Your Guide to Choosing the Best Plastic Surgeon in Tampa

Having plastic surgery is never a decision you should take lightly. You will need to live with the results for years, and, possibly, the rest of your life. With this in mind, it is paramount to choose the best plastic surgeon in Tampa.

You need to be completely confident when you are putting yourself in the hands of any medical professional. Most women who choose plastic surgery are doing so because they lack self-confidence in their own appearance. They have low self-esteem and worry about the way they look. A skilled cosmetic surgeon can make all those concerns go away. In the right surgeon’s hands, you can have the body you deserve and look and feel better than ever before.

However, what if you make the wrong choice? A poor quality cosmetic surgeon will increase the chance of a poor result. Not only will this waste your time and money, but it could also make your mental state much worse. You could also end up experiencing more pain, scarring, and physical problems. This will take extra time and money to rectify. And, in some cases, there may not be much that another surgeon can do. Therefore, it couldn’t be more important to choose a fully qualified surgeon with considerable experience in the field. This is the only way to get the result you’ve been hoping for.

So, how can you choose the best plastic surgeon in Tampa?

Board Certification Is Paramount

The very first thing to look for is board certification. You must always choose a cosmetic surgeon who is board-certified. You may be surprised to learn surgeons aren’t required by the government to have specific training in any procedures they offer. This is a very serious problem in the cosmetic surgery sector. Many doctors who only have general medical training move into cosmetic surgery to reap higher profits. Only a board-certified plastic surgeon can be guaranteed to produce the best results.

Confirm Your Surgeon’s Experience

Whatever procedure you wish to have, make sure your chosen surgeon has considerable experience in this area. All areas of plastic surgery need different skills. Therefore, each surgeon often has his or her own subspecialty in the field. Always find out whether your chosen surgeon has demonstrable experience in the exact procedure you want. Your surgeon should have testimonials and before and after images for you to examine.

Does the Surgeon’s Aesthetic Sense Appeal to You?

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Therefore, it isn’t always enough to rely on the recommendation of a friend. You need to be confident that the results your chosen surgeon achieves appeal to you. This is where before and after images are crucial to making an informed decision.

How Does the Surgeon Make You Feel?

Having any kind of procedure is a lot to cope with. It can be a stressful and worrying time. You need to feel entirely comfortable with any surgeon you choose. You also need to be entirely confident that he or she offers an understanding and compassionate approach. You need to trust your cosmetic surgeon, so only go with the one you like and feel in tune with. You should be able to easily talk to your surgeon and feel comfortable about raising any concerns. You should also feel reassured by your surgeon’s responses.

Do You Feel Comfortable in The Clinic?

While choosing a cosmetic surgeon is mostly about how you feel about him or her, there is more to consider. How comfortable do you feel in his or her clinic? How do you feel about the staff members? Do they make you feel comfortable and at ease? Do they talk to you respectfully and in a friendly and professional way? Your chosen clinic team should treat and serve you well. This is one of the reasons why it’s often easier to choose a clinic in person. You can tell a lot about a clinic from the moment you walk through the door.

If the staff members are polite and personable and give you all the information you need, this is a good sign. You should be able to receive a reply promptly if you call the practice. You should also have any potential risks or problems fully explained to you. If your chosen clinic meets all these criteria, you can consider it safe to go ahead.

Choosing Art Lipo

If you come to Art Lipo, you can be confident you are choosing the best plastic surgeon in Tampa. Our board-certified cosmetic surgeon is highly skilled and experienced. You can view before and after images clearly on our website and our team will answer any questions you have. We dedicate ourselves to helping you achieve the results you desire. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you.

Will I Need to Sleep on My Back After My Breast Lift Tampa?

Are you having a breast lift in Tampa? If so, you may be wondering how you can prepare yourself for your surgery. There are several things you can do to get yourself ready for both the operation and the recovery period. However, there is at least one thing you may not have thought of. You will need to practice sleeping on your back. After the procedure, you won’t be able to sleep on your stomach for several weeks. If you naturally sleep on your stomach, this could be a challenge.

Why Will I Need to Avoid Sleeping on My Stomach After Surgery?

