Will Inner Thigh Liposuction Beat My Thunder Thighs?

Most women find that some parts of their bodies remain resistant to even the hardest dieting efforts. Even with a strict healthy eating regime and rigorous exercise program, some areas still stubbornly retain fat. In many cases, the thighs are a key trouble spot. Women who feel self-conscious about their thunder thighs often avoid wearing skirts or shorts. Some even refuse to wear a swimsuit because they don’t want to reveal their upper legs. When it comes to improving the look of flabby thighs, there are a few things that they can try. Some examples include targeted exercise and inner thigh liposuction. If you’re struggling with stubborn fat on your thigh area, here are a few tips for you.

Do Targeted Exercise

The very first thing you should try if you have “thunder thighs” is squats. We all know that eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly are key to keeping your body fit and toned. Although the thighs are difficult to tone in this way, it is worth trying daily squats to improve their appearance. Unfortunately, some women have a genetic predisposition to thick thighs. In such cases, there is a limited amount that they can do. However, even if you decide that you should opt for a cosmetic procedure, it will be beneficial to maintain an active lifestyle. Staying fit and healthy will ensure that you can maintain the results of your procedure in the long term.

Some useful exercises to try include:

  • Air squats. These will help to burn fat while toning the upper leg.
  • Side lunges. These will engage the muscles of the upper leg.
  • Walking uphill. The steeper the hill you walk up, the more you engage the hamstrings and quads.

Cosmetic Surgery Treatments

If you find that targeted exercise isn’t working for you, it may be time to take the next step. Cosmetic surgery treatments, such as inner thigh liposuction, can really help you achieve the desired result.

Liposuction can produce very impressive results when carried out by a reputable cosmetic surgeon. As long as the skin has retained elasticity, it will shrink to fit the new contours of your thighs. This will achieve the smooth and contoured look that you’ve been hoping for.

When you come to Artlipo for your lipo procedure, you’ll benefit from one of the leading liposuction experts. Since we carry out the procedure under a local anesthetic, there will be no long recovery period. You’ll be awake throughout the surgery, and, with our interactive technique, you’ll move and tense muscles during the procedure. This will guarantee a very complete and perfect result so as much fat as possible is permanently removed. With our advanced techniques, you will be able to obtain the thigh gap that is so desirable.

Can I Have Lipo If I Have Excess Skin?

Although our cosmetic surgeons are lipo experts, there are some patients who would benefit from a different procedure. If you have excess skin as well as fat, a thigh lift may be a better choice for you. This will remove the stubborn fat pockets, as well as the extra skin. It will leave your upper leg smooth and contoured.

Every patient has unique needs. Therefore, the right approach for one patient may be ineffective for another. If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your upper legs, you should arrange a consultation with our team. We can discuss your options with you and advise you about the right procedure to meet your needs. Whether you need inner thigh liposuction or a thigh lift, we can help you achieve the perfect body.

Will Cosmetic Surgery Make My Legs Thinner?

Have your legs been described as meaty? Stubby? Thick? There are countless words that patients use when talking about their legs. The good news is that there are many types of cosmetic surgery that you can have done. Whether you hate your upper thighs or your lower legs, there are treatments available to help. From thigh liposuction to cankle surgery, the Artlipo team can help you achieve the perfect legs.

Sculpting the Upper Leg

Are you dissatisfied with the appearance of your thighs? Whether you want to achieve the elusive thigh gap or slim your profile, thigh liposuction is the answer. In the hands of a skilled cosmetic surgeon, liposuction of the outer and inner thigh can achieve great results. Liposuction removes the fat cells permanently and allows for a contoured appearance. Your upper leg will look slimmer and more toned almost immediately.

Removing Excess Skin

If you aren’t a good candidate to have thigh liposuction, you may benefit from a thigh lift. If you have excess skin, this will often be a good option for you. You can have sagging skin and stubborn fat removed. This will leave your upper leg looking thinner and more attractive.

Cankle Surgery

If your concerns are with the appearance of your lower leg, calf liposuction could help. Cankles are a common problem among all kinds of women. Even women of normal body weight often have lower leg issues. Cankles occur when the calf and ankle appear to blend together without definition. Ankle and calf lipo can help to sculpt the area to produce a more attractive shape.

