Do I Really Have to Wear A Compression Garment After Liposuction of The Back?

They are largely overlooked, but compression garments are the best friends of any patient who has had plastic surgery. Offering better comfort in the recovery stage while promoting healing, compression garments help you to look your best. Your doctor will almost certainly prescribe compression garments after many types of body contouring procedures. If you’ve had a tummy tuck, breast lift or augmentation or liposuction, your doctor will certainly recommend a compression garment. While they may not be fashionable, they are still very important for your recovery. If you are asking if you really need to wear your compression garment after liposuction of the back, read on.

What Do Compression Garments Do?

The design of a compression garment helps to minimize the swelling you experience after cosmetic surgery. The design also helps you to heal more quickly while supporting your contours for the best result.

What Is A Compression Garment?

Compression garments are high-tech items of clothing that enhance your surgery results and facilitate healing. Made of synthetic, strong fabrics, such as Lycra and nylon, they also have a three-dimensional, graduated stretch to provide support. This stretch also directs the subcutaneous fluid, so it is reabsorbed by your body. Breathable and antimicrobial fabric makes the best garments. This improves comfort while preventing skin irritations.

What Types of Compression Garments Are There?

There are compression garments available for virtually every part of the body. They come in several sizes and styles. If you’re having a body procedure, you’ll need garments that extend from under the breasts and fasten under the bottom. This is what you will receive if you have had liposuction of the back. If you’ve had a breast procedure, you may need a compression bra without underwire. If you’ve had neck liposuction, you’ll need a strap that wraps around your head and under your chin.

Whichever type of compression garment your doctor gives you, it will minimize pain and swelling. It will also ensure that you see the results of your procedure more quickly. In fact, compression will enable your skin to contract rapidly to the new contours. This will guard against skin wrinkling after your procedure.

How to Wear and Care for Compression Garments

Your compression garment should be snug but not excessively tight. It should not prevent you from breathing properly or cause discomfort. Your doctor will tell you how long you’ll need to keep wearing your compression garment for. Usually, you will need to wear it 24 hours a day for up to three weeks after surgery. You can remove the garment to wash it or to bathe yourself. However, the longer you wear your garment for during the early recovery period, the greater the effect it will have. Even after three weeks, you’ll need to wear your garment during the night for a few more weeks. This will facilitate healing while protecting your scars.

Your doctor will fit you for your garment after surgery. It will provide the best possible compression while you can still be comfortable. It is normal for your garment to feel looser over time. This is because the swelling will have subsided. When this happens, your doctor will have to fit you for a smaller size garment. Keeping the garment clean means wearing it will be more pleasant. Some garments are machine washable, but others you can wash by hand using a mild soap.

Contacting Art Lipo

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