If you are having a breast lift in Tampa, it is essential to avoid sleeping on your stomach. This is the only way to guarantee you heal optimally. Going to sleep on your side or stomach after any kind of breast surgery strains the incisions. This could cause scar stretching or bleeding. Putting too much pressure on the surgery site also worsens discomfort and swelling. This prolongs your recovery period.

If you sleep on your back, your breasts will stay in the right position to heal properly. Doctors recommend that you avoid sleeping on your stomach or side for eight to 12 weeks after surgery.

Are There Any Other Benefits Associated with Back Sleeping?

If you aren’t usually a back sleeper, you may need to practice before you have your procedure. Luckily, there are several benefits to sleeping in this position. If you sleep on your back, your skin can absorb nighttime moisturizers more effectively. You will also avoid facial wrinkles related to sleep. Your under-eye area will be less puffy in the morning. Also, you may experience fewer facial breakouts. This is because you won’t be making contact with your pillowcase, which will have bacteria on it.

Can I Learn How Not to Sleep on My Stomach?

There are a few tricks to help you learn how not to sleep on your stomach. Try these useful suggestions to train yourself to sleep on your back.

  • If you like the feel of the pillow close to your face, get yourself a heavy, small pillow. Push it against your temple to get better support.
  • Put pillows under your arms to prevent yourself from putting them above your head.
  • Try doing yoga or stretching before you go to bed. This will loosen your tight hamstrings and hips and reduce lower back pain.
  • Avoid eating large meals before bedtime. This could help to avoid indigestion and heartburn.
  • Use a firm or medium-firm mattress. This is more comfortable when sleeping on your back. A firm mattress will evenly spread your weight. This will avoid pressure on the shoulders and hips.
  • Choose a pillow that has an adjustable filling or purchase a head-cradle pillow. This will keep your shoulders and head supported and relaxed.
  • Make your own “pillow throne.” This will stop you from turning onto your stomach or side during the night. You will require five pillows. Put one on each side, one under each arm, one under your shoulders, and one under your head. Finally, tuck one under the knees. This will reduce the pressure on your back.
  • Are you still struggling to stay on your back all night? Sew a tennis ball into the side or front of your pajamas. This will cause you discomfort and cause you to stay on your back.

Your Breast Lift in Tampa

ArtLipo offers breast lift in Tampa surgery with outstanding results. We can offer you advice to help you boost your healing. We can also answer any other questions you have about breast lift surgery. Call us today.

Can Cankle Exercise Alone Rid Me of My Problem Legs?

Are you suffering from cankles? If so, you aren’t alone. In the most desirable legs, the ankles will be slimmer than the calves. However, if you have cankles, your ankles and calves will be roughly the same size. You will have little calf definition. This makes your lower legs look larger than normal. For people with this problem, cankle exercise is often recommended. But, can exercising the lower legs resolve this common yet distressing issue?

Are There Any Exercises That Can Reduce Cankles?

Many magazine articles advise people with cankles to change their diets. The articles advise them to lose weight and eat healthily. However, some slim women still suffer from cankles. Therefore, it isn’t always a weight issue. For those women, cankle exercise is often the go-to solution.

Some experts have suggested women can do some daily exercises to improve blood circulation through the legs. At the same time, the exercises will shape the muscles and, in theory, reduce the cankles. However, do these exercises actually work? And, which exercises do the experts recommend?

Doing Calf Raises

Calf raises are frequently recommended to women with cankles. You start from the standing position, then lift your heels off the ground. This leaves you standing on the balls of your feet. Repeat up to 10 times. Try not to hold onto a countertop or chair for support if you can.


If you want sexier legs, plies are another recommended cankle exercise. You start in a standing position. Place your heels together, and, then, turn your toes outward. Bend your knees and return to your starting position. Repeat 10 times.

Staircase Toe Raises

For this exercise, you’ll need a stair or step. Stand on it with your heels hanging off the end. Hold onto the railing or wall for extra support. Lift your heels, then lower them again. Repeat 10 times.

Cardio Workouts

Vigorous exercise is also recommended to shape up the calves and ankles. The most beneficial activities are those that engage your calf muscles. These include climbing stairs, jogging, and jumping rope. In addition, try box jumps, lunge jumps, and squat jumps.

Could Weight Loss Help?

