Six Falsehoods to Ignore Before Your Breast Lift in Tampa

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your breasts? Do you feel as if they have begun to droop and sag? This is a very common problem, but cosmetic surgery can help. Numerous myths persist about this type of surgery. If you’re planning to have a breast lift in Tampa, here are six falsehoods to ignore before making your appointment.

  1. You Do Not Need A Breast Lift When You Do Pectoral Exercises

Pectoral exercises are effective in enhancing muscle tone. However, they can’t change your breast shape. Over time, breasts begin to sag when the ligaments and skin stretch. Exercising can address neither of these problems.

  1. A Breast Augmentation Will Lift Your Breasts

A breast augmentation and a breast lift are two different things and perform two different functions. Breast implants improve the shape and volume of the breasts. However, they can’t change their position. You need a breast lift for that.

  1. You Can’t Have Both A Breast Lift and Breast Implants

Many people believe that you must choose either breast implants or a breast lift. Yet, in fact, for some women, having both procedures together can improve their outcomes. Many cosmetic surgeons will combine the procedures in a single operation. A breast lift can even improve the result of your breast augmentation. Breast implants can help you to achieve your desired size, firmness, and shape. Meanwhile, the breast lift will adjust the nipple position to improve the procedure’s overall result. There are other benefits of combining both procedures, too. Having both procedures at different times would cost you more. It would also involve a longer period of recovery. When you choose a skilled surgeon, he or she can perform both procedures simultaneously. And this gives you greater value.

  1. You Don’t Need A Breast Lift If You Use Supplements and Creams

You’ve probably seen advertisements and articles that claim vitamin supplements and creams can change your breast shape. This is blatantly false. No product can improve sagging breasts or alter their shapes. Natural changes that occur in the breasts’ support structure result in sagging. No amount of cream can alter that. Once the tissues and skin have lost their integrity, you cannot restore them by what is, essentially, expensive moisturizer.

  1. Breastfeeding Caused Sagging of Your Breasts

Breastfeeding moms tend to believe that feeding their babies caused their breasts to sag. Yet, the damage to the breasts that caused them to droop occurred during pregnancy. Weight gain in pregnancy causes stretching of the ligaments. This causes drooping later. If you can limit the amount of weight you gain while pregnant, you can minimize sagging.

  1. Your Breasts Won’t Sag If You Wear A Bra

Many women believe that wearing bras will prevent sagging of their breasts. This isn’t the case. Bras do support the breasts and can create a specific look and shape. However, they cannot prevent drooping from occurring. Sports bras do help, however, since women wear them while doing high-impact workouts and running. These kinds of physical activities make the breasts bounce and, over time, can break the connective tissues down.

Arranging Your Breast Lift

If you’re planning a breast lift in Tampa, contact Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery today. Our talented surgical team can answer your questions and help you decide if the procedure is right for you. It’s our mission to help you feel confident in your skin and to achieve the beautiful body you desire. Call us now and arrange your first consultation with our cosmetic surgeons. We look forward to helping you get the beautiful, attractive breasts that you’ve always dreamed of.