Many cosmetic surgeons avoid performing cankle surgery because of its complexity. It is quite difficult to get a smooth and complete result. However, at Artlipo, we have the necessary skill and experience to sculpt the lower leg. Thanks to our advanced interactive awake tumescent liposuction techniques, we can achieve impressive results. With our artistic skill, we can create a definition of the calf and ankle for a beautiful appearance.

Why Have Leg Fat Removal?

Many women try traditional options to improve the look of their legs. They eat healthily and exercise rigorously. Unfortunately, in many cases, there is very little improvement. There is no natural way to reduce fat pockets. This means that, in some cases, after dieting and exercising, your legs will look slimmer. However, in many cases, the fat disappears from other parts of the body and leaves the legs as heavy as ever. For such women, the only true answer is a surgical one, and this is why many women choose fat removal.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your legs, fat removal can restore your confidence. Lipo is a highly effective technique that permanently removes fat cells. This means that the result achieved is usually very long-lasting. If you maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime, the risk of fat returning to the same place is low. When our talented surgeons perform this procedure, the result is beautifully contoured and sculpted legs. We take an artistic approach to cosmetic surgery, and our patients are delighted with their new physiques.

As we only carry out leg lipo under a local anesthetic, the risks of the procedure are minimal. There is no long recovery period and patients return home the same day. It is the best way to achieve the attractive legs that you’ve been dreaming of.

Contact our skilled team today to find out more about our leg cosmetic procedures and cankle surgery. We are looking forward to helping you boost your confidence so you can wear skirts and shorts again.

Ten Questions You Should Ask About Calves Liposuction

Are you considering having calves liposuction? If so, you need to make sure you’ve chosen the right cosmetic surgeon. When making your choice, you need to ask the right questions. Here are 10 questions you may want to ask to find out whether someone is the right surgeon for you.

  1. Is the Surgeon Certified?

Perhaps the most important question to ask any cosmetic surgeon is whether he or she is certified. A certified surgeon will have proven experience and knowledge in cosmetic surgery procedures. He or she will also be able to demonstrate the ability to meet stringent standards. This means you can rely on the surgeon to do a good job and produce excellent results.

  1. Is the Surgeon Experienced?

You may assume any surgeon offering cosmetic surgery will be experienced in the field. However, this isn’t always the case. In fact, many surgeons offer cosmetic surgery procedures without being a specialist. This means the results may not be as good as you hoped. You should always ask about his or her level of experience in carrying out your chosen procedure. This is especially important when the procedure is calves liposuction. It is a complex procedure few surgeons are experienced in performing. Without a suitably skilled surgeon, the result may be lumpy and incomplete.

  1. What Kind of Result Can Be Expected?

Your chosen surgeon should be able to show you before and after images of previous similar procedures. He or she should also explain the immediate aftermath of the procedure. The surgeon should explain how long the swelling will take to go down before you start to see the results.

  1. How Will the Surgeon Carry Out the Surgery?

Not all surgeons will perform liposuction in the same way. Some will only use a general anesthetic while others use a local anesthetic. This is something you should ask about. For most patients, a local anesthetic is the best choice. It reduces risk and shortens the recovery time. It also ensures a more complete result since the patient can move during the procedure.

  1. How Long Is the Recovery Time?

Your surgeon should be able to advise you as to how long it will take for you to recover fully. This will depend on how much fat he or she will be removing.

  1. How Long Will I Need to Wait?

Because of their skill and expertise, the best cosmetic surgeons have limited availability. However, it’s something to bear in mind if you want to recover by a particular date.

  1. Is Financing A Possibility?

Some cosmetic surgeons offer financing packages to patients. It’s important to ask for a quote for your treatment and to budget for your procedure.

  1. What Type of Care Will I Need Post-Surgery?

If you are having calves lipo, you will need to wear compression garments. You will also need to limit exercise for a period of time. A good surgeon will be able to advise you about this.

  1. Could I Combine Lipo with Another Surgery?

For some people, lipo is best combined with another type of surgery to achieve the desired look. For example, liposuction may be best carried out alongside a butt lift or a tummy tuck for a better look. This will minimize overall downtime.