If you’re obese or overweight, slimming down could help. However, it’s impossible to spot reduce through dieting or exercise. Some women see an improvement to their cankles when they lose weight. Others do not. You may notice that if you reduce your sodium intake, your ankles may not look so puffy. This is because you are eliminating fluid retention. However, if you are genetically predisposed to this problem, no amount of dieting or cankle exercise will help.

Is There Another Solution?

Since dieting and exercise cannot spot reduce cankles, is there an alternative solution? Workouts usually have poor results on the ankles and calves. Meanwhile, if you diet, you are reducing fat all over your body. This could result in areas that you are already satisfied with becoming too slim. Meanwhile, you may see little effect in the affected area of the lower leg.

The only true solution is liposuction surgery of the ankle and calf. Liposuction directly removes the fat cells. And, while any fat cells that remain may enlarge, usually the results are long-lasting. As long as you choose a skilled surgeon capable of performing cankle liposuction effectively, you’ll be delighted with the result.

If cankle exercise isn’t working for you, ArtLipo offers liposuction to help you achieve the legs you’ve dreamed of. Our skilled team can beautifully sculpt your ankle and lower leg and make them slimmer and more attractive. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help.

Will the Fat Be Gone Permanently After I Have Upper Arm Liposuction?

Are you fed up with choosing what to wear based on how you can hide your flabby upper arms? If so, upper arm liposuction could be the answer for you. Many women who choose this option are worried the fat could return in the future. Have you spent months or years exercising and dieting tirelessly without being able to remove the stubborn fat? If so, you’re probably wondering whether upper arm liposuction is capable of permanently eradicating the problem.

Liposuction Removes Fat Cells

The human body is unable to reduce its fat cell supply naturally. However, liposuction can do just that. Fat cells do not behave in the same way as other cells. After reaching adulthood, the amount of fat cells inside the body stays quite stable. When we lose weight or gain it, that does not happen by subtracting or adding fat cells. Instead, it works by the fat cells we already have getting smaller or larger.

When too many fat cells exist in parts of the body, it is difficult to reduce their number. The neck, thighs, lower stomach, and upper arms are all problem areas. They are hard to reduce with exercise and diet only. If you do lose weight, fat cells all over the body shrink. Only shrinking the fat cells in a problem area is not going to solve your problem. Some parts of the body that you are perfectly happy with all get smaller. Therefore, you could end up with smaller breasts – something that most women don’t appreciate. Overall, your proportions won’t change a lot unless you have outside intervention. That intervention comes in the form of upper arm liposuction.

Will Liposuction Have A Lasting Result?

The results from upper arm liposuction last for a long time. Since it involves manually removing the fat cells, the body doesn’t replace them. The cells have been permanently removed. You won’t accumulate extra fat in your remaining cells if you can maintain a stable weight and live a healthy life.

Some people think if they remove fat cells from one part of the body, they will appear elsewhere. This isn’t true. What is true is that you have to take care to exercise and eat well after you have had liposuction.

If you have upper arm liposuction, you can reduce the bothersome fat zones quite quickly. However, you must be aware it isn’t a form of weight-loss surgery. It also won’t guarantee you won’t gain weight in the future. If you eat too much after your procedure, it is possible for you to gain weight. The areas you have treated won’t regain the bulk they would have had if you hadn’t had liposuction. However, any fat cells that remain will still enlarge if you gain weight. This could easily cancel out the results you have achieved.

Can I Guarantee A Lasting Result?

The best way to ensure your upper arm liposuction has lasting results is to live healthily. An ideal patient for liposuction will be fit and healthy. He or she will also weigh within 5 to 10 pounds of his or her ideal weight. This will ensure the best possible results from the procedure.

Liposuction is a long-lasting procedure. However, that doesn’t mean the results will last forever. There is no procedure that can stop you from aging naturally. Your metabolism will eventually slow down. Your body composition will also change. Eventually, you may need another procedure to get back the result you desire.

Contact ArtLipo today. We’ll help you find out more about upper arm liposuction and discover how we can give you back long-lasting confidence.

Is It Possible to Breastfeed After A Breast Augmentation in Tampa Fl?

