For women who are unhappy with their arms’ appearance, arm sculpting surgery sounds like the ideal solution. However, the ramifications of surgery and the potential scarring concern many. Nobody wants to exchange one problem for another. Trading saggy arms for visible scars isn’t ideal. But is it possible to have surgery to sculpt the arms that will result in no scars? 

All Surgery Leaves Scars of Some Type

The first thing to be aware of is that every form of surgery leaves some kind of scar. This means it isn’t possible to have surgery to improve the arms without any resulting scarring. That doesn’t mean those scars will be unsightly, though. A skilled surgeon will have the necessary expertise to minimize those scars. He or she will know where to place incisions so that scarring will be virtually unnoticeable. Also, the extent of scarring will depend on the procedure that the patient has undergone. In the case of arm liposuction, for example, the incisions are extremely small. This makes the resulting scars very hard to see. Over time, they will also fade until you can barely see them at all. A brachioplasty (or arm lift) requires larger incisions. Nevertheless, an excellent surgeon will place them very carefully with aesthetics in mind.

What Kind of Scarring Results from Liposuction?

One type of arm sculpting surgery is arm liposuction. It is an ideal solution for anybody with moderate hang and excess fat. This procedure involves making very tiny incisions in the affected area. The surgeon then passes slim tubes into the incisions, so he or she can suck out the fat cells. Then, the surgeon closes the incisions. Although there will be bruises around the incisions that may be noticeable, they will fade quickly over time. By the time the full results of the surgery become apparent, you will hardly see the scarring. This is especially true when an experienced and talented surgeon performs the procedure.

Won’t An Arm Lift Result in Large Scars?

An arm lift procedure is the best option for anyone who has sagging skin with little excess fat. It involves cutting away the excess skin and removing it entirely. As a result, you will see your arms restored to a slim appearance. The length of the incisions for an arm lift are bigger than those required for lipo. They run the length of the inside of the arm from elbow to armpit in many cases. This will result in more obvious scarring than arm liposuction. However, an expert surgeon will be able to reduce visible scarring effectively. He or she will place the incisions very precisely to produce the best results and most aesthetically pleasing outcome.

How Long Does It Take for Scarring to Fade?

Initially, the scars resulting from the surgery will be noticeable and red. After around 12 months, though, they will mature and fade. There are, however, some cases where the scars will remain more visible. This is because of skin type and genetics. A skilled surgeon will discuss your healing capacities and skin resilience with you during your consultation. Follow your surgeon’s advice after, and you’ll also increase your chances of healing in an aesthetically pleasing way.