  1. What Follow-Up Will I Need?

All cosmetic surgeons will need you to attend post-procedure visits to make sure the treated area is healing properly. If you are using an out-of-state surgeon, you will need to know whether you can do this via Skype.

Calves liposuction is a great solution to achieve slim and sculpted lower legs. However, it’s vital to choose a surgeon who can achieve the result you desire. Artlipo’s Dr. Su is an expert in the field and can produce excellent outcomes. Contact us today to find out more.

Top Tips for Recovering from Your Breast Reduction

If you’ve had a breast reduction in Tampa, helping the healing process all you can is important. This procedure is a form of invasive surgery. Therefore, caring properly for yourself afterward is vital. Here are some expert tips to help ensure the procedure goes smoothly and seamlessly.

Rest Afterward

After having any kind of surgical procedure, it is very important to rest. Even though you’ll be taking time off work to recuperate, this isn’t the right time for tackling DIY projects! Make sure you take sufficient time off work to recover fully. Use the time wisely. Catch up on sleep and rest after your procedure. Your body will heal more quickly the more you rest.

Get Some Help

The first couple of days after your breast reduction procedure, you’ll need someone around to help you. If you have a spouse or partner, ask for help with the household chores and child care. If you have no family around to help you, ask a friend to be there for a couple of nights. You’ll also need somebody responsible to take you to your surgery and drive you home afterward.

Prepare Meals in Advance

A key element in recovery is eating plenty of nutritious food. However, while you’re recovering from surgery, it can be difficult to prepare healthy meals. Make life easy for yourself. Go shopping for groceries before you have your procedure. Prepare some delicious and nutritious meals in advance and freeze them in individual portion sizes. This will make it easy to eat well even when you’re resting and recovering. Simply pop the meals you have prepared into the microwave. After a few minutes, you’re ready to sit down to dinner.

Stay Hydrated

After you’ve had breast surgery, you’ll need to stay well hydrated. Drink lots of water regularly throughout the day. You might want to fill a water bottle and keep it with you to sip at regular intervals.

Choose the Right Clothing

You’ll probably experience some discomfort or pain when raising up your arms after your surgery. Although this will diminish after a couple of weeks, it can be an uncomfortable time. One way to reduce the discomfort is to wear the right clothing. Tops that button or zip up are the best choices. You may also want to choose a comfortable bathrobe that ties at the front during your recovery period. You can buy some appropriate attire before you have your procedure so you’re all good to go. However, don’t be tempted to buy lots of new bras until you can see the final result.

Take Light Exercise

Exercising in the early stages after your procedure isn’t advisable. Once you feel ready, you should do some walking. You should still avoid working out in the gym or doing aerobic exercises in the early weeks. However, walking is a good way to boost blood circulation and aid in recovery and healing. You can begin by walking around your house and, then, progress outdoors for short periods. Before you upgrade your activity level, however, you should talk to your surgeon. You should avoid any upper body workout or heavy lifting until your surgeon has given you the green light.

Attend Your Follow-Up Appointments

You should never skip your follow-up appointments. Even if you’re feeling fit and healthy, you need to stay in contact with your surgeon. Your follow-up appointments will check on your progress. You’ll also have the chance to ask questions or raise concerns. These appointments aren’t optional. So, make use of them. It’s the best way to make sure you achieve the results you desire from your breast reduction in Tampa.

Should I Go Abroad for My Arm Procedure?

These days, more people than ever before are seeking plastic surgery. With the wider acceptance of plastic surgery, more patients have started to look for the best possible value. This has led to a rise in the number of people heading overseas as plastic surgery tourists. It’s no wonder, then, that people are asking whether they should have their arm procedures or other cosmetic surgery overseas.

Plastic surgery can be costly. Prices vary dramatically between different countries. Often, patients look at the cost of procedures overseas and compare them with the prices closer to home. When they see how much cheaper it can be to travel overseas, they often opt for the lower priced deal. However, this isn’t always the best course of action.

There have been several risks linked to being a plastic surgery tourist. In many cases, the complications that have arisen have ended up costing patients a lot more than they expected. In fact, in the long run, they paid more than the cost of their procedures closer to home.