More than 300,000 women have breast augmentation surgery each year in the United States. For the right candidates, it’s an excellent choice of surgery. Many patients undergoing this type of surgery are young women who haven’t yet had children. This means they may be wondering about how it will affect their bodies in the future. Will they still be able to breastfeed should they decide to have a baby? There are several ways in which a surgeon can perform a breast augmentation in Tampa Fl. However, the most popular choices are the inframammary incision and the periareolar incision. Both have had successful outcomes. But some women are concerned. It doesn’t matter which one their surgeon chooses to perform. They are worried it could affect their ability to breastfeed.

Which Conditions Hinder the Ability to Breastfeed?

When it comes to breastfeeding, it is a fact that not every woman is able to do so. While some women choose to feed their infants with formula, others are physically unable to feed their babies themselves. These women may or may not have had breast augmentation in Tampa Fl.

Some reasons lying behind their inability to breastfeed include:

  • A lack of sufficient glandular breast tissue
  • Scar contracture
  • Hypothyroidism
  • PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome)
  • Previous radiation of the breast

Only a small number of new mothers find they are unable to breastfeed for any of these reasons. However, there are some other causes, too. Medications can cause the mother to have a low supply of milk. Or, perhaps the baby suffers from a functional or metabolic problem. Whatever the reason, these women feed their babies formula milk, and they thrive just as well.

Do Periareolar Breast Augmentations Automatically Affect Breastfeeding?

Many women worry if they have a periareolar breast augmentation they won’t be able to breastfeed. This is because having a periareolar incision comes close to the areola and nipple. However, evidence has shown there is no increased risk of the nipple suffering from any diminished sensation after the procedure. This is because the breast ducts and nerves enter the nipple from underneath. Therefore, when the incision stays on the areola’s periphery, it avoids all the critical structures.

Is There Any Risk?

While the best breast augmentation Tampa Fl surgeons are highly skilled, they cannot entirely eliminate all the risks. Since the surgeon cannot see below the skin, he or she cannot identify the breast’s deeper structures. Whenever a surgeon carries out surgery on the breasts, there is some risk. It is possible that an inadvertent injury could occur to the milk-producing ducts. It is also possible that the scar will contract and alter the shape of the tubules or breast ducts. However, choosing the best surgeon in Tampa will improve the chances of an excellent outcome. The surgeon will always pay great attention to detail to help preserve the patient’s breastfeeding ability.

What About Scar Tissue?

The formation of scars from a breast augmentation in Tampa Fl will occur gradually over time. It can take several weeks or months after the completion of the procedure. This means a small risk exists that the scarring will cause kinks in the ducts. These could block milk from getting to the nipple. Therefore, the patient would be unable to feed her baby herself. Luckily, this isn’t common. Should a surgeon perform a breast lift or reduction together with an augmentation, the risk is slightly higher. This is because he or she will remove tissue to reshape the breasts. However, most women undergoing a breast lift aren’t planning to become pregnant in the future.

Choose ArtLipo for your breast augmentation in Tampa Fl and rest assured you will receive the best possible care.

Your Guide to The Three Top Causes of Cankles

Cankles can be the bane of many women’s lives. The term first came to public attention back in 2001. In the movie “Shallow Hal,” Jason Alexander’s character used the word to describe a larger lady’s lower leg. Since then, the word has stuck. It may not be a flattering term, but it is certainly a well-known one. It is also a more common problem than many people think. Many women have thick ankles that merge their calves with their feet. If this sounds familiar to you, you may be wondering what causes this problem. Here are three of the most common causes.

Cause 1 – Are You Genetically Predisposed?

Unfortunately, many women who suffer from cankles have a genetic predisposition to this body shape. When one or both your parents suffer from the same problem, the chances of you inheriting thick ankles is high. It could the result of a genetic predisposition toward obesity. It could also be because the calf muscle is not well-defined. This can happen if you are physically fit just as much as if you are overweight.

Cause 2 – You Are Suffering from Fluid Retention

Some women include too much sodium in their diets. This causes fluid to build up in the body. Usually, this fluid gathers around the ankle area. The result is a thick ankle.

Cause 3 – Are You Pregnant?

If you are pregnant, you can expect physical changes to take place in your body. During the nine months of pregnancy, a woman sees many differences occur. One is swelling in the ankle area that resembles the classic “cankles.” This is commonly caused by poor blood circulation. It could, however, be a sign of pre-eclampsia. Therefore, in this case, seeking medical advice is always advisable.

How Can I Resolve My Cankles Problem?

