The Dangers of Tourism Liposuction

Closeup of a young woman's bare feet on rootsThere are many medical procedures being sought at lower costs and that need created the medical tourism industry, in which cosmetic surgery ranks near the top. For instance, the United Kingdom has conducted studies on the rate of outbound tourists seeking cosmetic surgery elsewhere and found that it is 42 percent.

Medical tourism can be risky due to a sub-standard care, no continuation of care in case of a complication and a lack of patient education up front.

The tragedies that could occur if you seek surgery in a foreign country can be damaging or even deadly, like in the multiple, sad cases of the women listed in this NBC Dateline story from 2005:

Although this report was almost a decade ago, these incidents still occur on a regular basis. For instance, this extensive blog ( from 2014 details the countries providing discounted surgeries and even suggests possible ways that the foreign medical providers can help limit the botched sugeries and medical complications.

People who have their original work done outside of the country often need to have corrective surgery or touch ups done. Dr. Thomas Su at Artistic Liposuction sees many of these patients and works hard to correct these problems and give patients the transformation they deserve by using the tumescent liposuction, a skilled hand and an aesthetic appreciation of the human form.

Mens Liposuction

breast-reduction-for-menThinking that just women want and undergo liposuction is a myth. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, nearly 52,000 procedures were performed in 2013 and liposuction procedures were up 16 percent from the previous year when it came to male patients.

Liposuction can help men with a variety of areas on the body that have proven resistant to exercise and diet, like a double chin or love handles by the abdomen and hips. Lipo in these areas can eliminate stubborn pockets of fat and create a sculpted, masculine jaw line and a more toned waistline, both of which can leave the patient looking much younger.

However, the area that so many men are focused on is their chest. Having fat on the chest, which can look like so-called ‘man boobs’, is a source of embarrassment for many men and leaves them feeling self-conscious and unable to take their shirt off. Unfortunately this is an area that is often hard to correct without liposuction and body sculpting, even with weight loss and a good, healthy physique.

A consultation and evaluation by a surgeon, like Dr. Thomas Su at Artistic Liposculpting Center in Tampa, can help men considering lipo on any area of the body learn how this relatively simple procedure can transform their lives.

How to find the best doctor for long lasting body transformations

lipo-benefitsChoosing the right surgeon is the first step towards getting the body shape you desire and deserve.

First of all, before and after photos of real patients are the best way to see what a skilled liposuction surgeon can do. You should be able to view examples that are close to your own body type and also evaluate if there are noticeable improvements or if the results or smooth.

Secondly, it is important to see the surgeon that will perform your procedure and not another staff member during the consultation process. Meeting with the doctor will allow you to discuss the procedure, know what to expect and have input about your body transformation should be.

Finally, your surgeon should make you aware of any potential problems. For instance, some patients are not good candidates because there is little that liposuction can do for them. Getting an honest opinion is crucial to making the right decision and therefore getting great results.

At Artistic Liposculpting Center you will see plenty of striking examples of great work because Dr. Thomas Su views body sculpting as his art. Furthermore, at Art Lipo, Dr. Su meets with every patient in order to assuage concerns and perform a thorough, personalized evaluation.

At the end of the day, choosing the best surgeon is about being comfortable and prepared, so trust your gut.

Private physician owned clinics versus franchised clinics

Art-Lipo-5197-webWhat’s the difference between getting liposuction done at a med spa or a chain of clinics and getting it done at a privately owned clinic? The answer lies in the level of attention and the quality of work that a patient receives.

At general plastic surgery office, a surgeon may only perform a handful of lipo cases per week, meaning that their expertise will fall far below that of a skilled, liposculpting specialist who works at their own private clinic and performs upwards of 20 cases per week.

Additionally, larger clinics that are not specialized often focus on the quantity of patients through the doors and not the quality of care being given. At Art Lipo, tumescent liposuction is all they do and the number of successful body transformations is only out-numbered by the patient referrals that continue to come in.

If you are going to a clinic where there are multiple surgeons, you should make sure that the before and after photos you’re viewing were performed by the surgeon who will handle your procedure. Meeting with your surgeon at a larger clinic may not be guaranteed during an initial consultation, but at a private physician’s clinic, like Artistic Liposculpting Center, you will always meet face-to-face with Dr. Thomas Su to discuss the best shape for you.

Furthermore, the trained staff at Art Lipo is not only knowledgeable, but also experienced since many have had Dr. Su perform liposculpting on them.

So rather than go where you’re just a number, come to Artistic Liposculpting where you’re treated as an individual work of art.

Facts vs Fads About New Body Shaping Procedures

our practiceEducation is the best tool when it comes to liposuction. There are tons of new devices being hyped as the latest and greatest way to eliminate those extra bumps and lumps but these unproven methods can wind up being a waste of money and with bad results or very little change in your shape.

Sure devices such as Zerona, Cool Sculpting, I-Lipo, Lipo-X, Vaser or Cavitation all sound impressive, but how do they work and what kind of results can they deliver? The devices deliver energy in the form of cold, ultrasound, radio frequency and laser light intended to affect the fat cells through the skin and either cause the fat cells to die or be excreted from the body. Often the tools do not even need to be operated by a physician but instead can be performed by a less experienced medical assistant.