Revisions and Complications

Plastic surgery procedures are a form of invasive surgery. This means there’s always a chance of possible complications arising. In the United States, surgeons give patients follow-up care to make sure they are recovering properly. This isn’t usually possible if you go overseas for surgery. If a problem develops after the patients return home, their doctors may struggle to get complete medical records. This then poses challenges when it comes to proper management of care. Complications from overseas plastic surgery often end up costing more than the procedures would have been in the United States.

Safety While Traveling

Many top destinations for cosmetic surgery require a long flight. This is usually fine before having surgery. However, after undergoing the procedure, serious complications, such as infections and blood clots, can occur during travel.

Recovery After the Procedure

When you have a procedure at home, you can manage your post-operative recovery more effectively. You will be in a familiar setting with friends and family around to help you. You’ll also have your professional team on hand to provide ongoing care. When you are overseas, it is difficult to manage during the post-operative period. You may have nobody around to help you. It may also be hard to coordinate your follow-up care once you return home.

Care Quality

Of course, many places outside the U.S. offer good quality medical care. However, not every country has the same level of cleanliness or care. Another country may not uphold rigorous standards for your medical procedure. You will usually have no form of legal recourse should a major complication arise. In the U.S., there are rules and malpractice laws in place that will protect you. However, those laws will usually have no weight if you have surgery overseas. Should something go wrong, you will usually be financially responsible yourself for your medical bills. This remains the case even if negligence is evident. Even if you have insurance, it may only cover minimal emergency costs if your surgery is an elective procedure.

Having Plastic Surgery at Home

Shopping around for the best deal on your cosmetic surgery is often best done within the U.S. Remember that the lowest price isn’t always the best deal. You should also look at the skill of the surgeon and the reputation of the clinic. You should do your research thoroughly before opting for any plastic surgery procedure. The Artlipo cosmetic surgery team has an excellent reputation within the industry. We have years of experience, so we can offer you outstanding results on your arm procedure or other cosmetic treatments.

Are Any Risks Involved with Liposuction of a Double Chin?

Do you hate looking in the mirror because of your double chin? It is a problem that can affect anyone, male or female, large or small. You do not need to be overweight to have a double chin. In fact, many people who have slim physiques still find their chins are problematic. The problem is that dieting and exercise will not do much to eradicate the excess fat. There is a limited amount you can do to tone the chin. Reducing fat through dieting is impossible. So, could liposuction of your double chin be the solution?

Why Do I Have A Double Chin?

For many people, the cause of their double chins lies in their genes. Genetics has a key role to play in the amount of fat that accumulates across the body. It also determines whether it will be resistant to exercise and diet. Some people suffer from sagging necks because of fat that deposits below their jawbones. The good news is that lipo can resolve the problem and improve the appearance of your neck and chin. It will not just make your chin look slimmer and more chiseled. It will also make your neck look longer and your profile more refined.

Does Lipo Work on The Chin?

Most people associate liposuction with the thighs, buttocks, and stomach. However, it is perfectly possible to have lipo on your double chin as well. The results are surprisingly good, and the procedure is not especially uncomfortable. As long as you choose the right cosmetic surgeon and are a good candidate, you should see a good outcome.

Exercise has virtually no effect whatsoever on the chin area. This is why liposuction is such a popular choice. A surgeon can remove the double chin by making a small incision beneath the chin. He or she then inserts a narrow cannula. As the cannula sucks away the fat from between the muscles and skin, small tunnels form. These collapse after the procedure. The result is a slimmer contour and no more double chin.

Here at Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery, we carry out chin liposuction under a local anesthetic. As a result, patients have a short recovery time. They can return home the same day and will quickly be able to return to their everyday activities.

What Are the Risks of Chin Lipo?

Liposuction of the double chin is very effective, and there are a few side effects. Some commonly experienced side effects include pain, swelling, numbness, and bruising. None of these should be severe and will subside within just a few days. Rest assured that the chances of scarring are very minimal. The incision is extremely small and, therefore, the chances of a bad scar are extremely slim.