If you are suffering from fluid retention, there are things you can do to resolve your cankles problem. For a start, you can reduce the amount of sodium in your diet. This should reduce the fluid buildup and make your ankles look slimmer. Avoiding fast food and processed products will minimize ankle swelling. Meanwhile, propping your legs up when sitting down and having massages may also help.

Exercise may also be helpful in some cases. Running, walking, hiking, and using a step machine may help to improve the appearance of your lower legs. Unfortunately, it is impossible to spot reduce through exercise alone. If you have a genetic predisposition to cankles, there is little you can do in terms of exercise to help.

The only truly effective way to eliminate cankles is to have liposuction.

How Can Cankle Liposuction Help?

If you are determined to rid yourself of your cankles, liposuction can permanently remove the fat in this area. An expert should carry out liposuction of the calves and ankles since it can be complex. A skilled surgeon will be able to sculpt the lower leg and ankle beautifully. The result will be a shapely and attractive leg with no sign of cankles.

At ArtLipo, we carry out cankles liposuction using a local anesthetic. This is not only safer, but it also allows us to achieve a better result. When the patient can tense his or her muscles and move during surgery, a more sculpted appearance is possible. Here at ArtLipo, we are experts in performing this type of liposuction. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you to eradicate your cankles problem. Our expert team can give you the lower legs that you have been dreaming of.

How Long Will My New Body Take to Settle If I Have the Best Breast Augmentation Tampa?

Have you just had the best breast augmentation in Tampa? Or are you planning to undergo the procedure soon? If so, you may have very high expectations of the results. However, once you have looked at your new body, you may be surprised by how your breasts look. They may not immediately appear the way you expected. However, it is important not to worry. Your breasts will still be evolving. You may not see the final result for several months. This is because you will need to wait for the initial swelling to go down and the incisions to heal. Until this occurs, your implants will not have settled fully into place.

How Do Implants Settle?

After your best breast augmentation in Tampa, you may notice that the implants might sit in a high position. This is normal in the early healing stages. The reason for this is that your surgeon will place your implants behind the wall of the muscle. This will, then, agitate your pectoralis muscle. The result is pressure being placed on your new implant. That pressure creates more volume in the breast tissue’s upper area. “Dropping and fluffing” is the name given to this natural process of implant settling.

After surgery, the muscle starts to relax. Over time, this allows your new implant to fall into position behind the wall of muscle. This position is more natural. When your implants have dropped into the right position, they then start to fluff out. This fills the lower area of the breast while the volume will shift away from its upper area.

Can Anything Affect the Way the Implants Settle?

There are several factors that determine when and how the implants settle. These include your own breast tissue, your chest wall proportions, and the placement and type of your implants.

If you have the surgeon place the implants over your muscle, you will have less time to wait until your implants settle. If the surgeon placed them under the muscle, you may need to wait six weeks to see the final result.

The texture, shape, and material of the implant have an impact as well. Saline and silicone implants come in two types. They are either round and smooth implants or textured and teardrop-shaped implants. Both require some settling in.

A round and smooth implant will turn and rotate freely. This occurs whether the surgeon puts it below or above the muscle. The texture of the teardrop implant means it will usually stay in the right position. Should the implant turn or flip, it will not look like the natural shape of a breast. Therefore, the surgeon will place the implant in a precise pocket.

A surgeon may use some techniques if you wish to speed up the process of dropping and fluffing. These include massage and medication. Active people, such as runners, often have a longer settling period. This is because they have more developed pectoral muscles. After the muscles have relaxed, the implants will move into the right position and fluff the breasts into the right shape.

I’m Concerned About My Implants

Many patients worry about how the final result of their procedures will turn out. However, it is normal for the implants to take some time to settle. This should reassure patients. Usually, people who have had the best breast augmentation in Tampa are delighted once their breasts are fully healed. If you have any concerns, contact ArtLipo. We can offer you all the advice you need so you can feel completely confident in your surgery.

Seven Methods for Eliminating Thick Ankles

If you’re living with thick ankles, you may be in despair about what to do about the problem. Known as cankles, thick ankles occur for many reasons. Usually, they occur as a result of a genetic predisposition. However, sometimes they are because of weight gain. Weight gain increases the fat stores inside the leg. The cankles may also be because of fluid retention. If you’re struggling with your unsightly thick ankles, there are a few things to try. Here are seven suggested methods for getting rid of cankles.

