lift lipo procedure may be right for you, speak with Dr. Thomas Su, a skilled surgeon. Contact our office and arrange an informative consultation to get started.

Male Breast Reduction – Tampa Recontoured Male Chest

Gynecomastia, the condition of having excessively large male breasts, can be dealt with using male breast reduction surgery. We use advanced liposuction techniques to perform male breast reduction, and these techniques have the side effect of tightening the skin.

For the male breast reduction procedure, the surgeon will create small incisions on both sides of the chest. Each incision is comparable in size to a single grain of rice. Many male breast reduction procedures use larger incisions, meaning that the healing process can sometimes be more difficult than ours.

Following this, a fluid solution containing saline and lidocaine is injected through the incisions. This further numbs the region and makes it easier to remove stubborn fat cells.

Learn more about our state-of-the-art male breast reduction technique – schedule an appointment for a helpful consultation by contacting us today. Experienced surgeon Dr. Thomas Su will guide you through the process and make sure all of your questions are answered.

Butt Lift Lipo Healing – Buttocks Enhancement Tampa

To reshape and enhance your buttocks, consider our butt lift liposuction procedure. This technique requires no removal of excess skin. Afterwards, you will experience the butt lift lipo healing period.

As part of your butt lift lipo healing process, patients must deal with some degree of temporary swelling in the regions that have undergone liposuction. In one week from the date of the procedure, the swelling will have reached its height. It will gradually start to reduce.

In around three months, the swelling will be gone and you will be able to fully appreciate the results of your procedure.

Interested in finding out more about the butt lift lipo healing process? Discuss this and more with Dr. Thomas Su, an experienced surgeon in the Tampa area. Contact our office to schedule an informative consultation.

Neck Lipo Recovery – Tampa Healing Process

To recontour their neck, chin, and jawline, patients frequently come into our facility for neck liposuction. A small period of neck lipo recovery will be necessary following the procedure.

For the first two to three days of your neck lipo recovery, you will need to wear a post-surgical elastic garment around your neck and lower chin to help your tissues adjust to your new contours properly. This garment fits over the top of your head. You will continue to wear this during sleep for a week after the procedure.

Arrange a consultation to find out more about neck lipo recovery by contacting us today. During this consultation, you and skilled surgeon Dr. Thomas Su will discuss your procedure and post-surgical healing process in greater detail.

Thigh Lipo – Thigh-Contouring Procedure Tampa

As we age, our thighs become out of shape, developing embarrassing bulges. When the inner, outer, or frontal thighs have unsightly bulges, thigh lipo is the ideal treatment method.

With our thigh lipo, the bulges on the thighs are smoothed away, resulting in even contours and proper proportions for the frontal, inner, and outer thighs. This is done through removal of the excess fatty tissue in the bulging regions and precise sculpting of the remaining fatty tissue.

Dr. Thomas Su, a skilled surgeon with years of liposuction experience, is your perfect choice for a thigh lipo procedure. If you are interested in toned, fit thighs without unwanted bulges, contact our office today and arrange an appointment for an informative consultation.

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