Chin lipo requires only a local anesthetic. Since it is only carried out on a tiny part of the body, it is a very safe procedure. The chances of any complications are very low. This is especially the case if you choose a skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon.

Choosing the Right Surgeon

If you are considering liposuction of the double chin, Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery should be your first choice. Dr. Su is a specialist in lipo and produces impressive results. If you want to restore your confidence and eradicate your excess chin fat, Dr. Su can help. Contact our expert team today and find out more about how we can help you achieve your aesthetic goals. We can offer you advice that we can tailor to your needs so you can make an informed choice.

Why Will We Draw on You Before Your Arm Lipo Procedure?

Many patients who come for arm lipo wonder why we draw on them before their procedure. In fact, it’s a common question. So, here, we take a look at why we carry out this essential part of the pre-procedure process.

Affirming Your Treatment Plan

Cosmetic surgery is a planned procedure. Your surgeon has time to get to know you well and become very familiar with your aesthetic goals. When we draw on your skin, it affirms both to you and to us that we will meet those goals. During lipo procedures, it is especially important to draw on the area in question. The surgeon may perform liposuction primarily “by feel.” However, the marked skin will aid the surgeon in treating the areas with more definition. By marking the patient’s skin, it’s possible for the surgeon to explain the procedure visually while also ensuring excellent results.

Defying Gravity

When patients lie down, their skin is in a different place than when they are standing. This means it’s important to mark the skin in the standing position. The surgeon can account for gravity in this position.

Creating Symmetry

Local anesthetics injected into the skin to eliminate pain and discomfort during the procedure can distort symmetry. Therefore, it is important to accurately mark the skin before the injection to guarantee symmetrical results.

Concealing Scars

Although scars from liposuction are extremely minimal, pen marks help to ensure that any resulting scars are nominal. Areas marked before the procedure make sure the scars are hidden.

Visualizing the Procedure

The first time cosmetic surgeons perform a procedure on their patients is when the patients attend their consultation. This isn’t a physical procedure. Rather, it is one that occurs in the mind. Visualizing the procedure while looking at the patient is the first step toward successful results. Just before the procedure, the physical markings help with this visualization process. They make it much easier to achieve the result that the surgeon has seen in his or her mind’s eye.

Helping Patients to Relax

Relaxed and happy patients have a much better experience while they undergo their procedure. The process of marking the patient’s skin is a good opportunity to lighten the atmosphere, especially for nervous patients. It’s also a chance to show patients how their skin will look much better in a short space of time.

The Role of Artistic Style

If you compared the markings that two different cosmetic surgeons make on their patients, you will notice many differences. All surgeons use different markings on their patients. In fact, the “drawing” session is an opportunity for surgeons to express themselves and to produce their best results. Do not be afraid to ask your surgeon about the markings he or she has made on your body. Any good surgeon will be more than happy to talk about the process and explain his or her creative process.

Choosing A Skilled Surgeon

When choosing a surgeon to carry out your liposuction procedure, you need to ensure you’ve chosen someone with artistic skill. Here, at Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery, our expert in liposuction, Dr. Su, is leading the way in the industry. As a pioneer of the interactive liposuction technique, he can achieve impressive results. With his artistic background and extensive experience, you can be sure that he will help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Dr. Su will be more than happy to discuss your procedure with you and the markings that he has made. When you come to Artlipo for your arm lipo, you can be confident that you’re choosing the best.

Five Great Reasons to Arrange Lipo on Your Stomach Now!

If you’re not happy with the way your body looks, lipo on your stomach could be the answer. However, lots of people put off arranging the procedure because of worries and concerns. If you’ve done exhaustive research and have chosen a surgeon, it’s time to take the plunge. If you’re looking for reassurance that you’re taking the right course of action, our five great reasons might persuade you.

  1. Liposuction Contours the Body

This procedure does not actually help you lose weight. It’s actually a strategic treatment to remove pockets of fat that don’t respond to diet or exercise. If you’re fed up with working out and eating healthily with no results, lipo is the answer. It can remove those stubborn bulges from your abdomen area and leave it flatter and smoother. Since this treatment is a very targeted approach to fat removal, it works to contour and balance your body’s shape.