  1. Do Weighted Calf Raises

You will need a barbell, kettlebells or dumbbells. Stand upright and keep your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold one weight in each of your hands and hold your arms at your sides. Keep your arms extended and shoulders relaxed. Shift your body weight to the balls of your feet and lift your heels. Press your body weight down while you push your body up. Hold for a second or two. Lower your heels. Keep your knees bent throughout. Repeat three sets of 15 reps.

  1. Use A Jump Rope

Jumping isn’t just good for your heart. It can improve the shape of your ankles, too. Jump rope for at least 10 minutes daily to see the benefits.

  1. Plie Squats

Stand with your feet a little wider apart than your hips. Turn your toes outward and put your hands on your hips. Next, bend your knees and keep them over your toes. Sink down into a squatting position. Raise up your heels, but don’t raise your hips. Hold for a second or two, then press them down again. Repeat 10 times, then return to your original standing position.

  1. Don’t Eat Foods with a High Sodium Content

If you eat too much sodium-rich food, you could suffer from fluid retention. This makes your ankles look puffy and swollen. Avoid fast food and processed products. Also, drink more water to stay well-hydrated and to minimize fluid buildup.

  1. Use Hemorrhoid Cream

You probably don’t want to do this on a daily basis. However, if you just want to look better before you go somewhere important, apply hemorrhoid cream to the area. Hemorrhoid cream tightens and firms your skin temporarily.

  1. Try High-Knee Jogging

One exercise that can target the muscles of the lower leg is a high-knee jog. Start by standing straight. Raise up the left leg together with the right arm. Hop while switching. Repeat.

  1. Lower Leg Liposuction

The best (and only permanent) way to get rid of thick ankles is to have lower leg liposuction. A skilled cosmetic surgeon can carry out the procedure very effectively. You will see excellent improvement in the shape of your ankle and calf area. Since it is impossible to spot reduce through diet and exercise, it’s always wise to consider cankle liposuction. It is the only effective way to remove fat from a specific area of the body.

How Can ArtLipo Help?

Here at ArtLipo, we offer the most cutting-edge ankle liposuction treatments. Our highly skilled cosmetic surgeons are extremely experienced in carrying out this procedure. Since we only perform ankle liposuction under a local anesthetic, the risks are considerably lower. It also allows for a much more sculpted result. This is because the patient is able to tense his or her muscles and move during the procedure. By doing this, the surgeon can achieve a full 360-degree liposuction of the calf and ankle. Therefore, there will be no lumps or unsightly bumps. The result will be sculpted and flawless. Contact Art Lipo today to find out more about how we can help eradicate your thick ankles.

Will A Tummy Tuck Tampa Help Me to Lose Weight?

Are you planning to have a tummy tuck in Tampa? If so, you might be wondering what the benefits of the procedure can be. You may be hoping that it will not only remove the extra skin folds, but you will also lose weight.

Tummy tucks are able to improve the way you feel and the way you look. You’ll find that you feel more comfortable in your clothes without the extra skin folds. Your upper abdomen won’t roll over when you’re sitting. Your bra will not rest on your upper belly. You will, therefore, feel greater comfort. With muscle tightening added to the procedure, you’ll experience even better benefits. What’s more, your core muscles will be tighter. This will help you to improve your posture. You will not just look better, you’ll also feel more active and youthful.

A tummy tuck in Tampa will improve your abdominal appearance. It will remove excess fat and loose skin. It will also tighten your abdominal wall muscles, which will improve your core strength and posture. You will also find that most or all your stretch marks have disappeared. All this is great news for any woman considering a tummy tuck. However, can it help with weight loss, too?

Does Weight Loss Follow a Tummy Tuck Procedure?

A tummy tuck in itself isn’t a weight-loss procedure. However, many women report that they do lose weight afterward.

Women expect to have a small amount of weight loss immediately after the procedure. This is because the procedure will have removed excess tissue and fat. However, until recently, people believed this effect was only temporary. A recent study has pointed toward a longer relationship between weight loss and tummy tucks. Some believe this is because since the procedure removes the fatty tissue, it tricks the body into feeling full.