Not to mention these devices reportedly remove 20 percent of the fat…and that’s hardly enough to make a difference in those problem areas. Using tumescent lipo, Dr. Su is usually able to remove between 80-90 percent of fat for his patients through careful liposculpting, which is a huge difference.

So rather than be disappointed with your results, get the right shape ? the first time and come to the Artistic Liposculpting Center, the best in Tampa liposuction.

Get a skilled surgeon. Get the best possible results..

Healthy Lifestyle – Diet and Exercise on a Busy Schedule

Let’s be honest, finding time to exercise is easier said than done. Between work, errands, the kids and keeping up with the house it seems like you don’t even have time to sleep, let alone hit the gym.

body-sculpting-bigstock-beautiful-healthy-fitness-womanEating better can definitely give you an energy boost and help you to drop those unwanted pounds, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll end up with the curves and contours you desire.

Unfortunately, even if you do manage to carve out an hour or two a week and you strive to eat only the best, trouble areas on the body can be stubborn and resistant to your hard-fought efforts. For example, that flabby part on the back of your arm or those last few inches of belly fat that just won’t disappear.

That’s when liposuction, specifically tumescent liposuction, can come to the rescue and help with the diet and exercise resistant spots. Outpatient liposculpting, in the skilled hands of Dr. Su at Art Lipo, can be the answer. In fact when combined with a maintained weight and physique, liposuction is long lasting

5 Tips to Getting Beach Body Perfect

The media reports daily on new trends and technologies to help you lose that extra inch or three, but not all laser and light lunch-time lipo techniques will leave you with the body you want.

Sometimes it’s a combination of art and science that can get you the best results says Dr. Su.

Artlipo Dr Su at Easal

Dr. Su shares with the Examiner, why he is an advocate of using the tumescent technique for liposuction combined with a traditional approach. He is also an artist, a fact he feels is important to the ultimate result a patient will experience with any form of body sculpting procedures.

You can read the full Examiner article here:

Hype vs Facts about Liposuction

Why do we all believe in the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus when we are young? Because someone we trust told us they were real. I see that same sort of belief with adults when it comes to the cosmetic industry. Pills that target belly fat as seen in Vogue! How does the pill know the difference between fat in our belly area and fat on our legs or arms? Lasers and Devices that melt fat from the outside as seen on Rachael Ray! Why doesn’t it melt our skin on the way to the fat? If we use logic or look for medical studies with proof VS what Dr. Oz says on Oprah, we would save ourselves a lot of money and disappointment.

Each liposuction surgeon will give you their opinion. Some have biases because they own the Smart Lipo, Vaser, Aqua Lipo, Smooth Lipo or Cool Lipo devise. We bought over $500,000 in lasers that we were told tightened skin, melted fat more smoothly, smoothed out cellulite etc. The truth is there is no Santa Claus. Dr. Su attends peer review conferences all over the United States. One fact is proven over and over: The most consistent results are from the tumescent technique liposculpting with micro cannulas, the doctors esthetic eye and most important the skill of the surgeon.

Sorry Santa Claus!

Tips for Maintaining your Weight During the Holidays!

Working in a doctor’s office I constantly fight the temptation of all the sweets that are given to our office during the holidays. It’s ironic since we are a Liposuction Specialty clinic. Boxes of candy, trays of cupcakes, homemade baklava and baskets of goodies all start to arrive from well-intentioned patients and other physicians.

So here are Artistic Liposculptings’ quick tips to maintain your weight and shape through the holidays.

  1. Limit Alcohol. This is easier if you go to H2O first. Drink 8 oz. of water before enjoying your favorite holiday drink. It will help hydrate you and it will quench your thirst so your holiday cocktail will now be enjoyed for the flavor instead of drinking several to quench your thirst.
  2. Eat moderate meals throughout the day. Don’t skip a meal knowing you are going to eat excessively at the holiday table. Skipping meals slows your metabolism then when you overeat later in the day your body stores all those extra calories.
  3. Re-Gift sweets. Share with neighbors, co-workers and friends. The sooner they are out of your home or office the better.
  4. Allow yourself indulgences, just watch your portion size and slow down your eating. We don’t have to deny ourselves all those great holiday foods and deserts, just restrain from large portions and going back for seconds. This brings me back to the go to H2O first. If we drink 8 ounces of water before starting a meal we will feel less hungry, thus eating less.
  5. 5) Last but far from least, make fitness a priority. We get very busy during the holiday and will tend to sacrifice our exercise time. It is also difficult to stay in a routine if traveling. Just go for after meal walks or pop in a workout video. There is always 30 minutes to squeeze in a quick workout.

Are you a good candidate for liposuction?

I do best with key points on a subject, so here are the main points if you are considering liposuction:

  • You should be in good health
  • Your weight should be stable. If you are at your highest weight and still gaining you should get that under control, even if you only lose 5-10 pounds before having liposuction.
  • It is often an alternative to tummy tuck depending on skin quality and patient expectations.
  • Someone who is fit, but who has pockets of fat which are diet and exercise resistant.
  • Liposuction is a way to create an aesthetically pleasing shape by removing specific fat areas
  • Liposuction is not a weight loss method.

Dr. Su sculpts: chins, jowls, bra bulge, arms, abdomen (belly) waist, hips, mid back, buttocks, inner thighs, outer thighs, knees, and ankles.

Call 800-207-9009 today to schedule your consultation.

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