  1. It Removes Fat Completely

The top benefit of this procedure is that it will actually remove the fat cells completely and permanently. By using suction, the fat cells are physically removed from your body. After the procedure has removed the fat, it is considerably harder for it to return. As long as you maintain your body weight and live a healthy lifestyle, the fat shouldn’t return to the area.

  1. You Can Pair This Treatment with Other Contouring Procedures

If you’re unhappy with several areas of your body, you can pair lipo on the stomach with different procedures. You can customize your procedure to meet your specific needs. This will help you achieve the physique you’ve been dreaming of. You can pair stomach lipo with a butt lift, tummy tuck or mommy makeover. The advantage of this is that you can reshape your physique with minimal downtime.

  1. Give Yourself A Confidence Boost

Most people choose a fat removal procedure for their stomachs because they want to restore their confidence. They don’t necessarily want to achieve a supermodel’s physique. They just want to return to themselves. This treatment can help you to feel comfortable about the way you look and feel. This is perhaps the greatest reason of all to arrange your procedure today. If you’ve been struggling to shed unwanted fat, you’ll already know what a mental uphill climb it can be. You can eliminate this stress by booking an appointment now.

  1. Improvements to Your Health

It might come as a surprise to learn that another benefit of having lipo is improved overall health and well-being. If you have a condition, such as a lipoma, having lipo to reduce fat will positively affect your health. There have even been studies carried out to show that this procedure can reduce your blood’s triglyceride levels. This is also beneficial to your overall well-being.

Arranging Your Procedure Now

Whatever the reason you’ve delayed arranging your procedure, it’s time to book your appointment today. As you can see, there are numerous benefits that come with lipo on the stomach. Whether you want to contour your body, tackle a problematic fat pocket or feel more confident, liposuction can help.

Contact the friendly and professional team at Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery now. We can answer any questions you may have about the procedure and address your concerns. You can be confident that when you book your lipo with us, you’ll be in very safe hands. We’re here to help you look and feel your best in your own skin. What have you waited so long for? It’s time to book your consultation with our experienced and talented cosmetic surgeon today.

Is It Possible to Get Liposuction on The Face?

For some time now, liposuction has been a top cosmetic surgery procedure worldwide. More than 250,000 people in the United States alone went through liposuction in 2018. Lipo represents a great way to eradicate pockets of fat that fail to respond to exercise and diet. It is even a solution for people who are a healthy weight but still have problematic fat in certain areas. Many people think that liposuction is only for the stomach or thighs. However, it is a much more versatile solution than most people imagine. Even liposuction on the face is possible to achieve your aesthetic goals.

The Most Popular Body Areas for Fat Removal

There are certain parts of the body that have long been popular for lipo procedures. These include:

  • Buttocks. If you’re experiencing unsightly dimpling in the buttocks, excess fat removal can help to make your body more in proportion.
  • Love handles. The flanks and waist areas have long been popular areas for lipo. It is difficult to achieve perfect contours through exercise and diet. However, fat removal in these areas achieves great results.
  • Upper arms. Women often worry about their “bat wings” as they get older. Even women of normal body weight often experience jiggling in the upper arms because of poor muscle tone. This procedure can tighten and smooth out the area and allow for a firmer and youthful appearance.
  • Stomach. The abdomen is often divided into the lower and upper region. In the lower region, “muffin tops” can be a problem. Meanwhile, the upper region between the ribs and belly button often also holds onto fat – “the spare tire.” Lipo here helps patients to get a sleeker and slimmer profile.
  • Hips. Having shapely and smooth hips is key to achieving a beautiful feminine silhouette. Liposuction here helps to create a well-defined shape.
  • Back. You can reduce back rolls (or bra roll) to create a smoother and firmer look.
  • Thighs. The outer thighs are sometimes called the “saddlebags.” Fat removal here enhances the overall body shape. It is also possible to contour the inner thighs. This gives the desirable “thigh gap.” There is also a third area of the thighs in which you can remove fat. A surgeon can sculpt the anterior area (or banana roll) for a defined and firm appearance.
  • Lower leg. Reshaping the calf and ankle area helps women to eliminate cankles.