Seventy-five percent of women involved in the research project reported that they felt fuller after their procedures. It appears that appetite-related hormones inside fatty tissues are the key to reducing hunger. When there is a reduction in fatty tissue, a person feels less hungry.

What Does the Study Reveal?

The study involved 20 women who had undergone an abdominoplasty operation. After a year, 14 of the participants had lost weight. The amount of weight lost was greater than the weight of the removed tissue. The remaining six participants also experienced some weight loss after their procedures. However, after a year, they had regained the weight. The best results were in women with a higher BMI of more than 24.5. They were also noticed in women who had seen more than 4.5 pounds of tissue removed.

Is A Tummy Tuck Tampa the Answer to Losing Weight?

Obesity rates are soaring in the United States. Therefore, it is important to find ways to achieve weight loss and maintain it. Bariatric surgery and gastric bypass operations can help patients to lose weight permanently. However, they are usually only available to patients who have a BMI of more than 40. Tummy tucks, on the other hand, are available to many more patients. Experts are still cautioning against using abdominoplasty as a treatment for obesity, however.

The best candidates for a tummy tuck in Tampa have stable body weights and are not obese. In fact, if patients have too much intra-abdominal fat around their internal organs, they often need to diet first.

Are you interested in having a tummy tuck in Tampa? If you’re wondering if you are a good candidate, give ArtLipo a call. We can offer you expert advice and help you achieve the figure you’ve been dreaming of.

Do You Have Leg Envy? Cankle Surgery May Be the Solution

If you’ve ever looked at another woman and wished you had her legs, you have a case of leg envy. It is fair to say that not every woman has beautiful legs. In fact, many women are very dissatisfied with what nature gave them. Cankles are an especially common problem. This is a term used to describe a condition where a woman’s ankles and calves seem to blend together. The lack of definition leads to a leg that is less than aesthetically appealing. And, you’ve never seen a supermodel with cankles. It’s no wonder then that so many women are considering cankle surgery.

This type of surgery is now in high demand. In fact, it’s so much in demand, that one plastic surgeon has spent months determining what makes the perfect leg. So, what does the perfect pair of legs look like?

The “Line” Appearance

After spending 12 years examining images of beautiful people through the ages, one surgeon has come to a conclusion. He determined that the key element that makes up a perfect leg is straight bones. This results in the appearance of a “line” from the thigh to the ankle. Legs that are most attractive feature curves at only the calf and knee. This makes the leg appear both strong and delicate.

If the line of the leg deviates from its straight axis, it’s no longer considered beautiful. In a woman, it is especially attractive to have a concave curve over the ankle. Also, the curve on the outside and inside of the leg shouldn’t be symmetrical.

Why Is It So Important to Have Beautiful Legs?

A hundred years ago, women wore long dresses and skirts. Therefore, the appearance of the legs was less relevant. However, today, women’s fashion dictates that the legs are very important. They must be sexy and beautiful for a woman to feel confident. If you’re self-conscious about the appearance of your legs, cankle surgery could be the answer. This is especially the case if your problem area is your lower calf and ankle area.

Should I Have Cankle Surgery?

If you’re anxious or dissatisfied with the way your lower leg looks, cankle surgery can help. You are a good candidate to receive cankle liposuction if you meet the following criteria:

  • The area above your ankle has a clear bulge.
  • Your lower leg has a curve that rounds outward rather than inward between the ankle and calf.
  • You have a straight lower leg between the ankle and knee without any tapering.
  • You cannot see the Achilles tendon.
  • You’re able to grab the fat around your ankle.
  • You have bouncy, soft tissue surrounding your ankle.

If your ankle dents inward and stays in when you press it, you may suffer from fluid retention. Nevertheless, ankle liposuction could still possibly help.

How Can ArtLipo Help?

Here at ArtLipo, we can offer cankle surgery to help you achieve the lower leg you’ve been hoping for. Our skilled cosmetic surgeons are highly experienced at carrying out cankle liposuction. With their artistic skill, your lower leg will be beautifully sculpted. Since ArtLipo only carries out lower leg liposuction under a local anesthetic, it is a safer procedure. Also, it allows for a much more complete and attractive result. Since the patient can move during the procedure, it is possible to sculpt through a full 360 degrees. It’s no wonder that so many patients have been happy with the results. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you achieve the beautiful legs of your dreams.

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