Six-Pack Abs – Tampa High-Definition Liposuction

Six-Pack Abs Tampa

Do you want to get your six-pack abs back? Time, lifestyle, metabolic changes, and the effects of the aging process can obscure a person’s six-pack with a layer of fat. With the help of high-definition liposuction at our facility, you’ll be able to regain that sexy six-pack.

When a person is in their late 30s or 40s, it becomes very difficult to exercise away stubborn excess abdominal fat or get rid of it with dieting. Losing weight typically does not do much for this specific region; rather, the fat is generally reduced from all over the body.

To achieve targeted fat reduction, the effective choice is high-definition lipo. This removes the fat and leaves behind the six-pack abs you’ve been missing.

Arrange an appointment for a consultation – contact us today. You’ll be able to speak with cosmetic surgeon Dr. Thomas Su and ask any questions you have about regaining your six-pack abs.