Liposuction for The Face

Although the areas mentioned above are the most common for liposuction, the face is also a suitable area for treatment. A skilled cosmetic surgeon can remove the excess neck and cheek fat using liposuction on the face. You can also use lipo on the chin to remove excess folds and flab. The result is much more contoured, defined, and slimmer features. By removing fat from the face, it’s possible to give the impression of overall weight loss, even without further procedures.

Choosing the Right Surgeon

If you are keen to have fat removed from your face, it is especially important to use a reputable surgeon. Your face is key to your overall appearance. You don’t want to put it at risk by putting your procedure in the hands of a poorly trained surgeon. A highly skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon is the best option. You will have complete confidence that you will receive top-quality treatment throughout your procedure.

Fat removal through lipo is a versatile and flexible treatment to achieve a sleeker and slimmer physique. It is a procedure you can use on most areas of the body. Liposuction on the face is the perfect way to get the facial aesthetics you desire.

Five Things to Know About Lipo of The Arms

Are you dissatisfied with the appearance of your upper arms? This is a common area of the body that causes concern for women of all ages. It’s no wonder, then, that so many people are now considering having lipo of the arms to improve their appearance.

Cosmetic surgery procedures are on the rise. In 2017 alone, there were more than 17 million procedures carried out. Of all those treatments, around 250,000 were some form of liposuction. However, if you’re considering having this procedure, there are a few things you should know.

  1. What Is Liposuction?

Sometimes called liposculpture, liposuction is a procedure that breaks down fat under the skin and, then, removes it. It is especially useful in areas of the body that stubbornly resist the effects of exercise and a healthy diet. In fact, it’s the only method that will permanently remove fat cells and reduce stubborn fat pockets. Many people think lipo is a procedure for weight loss. This isn’t the case.

  1. Who Is A Good Candidate for Arm Lipo?

To be a candidate for any kind of lipo, you should be healthy and close to your target body weight. If you don’t smoke, you’re also more likely to be a good candidate. To have successful arm lipo, you should have stubborn fat between your skin and muscles. You should also have good elasticity of your skin. If you have loose skin, you may need an arm lift instead. A skilled cosmetic surgeon, such as Dr. Su, will be able to evaluate your case.

  1. How Do I Prepare for My Arm Lipo?

Your surgeon will give you advice on how to prepare for your procedure. However, there are a few things you can do to prepare effectively. Ask a friend or a family member to drive you to your appointment and back home again. You may need to stop taking certain medications, such as blood thinners or aspirin, before the procedure. Your surgeon may also advise you to avoid food and drink for a period before your appointment.

  1. What Will My Recovery Be Like?

For most patients, the recovery from arm liposuction is quite brief. Within a couple of days, they’ll return to everyday activities and work. Within a couple of weeks, they may be able to start exercising again. Your cosmetic surgeon will be able to advise you on your case. If you follow the instructions you’re given, your recovery period will be as painless and brief as possible.

While you may experience some discomfort, regular painkillers should help to make it bearable. If you eat healthily, stay hydrated, and avoid smoking, you’ll have less risk of complications. You will experience some bruising, tenderness, and swelling in the affected area. This will subside in around a week. You will also need to wear compression garments on your arms after the procedure. You will need to avoid straining your upper arm area until your doctor gives you the green light. Be aware, however, that right after the procedure, there’ll be swelling and some loose skin. It will take a few weeks before you see the full result of your procedure.

  1. Will I Be Scarred After Lipo?

Unlike some other cosmetic procedures, lipo results in minimal scarring. A cannula is very small. Therefore, the scars will be very small, too. The amount of scarring you experience will depend on the quality of your skin. It will also depend on how many insertion points your surgeon has used. A skilled surgeon will always ensure he or she minimizes any scarring.

Choosing the Right Surgeon

The right cosmetic surgeon can help you to achieve an excellent result if you want lipo of the arms. Since liposuction removes the fat cells permanently, you’ll achieve a long-lasting outcome as long as you adopt a healthy lifestyle. So long as you eat healthily and continue to exercise after your treatment, your results will endure.

Dr. Su is one of Florida’s leading cosmetic surgeons specializing in liposuction. Contact Artlipo today to find out more about how he can help you achieve your body goals.

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